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Curiously Punctuated (and Ready) ~ Beat Sushi with Jason Emde

Curiously Punctuated (and Ready) ~ Beat Sushi with Jason Emde

Spontaneous riffs and readings from world rambling renegade letter writer with a new master’s thesis, Jason Emde who, as it goes from his home in Gifu also makes a podcast called “writers read their early sh!t”. 

oh Hi, let’s try on hats and listen to records

From the Kura barn studio, Dave meanders about Japan geography and “things not done” and hat selections for Kyoto before reading Jason’s letter to Molly, then rambles on about similarities in geography, points of view, adventures whilst recounting how he came across Jason’s work stretching over a decade or more (and including naval officer Bob), oh then 2 freeverse poems (after Gary Snyder) with Jason’s streams about “usual days” in Gifu and Vernon.

Beat Sushi with Jason Emde at daveostory (art by Ichiro Stanley)

Plus name checks for James Joyce’s Ulysses, Christopher Trottier, Marshall McLuhan, Ken Babbs, Ken Bole, music bits from Bachman Turner Overdrive Live at Budokon, John K Samson (of The Weakerthans etc), hooray for ampersands and em-dashes! Also Amsterdam, London, Vancouver, Bali and most points in between, except Africa, haven’t gone there. 

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Riff: Art vs Stats / Personal expression is the pinnacle…

A solid guide book last centuries

From a response to a discussion somewhere at some time…

“Like the venerable Mr. Christopher Trottier (@atomicpoet) pointed out,… the crazy thing is, if you make awesome art, the stats (i.e. likes, tweets, subscribers, followers, paycheques, accolades, trophies…) automagically come.

It’s when you go chasing stats that you might get the quick sugar-high of cheap satisfaction but no one’s going to give a shit in a week, let alone 100 years from now.

Of course I understand that “business objectives” require performance and things going “up and to the right,” but that is accomplished by being interesting, pushing your envelope, being true to your authentic self, and respecting your audience.

Ergo: Roll your own media. Fuck stats, make art. Create for yourself, let others look over your shoulder. Personal expression is the pinnacle of the assortment of digital creation tools and distribution methods we (albeit awkwardly) call social media. 

Painting of a Cat, by Chris Trottier

My pal Chris Trottier gifted me a painting which i quite adore. Its stashed in a locker faraway so i share a poorly photographed facsimile here so i can enjoy from time to time.

Made with (I suspect) acrylic on canvas board, approx 30cm x 20cm.


“Get to Know Dave Olson: A Glimpse of Uncle Weed’s World Full of Passion” from boldkick

My pal and long time collaborator at Hootsuite, Chris Trottier and his new crew at “boldkick” – a new social architecture bureau, wrote this little tribute post about me following a talk at Victoria, BC, Canada’s Social Media Camp where i discussed how the “Internet has a Short Memory”. I am truly touched by he and Cindy’s kind words – i am very fond of them as well.

Excerpt pasted below for the record along with a link to the original post.

Raised on a diet of hockey, punk rock, and fanzines, Dave “Uncle Weed” Olson has been writing about his experiences for almost as long as the Internet existed.

A master storyteller, Dave Olson thrives in building communities. His work revolves around being an all-around creative. He is a writer, a podcaster, singer, a multi-hyphenate superstar. Looking at his own website, it’s both surprising and inspiring to see one person who has done so much.

It all leads to one thing, doesn’t it? Passion.

It’s been such an overused word, but it always rings true to the people who have it. Dave’s lifeblood is community, something that we at Boldkick strongly resonate with. Did we mention he’s from Vancouver, too?

As a traveller, Dave Olson has had a handful of experiences with different people with different backgrounds. In a quick interview at Toque and Canoe about his suitcase, Dave Olson shares about his souvenirs in his travels.

“I keep little ephemeral paper objects. Ticket stubs. Crappy postcards. I’ll take an empty scrap book and make it real time on the trip. Then you return home and BAM, the whole trip is documented and you can share it with your friends. I was on a train in the rain in Spain (ha ha) and had my scrap book with me and I ended up partying with all of these great folks. Great way to bridge those cultural gaps. I also like to bring back coins. Little things. I like tiny things.”

Source: Get to Know Dave Olson: A Glimpse of Uncle Weed’s World Full of Passion – boldkick

The Water « atomicpoet

This is a piece of writing by my pal Chris Trottier which i kept because i like it and sharing it here so i can find it again and also so maybe you’ll read and enjoy. No big deal. Links included so you can follow Chris’ myriad endeavours, all of which are fascinating.

The Water « atomicpoet

Atomic Poet’s mix tape track list

Album | Time | Artist | Album

When the Flesh Hits    4:17    GoGoGo Airheart    Exitheuxa
Lay It On Me (LP Version)    4:01    Sylvia    Pillow Talk: The Sensuous Sounds Of Sylvia
Can’t Hardly Stand It    2:49    Charlie Feathers    Rockabilly of the 1950’s
Kandy Pop    2:48    Bis    This Is Teen-C Power! – EP
You Want the Candy    3:07    The Raveonettes    Lust Lust Lust (Bonus Track Version)
We’re Desperate    2:00    X    Wild Gift
My Old Drunk Friend    3:34    Freakwater    Feels Like the Third Time
There She Goes Again (Stereo)    2:41    The Velvet Underground & Nico    The Velvet Underground & Nico
Out of the Races and Onto the Tracks    4:03    The Rapture    Out of the Races and Onto the Tracks – EP
Telstar (Original Recording 1962)    3:15    The Tornados    The British Are Coming, Vol. 1
Ceremony    4:26    New Order    Substance
Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence    4:46    Ryuichi Sakamoto 1996
Pledging My Love    2:29    Johnny Ace    Memorial Album
I’ve Been Hurt So Many Times    2:35    Rodd Keith    I Died Today
Walking The Cow    3:37    Daniel Johnston    Songs In The Key Of Z Vols 1 & 2
Somethin’ Else    2:09    Eddie Cochran    50s Greatest Rock N Roll    
According To Plan (Album Version)    4:37    I Love You But I’ve Chosen Darkness    Fear Is On Our Side  
Richter Scale Madness    3:45    …And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead    …And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead
Junkyard    6:27    The Birthday Party    Live 1981-82
At The Grass Roots    2:56    Sri Darwin Gross    Songs In The Key Of Z Vols 1 & 2