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Self-portrait, with cheese / mixed media collage

Self portrait with cheese 8x10 mixed media

Self portrait, with cheese
collage / mixed-media
1993, Rhodt, Germany

Ludwigshöhe (Rhodt, Germany) / watercolour pencil

Ludwigshöhe 8x10 watercolour pencil (Germany)

Ludwigshöhe (Rhodt, Germany)
8×10, watercolour pencil

Kastanien (Rhodt, Germany) / watercolour pencil

Kastanien 8x10 watercolour pencil (Germany)

Kastanien (Rhodt, Germany)
8×10, watercolour pencil

Weingut (Rhodt, Germany) / watercolour pencil

Weingut 8x10 watercolour pencil (Rhodt, Germany)

Weingut (Rhodt, Germany)
8×10, watercolour pencil

Tent to Church (Rhodt, Germany) / watercolour pencil

Tent to Church (Rhodt, Germany)

Tent to Church (Rhodt, Germany)
8×10, watercolour pencil

Forward Momentum to Florida – Postcard #76

Pod cover: postcards from Gravely Beach - forward momentum to florida

Puffing along a trail recounting leaving cold, miserable London en route to post-hurricane Florida with flashbacks to working in Rheinplatz grade fields, gathering chestnuts to sell for beer and bread money, strange encampments at Oktoberfest, and hitchhiking to Amsterdam with gaggle of pals. To London by ferry and rapid exit via cheap flight Florida, quickly interjecting in chaotic domestic situations, meals with surly Hare Krishnas, sleeping on unglamorous beaches, and avoiding looting commotion, while plotting forward momentum, which eventually came in form of a dubious drive-away car situation to Dallas… and beyond (in 1992).

Features music by: “Brave Captain” fIREHOSE (recorded live in Ancienne, Belgique, March 12, 1991 – via Archive.org), “Florida” by Blue Rodeo (recorded live in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan), and “Crazy Fingers” by Grateful Dead (recorded live in Phoenix, AZ, 1993 – via archive.org). 

Brace yourself for: Forward Momentum to Florida – Postcard #75
(20MB, 14:50, 192k mp3, stereo)

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Collection: Hitch-hiking signs (variety, Europe)

Surviving artifacts from hitch-hiking around Germany and Netherlands, 1992, assembled and documented (there were many more). Annotations seem unnecessary but added nevertheless.

Hitch-hiking to Holland
Hitch-hiking to Holland (note: adding “bitte” German for please, adds a nice touch, as does the peace sign – obviously a school notebook with crayon
Heading to Landau, Germany
Heading to Landau, Germany (en route to Rhodt unter Reitburg) – again school notebook with crayon and peace sign

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Diptych(ish) Postcard from Rhodt, Germany: Watercolour and Photo

Once upon a time in 1992, I hitchhiked around Germany (and other Western European countries) and met up with my dear pal Trevor in a magical, fairytale town near the Rhine River called Rhodt unter Reitburg.

To earn some deutsche marks, we would gather chestnuts in the woods, and sell them to the tourists who enjoyed eating Kastanien, boiled, while drinking the excellent local wine. While passing time at our “stand,” I painted the local environs.

Now, with the wonders of the Internet, I can find photos of the scenes I only remember has faded watercolour pencil sketches. In this case, one of “crazy” King Ludwig’s summer villa/castle of some kind… Resplendent with ancient grape vines in the foreground.

via Instagram

“Europe Trauben” Vegas to Germany, 1992 / mixed media collage by Trevor Erikson #gift

"Europe Trauben" Vegas to Germany, 1992 / mixed media
“Europe Trauben” Vegas to Germany, 1992 / mixed media – made by Trevor Erikson is response to “Europe Stumble” i made for him

Acoustica – Salt Lake City 2002

Acoustica – Salt Lake City 2002

Salt Lake City 2002

Acoustica weilt vom 8. bis 24.2.2002 als Wintersportbotschafter in Salt Lake City.

An dieser Stellen berichtet Acoustica in Bildern und Geschichten über ihre Erlebnisse bei den olympischen Spielen.