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Post’d: tram in reflection, rec’d from Portugal

This photo is positively bristling with metaphor

A beautiful card and letter with poetic flourish and a stunning Portugal street car in reflection.

Came from an obvious sweet soul, another Artist dealing with the same absurd medical conundrum as me and millions other #MECFS

We connected through art (I won his collage in a fundraiser auction) and have sparked a correspondence, using Portuguese and English to share encouragement, grief, inspiration, frustration and of course, creativity across oceans and continents.

Everything is a detail and every detail matters equally

What a treasure! What a treasure from the photo to the poetry to the stamps to the cancellation // swoon

Post’d: a card for a patisserie (with a Sailor fountain pen)

“She has excellent taste” said someone else

Darling wife making a special hand-delivered postcard to friends to just opened an adorable France-inspired patisserie here in Okayama / includes ink stamps & 1¥ postage, written with #daveo50 Sailor brand fountain pen from Hiroshima.

PS Sailor brand presented special fountain pens to delegates attending the G7 whoop-de-do in Hiroshima last May.

“Japan’s Gifts to G7 Leaders at Hiroshima Summit, Sailor Pen “Iro-Miyabi” 21K Fountain Pen”

Mine is not same but is personalized & engraved.

The bakery, brand new, opened at 11 AM, we were there five minutes before & waited – the curtains opened and lights switched on exactly at 11, we entered, greeted our friend and within five minutes, there were eight other customers with straw baskets & tongs (provided) choosing amongst the lovely items.

The showcases looked straight out of a back laneway in Paris, my wife bought several items, and also gifted them a bottle of French wine, vintage 2023 to commemorate their opening.

The husband/baker came out the side door to give us at least 12 bows in thanks for coming by and offering support.

I wanted to take snapshots of everything but instead, found a wonderful wooden chair and took in this scene – indexing all of it in my poetry mind – and, snapped a picture of my shoe to remember I was there.

While this is the worst possible photos you could take of such an elegant situation, I did not want to violate patrons shopping experience, privacy and/or vibe yet commemorative the experience with a sloppy photo of a shoe socks and trousers to remind myself I was there and unlock the poetry gathered at the time