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Transit Cops, Used Cars and more Poutine Lady ~ Choogle On! #18

After ranting on about Skytrain cops, Uncle Weed offers a few used cars for sale (98 Volvo wagon and 74 VW bus) and serves up more Poutine lady hi-jinks.

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VW Earthship - Resting in a Utah back-40
thanks to cousin marky in Logan, UT for pic

Progressive plotting at the Capitol dome ~ Choogle On! #17

Uncle Weed and Cosmo head to Olympia’s legislative building for a forum on progressive blogging, creative media outreach and general mudrackery.

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Check out Goldy’s Horse’s Ass, (a blog named after Tim Eyeman) for progressive mudrackery and also Olyblog for local insight to WA politics. Oh yeah, I have a brief DaveO blog at Olyblog too and so does the Unabonger.

Olympics Capitol Dome
photo from Flickr by Aster

New Year’s Eve Pageantry on Pender ~ Choogle On! #16

At a pagan-ish pageant on Pender Island, Uncle Weed views kayak ballet, dreadlocked Father Time and burning suns while enjoying microbrews, doobs, sparklers, and recalling O Shogotsu in Japan.

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New Year's Eve Variety Pack
pic by DaveO

Perogies and Poutine at the Cambie ~ Choogle On! #15

Two stopovers at the Cambie Pub for unique vittles, local grog and curious, spontaneous conversation with a mystery guest.

Listen up! Choogle on with Uncle Weed #15

photo of Poutine by daveo’s phone



2 cents
more pics of Cambie Inn by daveo (more on Flickr)

Seed and Weed Primer ~ Choogle On! #14

Pod cover - choogle on 14

Out for a walk, Uncle Weed rambles on about cannabis laws, seed economics, connoisseur varieties and personal responsibility.

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Vancouver Pot Block Walkabout ~ Choogle On! #13

Heading out on a medicinal seed quest, Uncle Weed wanders around the Vancouver Pot block and Victory park.

Listen up! Choogle On with Uncle Weed #13

Marc Emery seeds and the ole Hemp BC

New Amsterdam

Victory Park
photos by daveo

Goldendale Pub Stroll ~ Choogle On! #12

Heading out on a late-night walk through Goldendale in search of repast, Uncle Weed encounters much of nothing, search lights, alarms and a bar full of Jagermeister.

Listen Up! Choogle on with Uncle Weed #12

jaeger bombs in process

horseshoe horse

pic by daveo’s phone (more goldendale on flickr)

Musings from Goldendale ~ Choogle On! #11

Uncle Weed’s musings while visiting Goldendale, Washington, including comments on Stonehenge replica, Mary Hill museum, observatory, bowling, pancakes, cemeteries, trash dumping and Thanksgiving.

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alice's restaurant

pic by daveo

Ranting on about Trains, Buses and Borders ~ Choogle On! #10

Uncle Weed gets a rant on about train ineffiency, bus exploits, jarheads and borders hassles while recounting recent experiences.

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pic by DaveO’s phone

Musical stones in South Park with Cosmo – Choogle on #9

Along with colleague Cosmo, Uncle Weed stops by Cesar Chavez park featuring unique musical stone sculptures plus neighborhood rant and planespotting.

Listen Up! Choogle on with Uncle Weed #9 “Musical stones in South Park with Cosmo”

musical stone with uncleweed and cosmo's shadows

musical stones
pics by daveo’s phone