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Olympics and Social Media – Dave + TNMH Backgrounder

After covering SLC02 as a fan, I realized that what you see on the ground is very different from the TV coverage ~ from hospitality houses to international relationships to the athletes who finish towards the back – the rights-holding media miss a lot.

I connected with some pals (@kk @scales) with similar thoughts and we covered Torino06 and Beijing08 using new media tools to creating and tactics for distribution.

In prep for Vancouver2010, we reached out to VANOC to offer assistance in our hometown to generate social coverage. After no love coming back, we launched the True North Media House campaign to inspire, educate and amplify social coverage throughout the games – no matter whether social reporters wanted to celebrate, protest or observe.

With the hoopla done, we can step back and examine the massive body of work produced and the unique ways people grab ahold of the campaign and made it something organic, successful and loads of fun.

A few tactics:

* Self accreditation badgers – sign up, add feed and handles and print a (cool) badge to declare yourself a social reporter ready to create and share
* Aggregation – pulled feeds into Yahoo pipes, fed into HootSuite for firehose Twitter feed
* Outreached to PR agencies – once they realized our ability to amplify, we were invited to many media events
* Friendly to IOC – though initially they were incommunicado, by the end, they outreached and evolved policies for photos and fan coverage
* Ad hoc events – anyone could organize an events from dog sled demos to street hockey games to photo walks
* Educate and workshop – we spoke at universities, to community groups, conferences and workshops to explain the power of tagging, creative commons and sharing
* Reach out to academics – Groups of students (including PhD candidates) chronicled our community
* Media worthy – non rights-holding media picked up on what we were doing and provided coverage in PBS, CBC, Harvard Business, LA Times among others and many MSM joined up for fun and knowledge

To learn more follow the #tnmh tag on twitter or visit truenorthmediahouse.com or the TNMH photo group on Flickr or twitter.com/tnmh – happy to talk more about how and why we did this.

Backgrounder re: TNMH etc. for un-remembered blog post

Meanwhile on the ground in Vancouver,…

Note: Not sure what was is in response to but shared here for posterity and as a clue to reconnect it to context at some unforeseen date – dvo

I think this article was frankly a waste of time which appears to be the result of a few minutes of copying the usual media suspects.

Meanwhile on the ground in Vancouver, many folks are prepping for the first true social media-ready Olympics with publishing communities, grassroots accreditation, and quality crowd-sourced coverage of events leading up to the Games.

These campaigns will continue throughout as the public creates a massive archive of documentation from the official events to the protests to the changes in the urban communities.

Vancouver boasts an active new media business sector as well as a population of artists, activists and academics who are working to change the view of media, our city and the real costs of the Olympics.

If you care to expand on your mainstream pablum coverage, consider poking around the web for a few minutes to see what’s really happening beyond NBC’s insipid coverage and the official sanitized story.

I’m out, i’ve a beer to drink in tribute to a dead Luger.


Here’s my Hockey NW pre-social-media-online-community biz plan i mentioned @fergusson http://ow.ly/EaSu kinda fun to reflect upon

This is Acoustica, the awesum German band we partied with a SLC 2002 http://ow.ly/DwEt Seems they are coming to Vancouver #2010 too

RT @Miss604: For @johnbollwitt and @uncleweed – hockey jerseys worn in the Olympics: #OlympicMuseum http://twitpic.com/q37b8 {me: so cool}

RT @hummingbird604: 1:30pm panel tmrw at Surveillance Games workshop http://bit.ly/6Dj48U {me: critical discourse about important stuff}

RT @victoria_potter: just sent an email to @TheProvince requesting they use local artists to supply image features, not stock images {me: !}

Surveillance Games Research Workshop – SFU

Details about “Surveillance Games Research Workshop” from The New Transparency http://ow.ly/E6T0 #2010 #tnmh

NOTE: Full article shared here for permanent record from SIMON FRASER UNIVERSITY,  THE SURVEILLANCE GAMES: A RESEARCH WORKSHOP


Mega-events such as the Olympic Games, the FIFA World Cup, and high profile political summits such as the G8 and World Trade Organization meetings have all been identified as primary targets for terrorist attack and have undergone extensive security and surveillance transformations as a result. Mega-events now serve as focal points for security and surveillance proliferation. They are microcosms of larger trends and processes, through which we can observe the complex ways security and surveillance practices are implicated in unique confluences of technology, institutional motivations, and public-private security arrangements.

In the lead-up to the Vancouver 2010 Olympics, and under the auspices of the New Transparency Project, and in association with SFU’s Centre for Policy Research on Science and Technology(link is external), the workshop will focus on the surveillance implications of mega-events, including the following:

➢ security and surveillance and urban and critical infrastructure protection
➢ mega-events as spectacle, public ritual and states of exception
➢ the spatial articulations of security and surveillance
➢ policy implications of security, privacy and mega-events
➢ the role of the private sector and the mega-event security complex
➢ the proliferation of technologies of (in)security
➢ participant experiences of identification and surveillance practices at mega events
➢ the increasing commercialization of security and surveillance
➢ the historical and institutional legacies of mega-events

The objective of the Surveillance Games workshop is to examine these and other themes two months before, and on the very site of, the 2010 Winter Olympic Games. The questions at the centre of the workshop are relevant not only for academics. The Surveillance Games workshop will also address issues that are critically relevant to policy-makers, law enforcement agencies, non-governmental actors, athletes, spectators, private sector representatives, and media representatives. The workshop will hopefully involve representatives from each of these sectors.

Co-organizers: Professor Kevin Haggerty, Department of Sociology, University of Alberta (kevin.haggerty at ualberta.ca) and Professor Colin J. Bennett, Department of Political Science, University of Victoria (cjb at uvic.ca). The deadline for the receipt of draft papers is September 30th, 2009. Selected papers from the workshop will ultimately be published in an edited collection (publisher to be determined).

RT @sprice: Why does the International #Olympic Committee have legal jurisdiction over the Government of Canada? http://ow.ly/E6VQ #tnmh

Just rocked on @TNMH stuff for a few hours – project chooglin’ along … just in time ;-) #2010 #tnmh #media