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Goldendale Pub Stroll ~ Choogle On! #12

Heading out on a late-night walk through Goldendale in search of repast, Uncle Weed encounters much of nothing, search lights, alarms and a bar full of Jagermeister.

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jaeger bombs in process

horseshoe horse

pic by daveo’s phone (more goldendale on flickr)

Musings from Goldendale ~ Choogle On! #11

Uncle Weed’s musings while visiting Goldendale, Washington, including comments on Stonehenge replica, Mary Hill museum, observatory, bowling, pancakes, cemeteries, trash dumping and Thanksgiving.

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alice's restaurant

pic by daveo

Ranting on about Trains, Buses and Borders ~ Choogle On! #10

Uncle Weed gets a rant on about train ineffiency, bus exploits, jarheads and borders hassles while recounting recent experiences.

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pic by DaveO’s phone

Musical stones in South Park with Cosmo – Choogle on #9

Along with colleague Cosmo, Uncle Weed stops by Cesar Chavez park featuring unique musical stone sculptures plus neighborhood rant and planespotting.

Listen Up! Choogle on with Uncle Weed #9 “Musical stones in South Park with Cosmo”

musical stone with uncleweed and cosmo's shadows

musical stones
pics by daveo’s phone

Odyessy herb, Breakfast casts and Guy Terrifico – Choogle on #8

Starting at a secret herbal lounge, Uncle Weed chats about the temp labor industry, hybrid weed, Guy Terrifico, breakfast time podcasts (Clubside Breakfast Time & Fr. Roderick’s Daily Breakfast) and suchnot.

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Vancouver afternoon

Werewolves in Mind Camp catacombs – Choogle on #7

Wandering the early-early morning catacombs of the Seattle Mind Camp, Uncle Weed and Cosmo observe an unusual parlor game and ephemeral wreckage.

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Mindcamp Montage – Choogle on #6

Uncle Weed and Cosmo heads to Seattle for a free-form MindCamp conference kinda thing. Here are some audio snippets to experience the vibe.

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Variety pack of Ganja, beer and photos – Choogle on #5

Uncle Weed heads downtown Vansterdam, taking photos and scoring sacks of Sweet-tooth, God-bud, Dy-no-mite, Hashplant and Durban Poison plus tasty munchies and local beer following.
Listen to Choogle on #5 Variety pack of Ganja, beer and photos

still life with volcano

Heading South to OlyWa ~ Choogle On! #4

Dave rolls down south along Interstate 5 in a U-Haul with Anders and they talk about border hassles, Seattle sights and Tacoma smells.

Listen Up! Choogle On! Uncle Weed #4 “Heading South to OlyWa”

Night time in Oly

Never-ending Skytrain to Surrey ~ Choogle On! #3

Dave takes a Canadian Thanksgiving transit trip from end to end – from the North Shore by Seabus, all the way to the notorious suburb of Surrey. He chats about Skytrain stations, Vancouver sights and sounds, plus meets ‘SkyPigs’ and enjoys coffee while reminiscing about Vancouver adventures in bygone days.

Listen Up! Choogle on with Uncle Weed #3 “Never-ending Skytrain to Surrey”

Downtown Van to North Van