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Memento: India scrapbook page & poem (RIP Mom), 2016

Memento: India scrapbook page & poem (RIP Mom), 2016

I was in India when my dear Mother died, I rushed back via various flights to join with my brothers and friends.

It was (still is) all a blur, so many details missed up through it all, though as is my custom, I assembled oddities in a scrapbook and made annotations along the way.

As such, evidence, including: a boarding pass for the worst flight ever; a list of tasks to complete rapidly to leave Joy guesthouse in Auroville by taxi to Chennai airport; and a poem which I can’t at this moment remember who wrote/gave to me. Was it you?

There are other things in the scrapbook, maybe another time…

Evidence: Air Canada (with Mom, Bob, Dan) 1974

Evidence: Air Canada (with Mom, Bob, Dan) 1974

After being birthed in Saskatoon and flight to Calgary to Vancouver at 15 days, living in Eugene, Oregon for first year and some, we moved to Lansing, Michigan where Dad took a professor gig at Michigan State University and brother Dan was born.

Then, changing jobs again to University of British Columbia, we were on the plane again, westway to the world.

Not sure details of route (did they drive to Windsor/Toronto and then fly?) but based on sizes of the 3 brothers, believe this is the flight west on this Air Canada bird in 1974.

(Is this a 737? or 707 like the Gordon Lightfoot song?)

Evidence: Boarding Pass (Air Canada), 1970

Evidence: Boarding Pass, 1970

I was born in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan while my Dad was doing graduate university work at University of Oregon in Eugene as a Canadian student. As such, when getting close to time for me to be born, parents went north and stayed with Mom’s parents in Saskatchewan. So I was born in Canada for less than seven dollars (upgrade to a private room – i have the receipt here somewhere…).

15 days later, I was on my first flight aboard Air Canada from Saskatoon to Calgary to Vancouver (at which point I assume, they drove down to Eugene). 

In other words: I’ve been on the go since two weeks old.