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Letter, South Africa – Items: Forgotten in Drawers (vol. 2)

Letter, South Africa – Items: Forgotten in Drawers (vol. 2)
Letter, South Africa – Items: Forgotten in Drawers (vol. 2)

Secrets Intact – Items: Forgotten in Drawers (vol. 2)

Secrets Intact – Items: Forgotten in Drawers
Secrets Intact – Items: Forgotten in Drawers

Drawing Room / Dream’d – Items: Forgotten in Drawers (vol. 2)

Drawing Room Sunday – Items: Forgotten in Drawers
Drawing Room Sunday – Items: Forgotten in Drawers2)

Sapphire – Items: Forgotten in Drawers (vol. 2)

Sapphire – Items: Forgotten in Drawers
Sapphire – Items: Forgotten in Drawers

Towards the Yangtze


4AM Shanghai
Me, insomniatic as usual
Watching light rise
Through pollution skies
To illuminate building designed
By a committee of Dr. Seuss, Salvador Dali and MC Escher

The ship pulls out through endless gauntlet
of all the ships in the world
Each their own world
Tiny houses on giant barges, flags, cigarette and a wave


Yangtze River wide
As a sound
Cozy as an African watering hole
Herds of barges graze
Like wildebeests lady to fall into stampede
When hyena party boats of wedding revellers disappear into dark,
Moored behind elephant cruisers
The bulls wait beyond the marsupial floating dry docks
Holding wounded deer craft
Under gaze of manicured obedient flocks
Of bobbing cranes
Feeding vibes into yawning hippos accustomed to melons
Catamaran racers lean into wind, puny sailors lean to balance for the watches and cameras
As peacocks might
Beneath windmills grindingly faraway wheat


The wagon trail of floaters
Parade through river intersections
Obeying crackled jargon appointing times-subject to change
From typhoons, tainted waters, tides and an abundance of caution
And negotiation
Then the dispatch arrives
And like preschoolers, holding a string
The horizon redefines with tankers
Containers, cruisers, scoopers, prospectors, fighters, seekers, and free radicals
Bearing industrial names
Referred by diligent tugs
Pilots breakwater boundaries
And the wake and buoys ahead
Soon they will diverge to transient paths
Using similar charts
And common codes

Contain’d – Items: Forgotten in Drawers (vol. 2)

Contain'd – Items: Forgotten in Drawers
Contain’d – Items: Forgotten in Drawers


Sparking Beeddies
Through the state of Hormuz
Considering the children I keep employed
Tying tiny green strings
Around tobacco leaves

Piracy warnings
Lights off on the decks
To pretend to confuse
And thwart grappling hooks
Avoid a dramatic turn

Maneuvering fast around
Sheep, minarets and sand dunes

Lanyards grant passage
Indicated by satellite
I’ll hide in the solarium
or perhaps the engine room

Next to acetylene tanks and greek captains
With nautical miles unequaled to date
“1 point to port”
To provide mathematicians a hobby
As statisticians a muse

Auctioneers work quicker than cartographers
And even faster than a bullet trains
Who at least have the decency to stop
At stations from time to time
To allow the slow minds
Needed moments to breathe

Ship to Shore Communiqué

The buoys past behind
Soon this seabirds surrender
Pilot boat gives way
To empty depths beyond

Muslim Minarets
and Portuguese forts
Equally fade to gray
Prayer calls too far away

Gangway long
Tucked in belly
Can’t lean over railing
With a foreign cigar
Due to Pirates seeking
A life of spoil

Ocean Haze

Ocean haze gives way
To Orion stringing his bow
To hunt hearts and wild boar
For a cappuccino empress
So divine she must be Nepali

The earnest one encourages perspective
Unforced and transcending documentation
To story to art to community
The pinnacle of us all
All of us

The landscape defines culture
Culture determines our fate
We evolved slowly from the mountaintops
Now deep undersea
Awaiting earthquakes

We slip over depth sounding
To gauge the draft
Through a gauntlet
Or derrick isles

Freighters preferred to skirt
Ransom-seeking buccaneers
Laden with weapons from a
Floating armory

Pistachios for Bedouins

Pistachios for Bedouins
Origins delineated by headscarves
Indications of savagery
Evidence of restraint

Ancestors exactly one hundred years ago
When marshes were laden with water fowl
And the deserts were undrained

The driest valleys
Criss crossed by salt water canals
Providing Sultanic dhows
Passageways to escape
The confines of destiny
And loneliness

Escape tyranny of washing plates
Just throw overboard
Settle next to treasure
And sunken containers
On the ocean floor