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Oly-nomics and Goodtimes w/ Hammer Bob – Olympic Outsider #24

Oly-nomics & Goodtimes w/ Hammer Bob

Cross the inlet for: Oly-nomics and Goodtimes w/ Hammer Bob – Olympic Outsider #24 (.mp3, 14:06)

On the Seabus, Dave talks with accredited reporter and Olympic veteran Bob “The Hammer” Mackin about narrative around the Games, controversy about costs, ROI, government grandstanding, VANOC’s manner of acting, and sports which blew him away.

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Party at the Vancouver Seed Bank – Choogle on #59

Party at the Vancouver Seed Club

While prepping for an oil painting, Uncle Weed sparks a joint and talks about travel plans (Austin, Texas for SxSW and Mexico for chillaxin’), catches up with the Vancouver 3 extradition situation (and the grandstanding DEA and DoJ despots), then revisits a party at Vancouver Seed Bank (and Toker’s Lounge) with proprietor (and former editor of Cannabis Culture) Dana Larsen who tells about his political work (NDP Candidate for Sunshine Coast), and his new Hairy Pothead graphic novel.

Also, Uncle Weed pitches a speaking gig at Vancouver’s personal expression conference (and good time) Northern Voice, plus other podcasts series and upcoming shows, and finally an update on the Clayoquot art contest, and oh yeah, rumours about another Herby show. 

Grab a sack and Party at the Vancouver Seed Bank – Choogle on #59 (.mp3, 28:08, 22MB)

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Hemp for Victory with Author Kenyon Gibson – Choogle on #52

Hemp for Victory Author Kenyon Gibson

In Camden Town London, Uncle Weed visits Hemp for Victory author Kenyon Gibson to discuss his motivations and influences for writing the book, using hemp for fuel, fiber and food, unique modern hemp products, the political pressures surrounding re-mainstreaming cannabis hemp, activism tips for emerging hempsters, his research for UK Parliament on hemp as a replacement crop for opium in Afghanistan, plus conversation on contemporary hemp production in the United Kingdom and around the globe. 

Plant a seed for Hemp for Victory – Choogle on #52 (.mp3, 38MB, 47:05)

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Interrogating a Russian over Drinks – Choogle on #50

original photo by UW, art’ed up by Bread the producer

Over martinis at a fancy Covent Garden bar in London, a charming Russian student indulges a somewhat flustered Uncle Weed’s questions about Siberian winters, police corruption, fixers and bribes, communist nostalgia, gulags, late-night disapperences, hockey teams plus his comrade quearies into the effectiveness of her tactical KGB skills. 

Pay your bribe for Interrogating a Russian over Drinks – Choogle on #50 (.mp3, 13:24, 14MB)

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Clayoquot Old-Growth Blockade Flashback – Choogle On! #44

Clayoquot Sound Old-Growth Blockade - Choogle on

While camping at Clayoquot Sound on the west coast of Vancouver Island last summer, Uncle Weed launches into a lengthy discourse about noted logging blockades in 1993 and talks about meditations on hemp, non-violence, compassion, clearcuts, ecology and economics of forestry and comments on a looming water shortage in Tofino (to be continued …). 

Get your hands on Clayoquot Old-Growth Blockade Flashback ~ Choogle On! #44 (39:03, .mp3, 54MB)


Bacon, Biscuits and Hemp Ed – Choogle On! #39

Choogle on with Uncle weed podcast

(photo by Eve Lentz from Practical Guide to Cannabis)

Whilst visiting mentor/amigo Hemp Ed in Pe Ell, Washington, Uncle Weed chats about cellulose fuel conversion, logging industry, tasty eggs from hemp seed fed chickens laden with omega 3s fatty acids plus Willie Nelson’s peaceful bio-diesel revolution, Ed’s Alaskan logging hi-jinks, Finnish saunas and Hemp Express Van flashbacks. Visit Hemplobby.org (be sure to download the “Practical Guide to Cannabis” .pdf) and Ed’s HempLobby Chronicles blog. 

Download Bacon, Biscuits and Hemp Ed ~ Choogle On! #39 (.mp3, 37.5MB, 27:18)

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Canada Day at Gnomedex06, Part #1

At Gnomedex tech and culture conference in Seattle, Jay (aka Unabonger or Cosmo) and Dave (me, Uncle Weed) offer Canada Day wishes and recap Broadband Mechanics and Marc Canter’s mighty party, the absurdity of stealth start-ups and venture capitalist, Dave Winer who created RSS, and preview PT of Make Mag and check out the t-shirts, lounges while walking into the conference for the official Canadian recognition and seeing Tara Hunt and so on.

Down at the New Amsterdam – Choogle On! #22

New Amsterdam Cafe in Vancouver BC

Uncle Weed heads out with Reverend Bob and Padowan Zach to spend a Sunday in downtown Vancouver’s preferred locales for herbal enthusiasts in this Enhanced Podcast – fortified with photos, links and other surprises.

Justin of the New Amsterdam Cafe gives the straight dope on the chronology of the ‘potblock’ – Cannabis Cafe, HempBC, Blunt Brothers, the great fire of 2004, and more – plus insight on the perks and challenges of the running a cannabis-friendly cafe. Then, after a visit to BC Marijuana Party bookstore, the lads head to The Cambie Inn for liquid refreshment and herbal respite before a Seabus voyage to Lonsdale Quay. 

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Wellness at Canada Place – Urban Vancouver #1

Urban Vancouver Wellness at Canada Place - jorg olif

Host Dave Thorvald Olson discusses innovative products and noteworthy entrepreneurial endeavours with exhibitors, plus makes observations on consumer attitudes, economics and public policy at the Wellness Show at Vancouver’s Canada Place on February 4th, 2006.

Listen Up: Wellness at Canada Place – Urban Vancouver #1 (20:56, 20MB, .mp3)

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Odyessy herb, Breakfast casts and Guy Terrifico – Choogle on #8

Vancouver afternoon

Starting at a secret herbal lounge, Uncle Weed chats about the temp labor industry, hybrid weed, Guy Terrifico, breakfast time podcasts (Clubside Breakfast Time & Fr. Roderick’s Daily Breakfast) and suchnot. 

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