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Healing Journey 2: Has Anyone Seen Dave?

After being ill with a variety of syndromes for about 5 months, I (Dave) finally check in with my pals to explain whats going on with me. In the heartfelt dispatch — shot at my West End Vancouver healing pod in front of my beloved bookcase — I express gratitude for all the cards and letters plus show the gratitude scrapbook journal which holds the treasures.

Then i a show an infographic illustration of my various ailments (Central Sensitivity Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome etc.), and send out a request for postcards and vinyl albums.

Finally, I share my feelings about missing “the revolution” and activities with my pals and explain that, rather than a Bus Driver, i’ll be a passenger for a while. Continue reading Healing Journey 2: Has Anyone Seen Dave?

In case I forget to say it,…

In case I forget to say it, I’m grateful for friendships during this healing process.

My pardons if I don’t acknowledge you individually or reply with my usual expediency or find a way to schedule you for a visit.

With daily medical sessions, I simply don’t know how I’ll feel each day so it’s hard to book a sesh.

Plus, I’ll admit I’m a little shy about not being “awesome Dave,” I’m kind of “Dave Lite” right now. I know you love me for who I am but ’tis a little odd for me.

Know your thoughts are taken deep into my wee heart but, at this time, I haven’t much to give back. IOU hugs.

yard sale zen sign

photo by KK (Kris Krug) on a point and shoot

if you are going to make a yard sale sign then… you might as well go a little zen  

Off to acupuncture…

Off to acupuncture (again) trying to come back to life. This is a significant challenge and I’m grateful for support & patience & affection.

Healing Journey 1: Message to Friends & Owls from Backyard

Soon after a sudden onset of illness leading to a hospital stay and a mortality shock, I (daveo) send a message of hope, affection and greetings to my co-workers and colleagues. I try to explain what happened to me (gastro enteritis problems and shock).

I express gratitude for the treats, care packages, videos and other kindnesses and support sent my way and express my desire to be back soon inventing the future. And how i’m struggling with the blues and going through various treatments and emotional drained from the whole struggling experience.

Sent with deep affection.

Continue reading Healing Journey 1: Message to Friends & Owls from Backyard

Healing Journey #0: Pals, I don’t know what to tell ya but…

Upon falling ill and not knowing what the fck was going on, i sent this confused message from bed to my team of renegades at the office. Hard to watch, so much happened following. Posted for posterity. Continue reading Healing Journey #0: Pals, I don’t know what to tell ya but…