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Post’d: postcards in pencil, featuring vintage scout scarf

A little batch of postcards, scribbled at the library, maybe on a bus – here and there – with a portable writing folio.

The “double double” at the shopping plaza with the splendid green payphone box and “standard issue” postbox next to each other sending Scouter Dave on his adventure

I won’t meander (much) about the details but provide evidence of creation and/or mailing – for the archivists and biographers.

Detail of the above, snapped at the shipyards in North Vancouver and sent to a friend who will *really* understand

Maybe you’re the same way, you have a small portable pack that can fit into a side bag to keep at hand with a few cards, stamps and possibly three writing utensils, and then have a larger case which contains a much more extensive supply of stationery. Is it just me?

Collage of current assortment… As you’ll notice, mostly snapshots, well actually all snapshots, from #BCInvasion

The one shown above used to hold photographic slides (although my wife’s uncle insists that it was once a Mahjong case) and is now held together with decorative tape for practical as well as aesthetic reasons.

Downtown + West End Vancouver and Stanley Park / #BCInvasion flashback, part 2

Moving north across the Fraser river to downtown/West End, Vancouver, settling into a kitchenette hotel for several days, enjoying tea ceremonies, hotel picnics, coffee times and pleasant times with friends, plus our initial foray into Stanley Park.

#BCInvasion, part 2 / Downtown Vancouver & Stanley Park

Part 2 of this mixed-media montage series includes:

* Construction site across the street from “1234 hotel”

* Friendly Maple Leaf deli reunion and picnic stash

* Crow attacks and rainstorms on 4/20 at Stanley Park

* Excursion to Kafka coffee shop for pal hang-out, hugs & tasty snacks

* Several waves of tea ceremonies at hotel with generational bowls & significant rattle

* Special thanks to book and record “mule” from OlyWa + waffles

* Rooftop tea at coliseum-inspired library ceremony with books

* Parallel-life experience with a fella with a vintage Volkswagen bus, selling Japanese inspired stickers and patches by Vancouver Art Gallery

* Coffee catch-up with punk rawk radio/photog/cat enthusiast

* Staring down dramatic demons at St Paul’s (and marking how far I’ve come)

* Scenes of life, building, trees, gardens and sidewalks strolling and observing

* Plus hotel picnics, Cherry Garcia ice cream, Whitewood Cider, bits of dispatches, flashes of hockey games with hidden messages, silk robe lobby lounging, Mae Maes on teevee

Special greetings to all who tracked us down – including, in this wave:

* Roland (by bicycle, by bicycle)
* Lance from OlyWa (with books & vinyl)
* Wayne (in midst of a move)
* James (with real talk)
* Monique (let’s enjoy tea!)
* Danielle and beautiful daughter
* Mark, community wrangler
* Chris, sundancer & deadhead
* Eric Flexyourhead (rawk, etc)
* Kemp (popping in here and there)

thanks for alllll your planning / logistical help and friendship Monique


“Blood’s Too Rich” by Luke Doucet (Whitehorse, Veal, White Falcon etc) https://sixshooterrecords.com/artists/luke-doucet/

“Change of Scene” by The Matinée https://thematineemusic.com + new album: https://the-matinee.bandcamp.com/album/change-of-scene

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OKJ to YVR + South Fraser / #BCInvasion flashback, part 1

Starting from our adorable local “Momotaro” airport in Okayama Japan, me (Dave) and my darlings Ryoko and Ichiro head to my former hometown of Vancouver and Victoria, British Columbia, Canada aboard ANA (we’re shareholders but no big deal :)).

come on along with part 1 of our #BCInvasion

Part 1 mixed-media montage includes:

* first night in Richmond hotel with giant coffees and croissants

* off to “south of Fraser” for family times in Langley

* spontaneous barbecue with pals in Cloverdale and other variety of foods, more food and setting up a Japanese food corner

* making special packets of commemorative postcards with nieces and nephews

* White Rock beach for fish and chips and sunset

* Amtrak Cascades train chooglin’ through

* Surrey Eagles playoff hockey game with Zamboni

* mission to Mission for sight of Kamel Gill’s last stand with his brother Charlie (in which many mysteries are revealed)

* more food, presents, relaxing times with Grammy & brother/cousins/etc.

