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Character(s): American Gothic (remix’d)

Indeed you are familiar with Iowa painter Grant Woods’ classic American Gothic… This was a modernization capturing the spirit of the American malaise. My co-conspirator in this photo is noted Harvard University fellow and cyborg anthropologist @caseorganic. We’ve done several fine photos together. 
Note: I attended that Kiss concert depicted in the long-sleeve shirt, the first tour without make up when they revealed to the world if they are simply four ugly man with pyrotechnics.
The Pacific Coliseum was filled with only the diehards, mostly complaining that it wasn’t an original lineup — while others of us simply listened to Paul Stanley’s ego discuss his sexual predilections 
Photo: Kris Krug, Seattle, 2007/8/9?

Memento: Pacific Blue – Drum Corps Parade, Bridgeview, circa 1984

Who doesn’t love a parade? The folks in Bridgeview (Surrey, BC) that who.

Ya see… once upon a time, me and some of my finest friends played in a “drum and bugle corps” – no it’s not like a marching band, marching bands are for dorks, drum corps is for musicians :-)

Anyway, in a sorta-political quest to gain favour to build a new bingo hall in Bridgeview, we did a parade in that section of Surrey, also known as “Turf City” at the foot of the dangerously sloppy Pattulo bridge.

People were not on the street and actually came out of their houses to yell at us for waking them up. But that wasn’t near the pain that I felt from trying to carry that marimba with the sh!tty harness and march in step with my bow-legged, duck-footed legs.

Noteworthy in the snapshot is my pal Brad and our two instructors Bill and Rob. Those guys seem to enjoy us giving them tons of shit which we were fantastic at. And they taught us a ton about drumming, travelling and life.  More to say about those topics but the road and tour were better suited for me than hauling instrument through a crappy neighbourhood.

Portrait: Turtleneck, with Fish

Turtleneck and Fish: daveo disguised
Turtleneck and Fish
If this young fellow appeared at your doorstep, you would gladly give him a fish to fry. Don’t bother “teaching him how to fish,” he clearly already knows!
Note: admittedly i forgot everything about fishing, but I still know it all about rocking a turtleneck: tucked in with a good belt, and keep that hair feathered and parted in the middle — even while deep in the woods fighting off renegade bears (really happened), and the other hand on the pressure pump on the vintage Coleman.

Portrait: Headband Boys (with Bob)

Headband Boys: daveo disguised
Headband Boys
Sure it’s Christmas, not Halloween but who cares when two brothers are wearing matching headbands… Perhaps this was an early experiment and telepathic communication. If you agree, put your hand up. I thought so.
Lansing Michigan, circa 1974 (oddly not wearing glasses)

Portrait: Olsonboys Car Rally Crew

Car Rally Crew: daveo disguised
Olsonboys Car Rally Crew
These Olson boys don’t need much of an excuse to put on some goofy outfits. In this case, it was a church car rally, the competitors didn’t know what they were up against: a painted Datsun wagon and some sort of mutated nautical theme.
Not high points for consistency or accuracy, but we didn’t need that as we dominated and won the trophy which still sits proudly at someone’s house.
note: brother Anders not available apparently

Portrait: Old Man Cub Scout

Old Man Cub Scout, circa 2011

Keen observers will notice this is not authorized uniform, or a prescribed salute, nevertheless, as a former full-patch Cub and Chief Scout award recipient, i figure i can do whatever I choose – Regulations be danged i say!

Note: this was at photo booth at Craig and Lien’s wedding at a fancy Chinese resto after i had just conducted/MC’ed a 4 hour festival of frivolity in Japanese. The suit is a thrift store beauty.

homage to Hunter S. Thompson (with notes + photos via John Biehler)

Me: Costume plans will likely result in changes in appearance lasting beyond festive period – gotta commit to make art-ish – mimic your heroes

Halloween at the Morgue

RT @johnbiehler ~ @uncleweed really gets into character..including shaving his head in homage to Hunter S. Thompson 

Halloween at the Morgue

Me: With festive night of costuming over, i’m now just a dude with some seriously weird looking male pattern baldness – was worth the funtimes

Halloween at the Morgue

Bonus with Miss 604

Halloween at the Morgue


Halloween was indeed epic at the Morgue – Thanks to host @cognesto + @johnbiehler @staciebee @miss604 @johnbollwitt + more for camaraderie

an uncleweed costume is a great idea @ColleenCoplick i could sell kits w/ goofy hat, obscure literature, well-used pipe & sensible shoes