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Seed and Weed Primer ~ Choogle On! #14

Pod cover - choogle on 14

Out for a walk, Uncle Weed rambles on about cannabis laws, seed economics, connoisseur varieties and personal responsibility.

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Vancouver Pot Block Walkabout ~ Choogle On! #13

Heading out on a medicinal seed quest, Uncle Weed wanders around the Vancouver Pot block and Victory park.

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Marc Emery seeds and the ole Hemp BC

New Amsterdam

Victory Park
photos by daveo

Musings from Goldendale ~ Choogle On! #11

Uncle Weed’s musings while visiting Goldendale, Washington, including comments on Stonehenge replica, Mary Hill museum, observatory, bowling, pancakes, cemeteries, trash dumping and Thanksgiving.

Listen Up! Choogle on with Uncle Weed #11

alice's restaurant

pic by daveo