Riff: blueprint for a creative process / Vancouver Stories (prezo plan)

The “origin document“ of Forgotten Vancouver Stories talk

Projects of all kinds, a talk/presentation in this case, usually start with some kind of plan… (seems obvious so i’ll explain further).

In this instance, this is the *origin document* of what turned into a talk for Pecha Kucha night Vancouver “All-Star edition” at Vogue Theatre in the 20 slides for 20 seconds each format. e

Later, the “slides” became part of a longer form version at “Poets, Punks and Revolutions: Forgotten Vancouver Stories,” Northern Voice in a three-dimensional mixed media environment (campfire on stage, easels, record players, a comfortable chair and so on.

The idea started at a sort-of-secret-hideout with single malt, in conversation with a (now-former) mayor of Vancouver, his chief of staff, and the CEO of a significant company. Realizing the mayor didn’t really know a lot of renegade Vancouver stories, especially around counter-culture, I riffed off a few and later thought might be useful, amusing/educational/entertaining, or whatever for a wider audience.

I won’t go into the stories here, you can watch the video of the talk and see the finished “slides” (links below) which were made with analog paper items, collaged temporally on hemp cloth substrate, photographed by a friend, and then dis/reassembled for the next slide.

As such, the slides *don’t really exist* as analog finished pieces (with the exception of the first one with the Vancouver pennant), although all the raw materials are still on file, as such the digital becomes the canonical artifact.

^ the opening slide and the only one that exists in original analog form (now hangs in kura studio) / look closely for more surprises

Rather than just giving a laundry list of stories, I wanted to contextualize the stories within my own personal narrative and experiences from the suburbs in the 70s and 80s onto contemporary times, but also looking backwards… In all, to articulate the feeling there were always stories it didn’t necessarily feel “important” at the time.

Indeed, we are all making new stories, and the stories we create are relevant now and can be in the future if: 1) we are doing interestingness; and, 2) we document it all – from the mundane to the extraordinary.

Tis not for us to decide what matters, it’s for us to *do* and the future will sort it out, right?

I charted out my personal creative formula combining meditation, creation and inebriation (remixing the “90% perspiration, 10% inspiration credited to Henry Ford and Thomas Edison in equal measure).

Do you have a formula for your creative process? does it involve pie?

The point of doing ^this^ is: projects kind of come together in my head in a flash, usually in the bath or on a walk, then, scribbled to a blueprint of sorts which becomes a touchstone as a create/execute the project. By having a document to reference back to, you/I can stay true to initial vision and try not to “overthink” too much :) thus dulling the blade of white-hot inspiration.

{Yes, I have many of these sorts of these almost illegible sketches made in a fever pitch of inspiration but which become recognizable when the finished creation is revealed.}

Forgotten Vancouver Stories (aka Poets, Punks and Revolutions) / collage art boards

view via Slideshare Vancouver Culture Anecdotes

“set design” for Northern Voice “Forgotten Vancouver Stories”

Vancouver Cultural Anecdotes for Pecha Kucha All-Star Vancouver, Leap Day 2012

He talked a lot about his idea of what it means to succeed, or at least progress as a human and explore ones own creativity and self, which I think is fairly accurately depicted by the photograph above, where the comfort zone is not where we should be hanging out in. It was very clear why this is Dave’s third Pecha Kucha appearance.

Vancouver’s Pecha Kucha Night #20 – All Star Special Edition @ Vogue Theatre via Chronicle of Times

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