#daveo50 ~ 2016 / 50 years > days > photos

Dave Olson, 2016 #daveo50
#daveo50 ~ 2016 / for passport, visa, or other ID

Project: Upon turning 50 years old on August 16, 2020, Dave Olson (me, hello) is posting a photo (or maybe photos) a day / per year – starting with 1970 with intent of chronicling existence through various primary evidence sourced from studio portraits, class photos, ID / passport photos, or occasionally other “casual/group/random” shots when    the above don’t exist in my archive (note: not “artificial intelligence,” really me, pulled from shoeboxes, journals, wallets and whatnot – diligently scanned and dated via glasses and haircuts, lightly annotated).

Extra Credit

#daveo50 ~ 2016 / “documenter” photo booth fun at Social Media Camp, Victoria, BC, Canada
#daveo50 ~ 2016 / “explorer” photo booth fun at Social Media Camp, Victoria, BC, Canada
#daveo50 ~ 2016 / Victoria Brain Injury Society ID
#daveo50 ~ 2016 / strolling in Victoria, BC (photo – by chance – by Kris Krug)
#daveo50 ~ 2016 / waterfall at Diamond Fork hot springs, undisclosed location, UT
#daveo50 ~ 2016 / reunited with “Earthship” VW bus at Mangy Moose cabins in Big Cottonwood Canyon, UT
#daveo50 ~ 2016 / leaving “Camp Dane” in Little Cottonwood Canyon after a very sad incident (rip Mom)
#daveo50 ~ 2015 / (gentleman’s mullet) Pier, Pacifica, CA
#daveo50 ~ 2016 / coconuts in Kerala, India
#daveo50 ~ 2016 / with retired train engine in Phitsanulok, Thailand
#daveo50 ~ 2016 / train station in Phitsanulok, Thailand
#daveo50 ~ 2016 / at The Matrimandir at Auroville, an experimental township in Viluppuram district mostly in the state of Tamil Nadu, India with some parts in the Union Territory of Puducherry in India

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Note: Best efforts undertaken for photo credit. Did i mistake? Errors and Omissions please.

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