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Artifacts (youngtime): Certificates, Elementary school – Roll of Honour, etc. / assorted

Certificates: Roll of Honour, Harold Bishop Elementary, Grade 2, Achievement

While acknowledging that receiving such Honour Roll status at a young age had no material benefit to future life, nor did this increase self-worth or esteem, or “gain favour with the ladies” as it were. I am however, an unabashed enthusiast of paper-y items, including certificates. As such, as these have remained with me (or in many cases with my now-late-beloved Mother), i am gleefully compelling to document for posterity.

Who’s posterity or for who’s interest? I do not know and am indifferent to such details. These are simply ephemeral documents of life.

Noting, i’m either missing a certificate for Grade 1, or they were not issued to students of that age. Also, some of these are specific to my science fair achievement (documented elsewhere… at some point anyhow) and/or citizenship umm… involvement.

Certificates: Roll of Honour, Harold Bishop Elementary, Grade 3, Citizenship

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Double Elvis for Julian

This double #Elvis goes out to one of the few dudes who can *easily* kick my ass at the “… Yeah I saw that band back in…” Julian Hannabuss
Photos by Robert Scales
via Instagram:

Free Indian Feast in Vancouver for Chariot Day via Inside Vancouver Blog

My pal Remy Scalza is a freelance writer specializing in travel and tech and published widely.  He wrote a blurb about one of my favourite activities in Vancouver, or anywhere, eating tasty food with Hare Krishnas. I’ve feasted with these oft-bald devotees in Tokyo, London, Miami, Vancouver and Spanish Fork Utah among others.

Anyhow, he used a few of my photos (there’s also a video of various Hare Krishna bands playing) to invite folks out to their free feast. Hungry? Free Indian Feast (for 20,000 people) in Vancouver for Chariot Day | Inside Vancouver Blog

Respectfully shared below (in excerpt) for posterity.

by REMY SCALZA , August 6, 2014

Photo credit: Uncle Weed | Flickr

Now in its 41st year, the Chariot Fest – also known as the Jagannath Rath Yatra – is a Hindu celebration that involves transporting massive deities on chariots. According to the authorities at Wikipedia: “The rath (chariot) is carrying Lord Jaggannath and due to its massive size and weight and sometimes seemingly unstoppable nature, has led to the English word juggernaut … ”

Similar festivals take place in hundreds of cities around the world, often organized by the Hare Krishna movement. If past parades are any indication, this year’s will be attended by a mix of free spirits and free thinkers, as well as followers from India, who dance and clap in the streets as the chariots are towed to Stanley Park.

Photo credit: Uncle Weed | Flickr

Source: Hungry? Free Indian Feast (for 20,000 people) in Vancouver for Chariot Day | Inside Vancouver Blog

stripcreator : make your own comic strips

stripcreator : make your own comic strips

SXSW: Checking in while Gearing Up in Austin

Dave checks in while preparing swag and other gear piled high on a lawn in Austin, Texas awaiting the HootBus while SXSW 2013 gets underway.

Lemmy at SXSW: Tokes on the Porch

On a backporch in Austin Texas during SXSW 2013, I hear a story from my buddy Pat about interviewing Lemmy from Motorhead for SXSW when the Lemmy film premiered. Annotations include blanking out, Titanic, lined notebooks, cinema volume, horseback riding, and general bad-assery.

You’ll notice Lemmy has many hobbies.

CMTY Building: Year End Festive E-mail Auto-Reply ~ for the record

Before heading out on holidays, Dave shares a jovial a festive greeting and the wish that folks will re-send email after Janurary 1st so he can start the year fresh.

Bad Wougar: Visiting the Den

Bad Wougar are a hard rocking outfit from Vancouver BC and I give you a wee peak into their rehearsal space to hear a little bit of their variety of distorted, loud rock.

Bagpipers and Cougars on Robbie Burns Day in Vancouver

A bit of dark and chaotic footage from a bar in Westside of Vancouver where a young piper works through a number while being attacked by a drunken cougar on Robbie Burns day.