“Internet Has a Short Memory” / collage slides and notes (Social Media Camp 2016)

"Internet Has a Short Memory" / cover (CCCP 1972 hockey sweater)
“Internet Has a Short Memory” / cover (CCCP 1972 hockey sweater)

Official Blurb:

“Don’t miss this “Fireside Chat” with Dave Olson, an experienced public presenter who informs and entertains with a unique style including numerous visual aids, analog artifacts and interactive activities.

Dave’s presentations always inspire fresh thinking by evoking the spirit of historical luminaries remixed with anecdotes from 17+ years in web tech and travel to 30 countries.

This time around, he’ll riff on topics about future-proofing, disappearing content, the importance of archiving, media research, and documenting and publishing artifacts with an eye towards forever. Along the way will be anecdotes about Radiouserland, Samuel Peyps, Clayoquot blockades, and exploration of other forms of what we now call “social media.”


Collage “paper point” slides, including back sides containing my notes, and a few comments/annotations/quotes captured by the audience, [note: additional roundup of Internet Has a Short Memory available] ergo:

We’ve always told stories. We’ve always been social. The tools evolve and change.

“Is this what it’s come down to? How many views and clicks, the next ephemeral dopamine hit?”

Grandmothers, and mothers and shoeboxes and attics are valuable means to preserve our content.

Why not build content to *last*, not just “capture eyeballs”?

“Words aren’t for processing. They’re for revolutions.”

“Technology is just a tool, we’ve always had stories and we’ve always wanted to be social with them.”

In a 100 years, will ppl be dressing up like us and LARP’ing Social Media Camp?

CB radio is similar to social media. Nicknames, deep relationships with ppl you probably won’t meet.

“The last telegram was sent 6 years ago, so it lasted about 100 yrs. Think Twitter’s gonna be around that long?”

“I have more stuff from the 70s and 80s than the last 10 years, because it all goes online and disappears.”

— Shout out to Trumpet Winsock and the old days of the internet!

“They don’t want corporate storytellers, they want PR schills with a different name.”

“Corporations and links fail, merge, fade, rot, vanish.”

“We pretend that this social contract exists. Remember BlipTV? ‘We’ll just throw all this content out.'”

“How do we separate the crap from the useful things and how do we preserve that for the future?”

— (he) preserves paper memories, including his Grade Four report card lovingly typed out by his teacher


** Storytime with Dave O at Social Media Camp **

Ahoy renegades, i’m sharing stories in Victoria, (BC, Canada) on May 7th at 11AM. Perhaps you’ll come along? I spoke at this fine gig in 2010 and had a blast with a stack of postcards. Yeah, i’m rocking analog style again, with old-timey suitcase and artifacts of note.

First time in almost 3 years speaking publicly as i continue to deal with an assortment of health issues. This means i may ramble and fade during the talk but a guy’s gotta try. I’ll share anecdotes and ideas about the importance of archiving, documenting, future-proofing and avoiding the cynicism of disposable content.

Free Hugs.

Bonus Examples etc. 

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