“Are you Worthy?” Personal Publishing from Greeks to Geeks spiel (video)

My WordCamp Whistler co-conspiritor, photographerKris Krug , shot video of my entire “Are you Worthy?” spiel with his new Flipcam and posted it in a YouTube playlist in 5 segments for your viewing convenience – in 2009 (when Youtube had a 10 minute limit). Meanwhile in 2018, I’ve stitched the bits together into one video for your viewing amusement.

Sure, there are gaps jumps… there is also any audio version and a roundup post with Tweets, blogs etc, plus a collection of the items in my suitcase of mystery and even a transcription of the spiel.

Video Blurb:

Presented by Dave uncleweed Olson at Wordcamp Whistler (BC Canada), January 24, 2009.

The mighty power of web publishing should not be taken lightly. Traditionally, for stories to reach an audience required navigating layers levels or publishers, printers, editors, distributors but with WordPress, anyone can spread stories to a worldwide audience, instantly, for almost free. Awesome! But do you deserve this power? Of course you do – as long as you make something remarkable.

Shot (in pieces) by Kris Krug @kk Stitched by Dave Olson @uncleweed More DaveO presos, spiels, pods, poems etc at daveostory.com including round-ups for artifacts from this gig Thumbnail image by Tyler Ingram

Kris’ blurb:

‘From Greeks to Geeks’ or ‘Are You Worthy?’ Dave Olson (@uncleweed) gave a mind-blowing presentation at NerdCamp Whister (AKA WordCamp) about censorship, copyright, content creation, history, beauty, art, and the internet.

These 5 videos are the 5 10 minute segments from his talk. If someone wants the pieces to string together please let me know and I’ll get them in your hands.

Bonus Artifacts

WordCamp Whistler 2009
(Krug shooting Olson by Peter Andersen)

WordCamp Whistler 2009(Olson and Krug by John Bollwitt)

KK Interviews me at WordCamp Whistler