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A few handy services which i use, truly… and, by clicking the magic links, you’ll send a few bucks and/or credit to your old pal to help me pay for my postage hobby errr… addiction.

Cheap Houses Japan – a paid weekly curated newsletter of well, houses for sale in Japan usually under $100,000 US, mostly move-in ready and within 30 minutes of public transportation of some kind + a very handy guidebook about the logistics of purchasing a house in Japan assembled by “not a realtor” and a great way to find a place without sifting through that literally millions of available unoccupied houses in Japan. [I have lots of interest & knowledge about this topic as well as a giant round-up of Akiya resources]

Wise.com  (formerly Transferwise) – Remarkably handy means for moving money around internationally (fyi video) ya get some cash for clickity clicking, and you can hold various currencies and transfer around the world like no big deal (unlike w3stern union and other bank schemes)

Genki – reliable travel medical insurance without a bunch of hype, outsourcing or dealing with a nameless/faceless bureaucracy is critically important. Just ask me about the time in India. This is my favorite I found and has a cute Japanese name despite being based in Germany

Airalo – If your phone can accommodate an eSIM, this is definitely the best way to go // get data only with top-up // i’ve used in several countries, and even use in Japan for years so never have to pay a “proper plan” (Use code DAVE2589 for a few ¥$€£ off)

Moo – Really the finest little friendship/business/post cards and other printables (see some of my moo-com cards) i use them all the time and kinda smitten

iHerb –  My supreme peanut butter and salt and vinegar chips hook-up + natural-centric (Ayurvedic!) personal health / care products, with cheap/fast/remarkable shipping to Japan,  great prices and products and even better shipping

I mean, he’s not wrong

Post Coffee (Japan) – cute curated coffee sets (beans or ground to order) for you, including subscription plan, or gift sets, use code coffee-fs7up for whopping ¥1480 off 1st order & i get ¥500 for my stash (note fast shipping)

Tangerine bank – 40917335S1 i have very mixed feelings about CDN banks and their love of fees and archaic policies… but this is the handiest of them all – use my Orange code to make you and me both $50 winners

American Express – handy for travel perks etc – pay-as-go better than credit (you get 25K magic travel points, i get 5K, cool? cool)

Powell’s City of Books – Epic bookstore located in Portland and shipping everywhere / support the grandmammy of indie queens

not sure why this snap but guess doesnt matter much cause no one looks at the pages or the captions

Kinda old/whatever: 

Gandi – No Bullsht domain hosting… no scams, no spam, no hijacking, great support / you get 6 months of free web hosting and a 20% discount on a domain name (and i score a € 5.00 credit towards my acct)

Nord VPN / password / locker – if you ain’t VPN’ing, you are a sucker and vulnerable, esp if using public wi-fi or need to geo-locate yerself. so use this service and get month(s) free (me also) use code: J9JGKX

Laughing Squid – these legends tend to my managed-wordpress/web-hosting (no kick-back, just great squad) / see also: blog of amusements (turns out they didn’t need me anymore)

23andme – Genetic testing for ancestry origin and DNA-based medical info (ugh a bit leery but hey, info is good) got sketchy

Ubiome – Medical intell based on gut bacteria with comprehensive reports (out of biz it seems)

mixed-media art library, global diary, project dossier and whole life documentation