* plants, trees, nurseries, landscaping equipment, & spaces to run around

* stop for donairs while heading onto next “checkpoint” which is downtown Vancouver/West End for Stanley Park etc.

* finally, arriving at hotel with the sight of a construction site across the street to Ichiro’s amusement

Next chapter: exploring Vancouver downtown scenes and lots of meet up with friends – and variety of weather – in Stanley Park and spontaneous tea ceremony at hotel 

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Evidence: darlings in BC (on a Bedouin scarf)

A little collage of printed postcards from the #BCInvasion trip.

I keep adding more in lieu of a “proper” scrapbook but kinda love the view

Still haven’t really processed, digested, remixed, create-i-fied from this journey but, happenstance offered a moment to print & hang a few of my darlings above the writing desk, pinned to a Bedouin shroud.

BC Invasion: so lost, so far behind

Months, so many months since we returned from the #BCInvasion and still, stacks of ephemera, loads of records, so many books, treasures, gifts, treats, and then all of the snapshots in so many formats in so many places… unpatiently waiting for a time when my brain is working and the dishes are washed & the laundry folded to savor and contextualize experience with videos, posts, odes, and proper notes – and of course I want to send “custom thank you cards” to everyone we met along the way.

just feeling lost and behind on “all of it”

Realizing this isn’t going to happen and that’s all right but, things will start drifting out, I hope you find a bit of amusement.

The whole whirlwind was such an important trip for me and my darling duo so I want to make sure to express maximum gratitude to all the people who welcomed us, took the time to hang out with us, brought so many treats, hugs, kindness, welcomeness, and general awesomeness.

We arrived home to a bit of a chaos and honestly one conundrum and catastrophe after another but life is grand: the little guy is snoring beside me dreaming of shovel cars and strawberry cake, my incredible wife is more remarkable each day and me well… let’s not even talk about me.

{Well, in brief, I am so full of stories, songs, poems and projects yet I just can’t quite get the required blood and oxygen into my brain to do all the craftiness I’m dreaming of but, I’m living til at least 120 years old so will get there eventually. You’ll buy the book(s) right? Right?}

In the meanwhile, here is one snapshot.

We went to visit great grandma today and I printed her out an assortment of cute photos and kept thinking “oh my goodness, this is the best one ever” and then “no seriously, this one, or this one… I need them all” there’s not enough ink, paper, time to properly contextualize it all.

It was just so much more and yet nowhere near enough. Never will be the same.

So to you, gratefully from a man with an unruly beard, coif of curl, with a seaplane and beloved mysterious yellow pile of sulfur across the inlet I’ve crossed so many times by Seabus and right by Stanley Park which always felt like coming home.

Peace and gratitude to all of you. More to come (if you want it).

Diary: just a head full of question marks #video

figuring sumthing or shrug i dunno
Preamble: You’re “supposed to talk about “these things“ so I am but putting it here where no one will notice since I’m kind of sick of all the “social channels” or bored or annoyed  or frustrated by squandering potential and watching the knuckleheads use all the oxygen. I’m not giving up in a big way, just in several small ways. 

I knew it was coming – coming back from the #BcInvasion trip, three weeks now, just feeling discombobulated // knew would be physically exhausted but emotionally and mentally just can’t seem to get my head together…

Adrenals depleted, cortisol, is a very high or very low? Serotonin and dopamine trying to regenerate. Pineal gland wondering what it does anymore. 

Neural pathways coming back online, spine discs trying to slip it back in place, signal switching, which once sparked a long curvaceous route, now getting used to expressways from toes to knees to spine to shoulders and then shooting pain up through that misaligned cervical roadblock like a pebble in the boot walking out Timpanogos for 34 years since Jerome Idaho 1988, Christmas Eve.

