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Lists of Grateful-tude

Grateful for:
* David Bowie music
* Wes Anderson films
* Rumi poetry
+ fresh notebooks & inky pens

Grateful for:
* music of The Band, The Clash, Velvet Underground, Lorde
* paintings by Matisse & Thompson
* poems of Ferlinghetti & Bukowski


Grateful to those of you who gave me a place to sleep, a hug, answered the phone, rescued me, put up with me, let me send you postcards, reminded me of important things, told me I was useful, etc. in this past year.

Generativity, Gratitude, Gratefulness, Sincerity, Understanding, Intrepidness and True Unconditional Love.

These are/shall be my hallmarks

May our gentle friendship revolution continue in perpetuity.


Dog days of healing…

Sure don’t enjoy talking about, or even acknowledging cause feels like i’m conceding power & spreading sadness, but… fck me, the fibro + me/cfs etc really got me achey bleary today. I’ll be alright, just saying here rather than hollering out-loud and weirding folks out.

#puppy #sadeyes #cuddles

Coordinating toes & bath minerals

Riding bus bound for appt…

Riding bus bound for appt w/ holistic nutritionalist to learn more about anti-inflam food & thwarting leaky gut #healing #Grateful #sickofit

Healing: Shirodhara Time (Kerala)

 Shirodhara is a form of Ayurvedic therapy that involves gently pouring liquids over the forehead and can be one of the steps involved in Panchakarma.

after spending so much time in Drs office…

In other news, after spending so much time in Drs office + labs etc, I’ve finally started answering to David rather than insisting on Dave.

Way too many hospitals…

From the “in the whatever doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger” file… Is this year over with yet? Way too many hospitals for my liking.

When I’m feeling blue, I try to lively up…

When I’m feeling blue, I try to lively up by spreading a barrage of happy comments around the Internet. I think of these as tasty morsels of digital dim sum.

With my life stuck in low gear, I revel in the successes and creations of my friends.

With low gear, I should be able to climb mountains (metaphorically of course) but so far, I haven’t even made it out of bed.

Also, when I’m blue… I daydream of idyllic road trips in a bus, growing my beard and singing songs with friends.

#Grateful #chilling #Healing #friends