Anyhow, the sting behind my eyes, the dull pain when i try to move or think, the brain frankly going very dark and very blue and danger-esque – and coupled with so much sad news far out of my control (so many RiP), senses of loss that I thought I’d worked through but I guess haven’t, anyway, it’s been a bit too much – so I retreat.

It’s hardly the first time, ha! it’s a on-going series of existential crisis and brain hi-jacking from lack of deep rest, increase in stress, atmospheric issues etc.

I “retreat” to the things I know how to do within the brain crash fog and which benefit my self-care and my precious darling duo: wash and fold laundry, make tea and rice, ensure mosquito net in place, and even sometimes try to manage the compost. Oh yeah, a hot bath for everyone (despite 38°+ days)!

Then step-up to bus rides to treatments (ivs & seitai) and then level-up to postcards at coffee shops.

I also gracefully remember unlike so many of my fellow #MECFS fellow travelers, I’m now getting out of bed most every day(!) I am finding bits of physical strength returning by resparking the cellular ATP process to re/build mitochondria – I carried some bricks, some trees. Sweating in a *not just peeling an orange” way. Not gentle walks, :15 of exertion then we sever.

Now, a few lap projects which I love doing in moments of quiet in the house with hemp cloth, needle and thread or drumkit, screw thread loc-tite and pliers, or bricks, charcoal and cast-iron. Improving the campsite!

[The above diary was recorded June 19, today is July 17 – post backdated to kind of hide it – I’m making steps: I receive some wonderful things in the post, some disappointing news at the hospital but also some positive referrals and new efficient systems in place, a few phone calls from elusive friends, well placed emails with snapshots of children on adventures, tomorrow will eat a watermelon, so we go on]

Diary: A Rollicking Reentry from BC Invasion

Back from #bcinvasion trip a week / heck of a reentry, ergo:

  • funeral ?
  • record café ?
  • unpacking & documenting
  • head crushed from barometric pressure
  • seitai treatment
  • zairyu card prep
  • colossal rainstorm
  • hospital with injection & meds
  • clothes season switcheroo

Tomorrow (Sunday) nephew Lee (13 y/o) is going to church, then joining the darling duo to make a tremendous trio to go to tea ceremony, so… I’m hoping to sneak away to my beloved kura barn studio to unpack records & books & other treats.

We’ll see how I go, I’m totally over energy envelope and adrenals are completely depleted. Hoping some cool dark room with good music and maybe even a bit of ukulele playing will soothe my soul. There’s even a few more Letters and Postcards to enjoy!

I had a delusion I would be leisurely sending personal follow-up notes/videos to all the friends we met along the way to say “thank you for being part of our experience, awesome gifts, handy rides, comfy beds and simply existing with us“ but I guess that will come eventually. I also know that people know this but also know the importance of expressing gratitude in a tangible form.

I really have 1000 things to tell you, more actually – not sure quite what form the storytelling will take but anyway, now I’m in bed, the mosquito net is up (my incredible wife doing so many things to get the cottage cozy again), parents are making Gyoza but I’m going to hide out in the bath and eat a salad, possibly at the same time – ha. Such a luxury!

{In my fog, also watched a couple of documentaries I have commentary on but probably won’t ever get around to sharing}

Reminding myself: “good job, you pulled off a truly impossible trip with no major calamities and well over 100 human connections and then after a very challenging long airplane journey, showed up (despite complete exhaustion) looking sharp and respectful for a funeral for a relative you didn’t really know but hey, you’re part of this family and showing up is what you do – and oh yeah, after a couple days of incredible pain and crying my face off, got in two days of treatment which ain’t easy and only lost my temper once for a second” #PatsSelfOnBack

Oh right, I’ve been meaning to ask anyone who joined us on any of our “hobbit camp” excursions and hangouts to share photos on some channel or another #dribc