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Green-minded Bloggers Celebrate Earth Day with EPIC Coverage

Stylin eco at EpicKicking off Earth Day 2008, a group of eco-minded social media makers produced over 50 pieces of social media at the EPIC Sustainable Living Expo in Vancouver, BC April 18-20. The multi-media coverage including audio podcasts, video clips, blog articles, and a vast collection of photos. In all, the crowd-sourced campaign featured over 70 eco-conscious businesses and sustainability-minded organizations, plus numerous noteworthy presenters and even a “green” episode of CBC’s the Dragon’s Den.

The media dispatches were published using many “web 2.0” technologies including posting on the happyfrog.ca “Frog blog” and at the new EPIC Expo blog, as well as the writer’s personal blogs and various eco-community sites. The rich-media content was distributed via multiple channels including photos at the happyfrog Flickr pool, “Pondcasts” in iTunes, Frogwalking videos on Blip.tv and You Tube, and even micro-blogging on Twitter.

A comprehensive guide to the happyfrog.ca coverage of EPIC is included in “Get Social with EPIC 08 Coverage” or subscribe to the EPIC Expo 2008 RSS Feed.

Frog squadders at EPIC
Frog Squadders at EPIC

Brought together by BC green web community site, happyfrog.ca, the social media makers comprised a diverse assortment of personalities, interests, and demographics which resulted in a variety of topics and points of view.

Rewarded with a bamboo/organic cotton t-shirt and an “honorarium”, the “Frog Squad” showed their commitment to spreading practical ecological information to effectuate positive change with this multi-day blog marathon. The citizen journalists explored every facet of the show from sampling organic beer, vodka and coffee, to checking out presenters like Mike Holmes, Adria Vasil and Simon Jackson.

Frog blogger with Adria Vasil
Frog bloggers Miss604 and hummingbird post with Adria Vasil at EP

Working from a “blogger’s lounge” (a coffee table, a few chairs, and a borrowed Salt Spring coffee airpot) next to the happyfrog booth in the concourse, the volunteer team of experts provided almost real-time coverage by publishing continually throughout the day. The stream of content allowed interested people from out of town to experience the expo – as well as building excitement during the run of the 3-day event.

Mike Holmes at EPIC
Mike Holmes at EPIC photo by John Bollwitt

The resultant grassroots footage is dubbed “social media” since it is meant to be shared. Site visitors are encouraged to add favorite posts to their social networks and shared bookmark services, send to a friend or post a comment on the blog. Further, with Creative Commons licensing, the interviewees may re-use the content on their blogs to help magnify their message.
Stephan for Simple Shoes

  • Simon Jackson, fervent protector of the Spirit Bear, garnered a report from the floor by Raul (AKA hummingbird 604), background info by Jonathon Narvey (jnarvey), plus a podcast of his stirring presentation.
  • Super-contractor Mike Holmes’ candid presentation was live blogged by Rebecca Bollwitt (AKA Miss 604) and Raul interviewed with Adira Vasil, author of Ecoholic.
  • More audio “Pondcasts” (produced by johnbollwitt of Radio Zoom) included happyfrog Community Manager Dave O’s (daveo) conversations with the Reddot Campaign against junk mail, local news source The Tyee, a tech-activist offering solar power web hosting, Simple hemp shoes, and stylish and efficient Vespas.
  • Videos interviews with LevelGround Trading, Industrial Artifacts, Hank&Cheef, and many more vignettes from the floor with hosts Christy and Cliff.
  • Reports from the journey by two Salt Spring coffee roasters who biked their way to EPIC to tell about the company’s carbon cool initiatives and green tax on disposable cups.
  • Handmade body care crafter Naked was featured in a podcast interview and a post by eco-enthusiast Alexa Booth (xabooth).
  • Vancouver designer coverage with a Devil May Wear podcast, blog post about Dahlia Drive, and an eco t-shirt comparison including RioRain, HTNaturals and Me to We.
  • Sustainable travel tips with a podcast and blog post about Parks Canada and a post on Adventure Travel by Colleen Coplick (colleenc) who also points about the problem with plastics and the benefits of the EPIC Sigg bottles.
  • Greg Andrews (GregEh) also noticed the Sigg bottles along with Frogfile sustainable office products – ditto by Karen Fung (countablyinfinite) who also reported on the fancy solar lounge table and the design panel hosted by Shared Vision.

Natureland Organic

See all EPIC coverage at: happyfrog.ca EPIC Expo 2008 coverage.


If you are interested to learn more about how and why we took on this campaign, please contact Dave Olson, Community Manager, dave (at) happyfrog (dot) ca

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happyfrog.ca on Urban Rush TV Programme

happyfrog.ca’s Christy and Dave appeared on the TV programme Urban Rush which airs on the Shaw local programming channel. They had some laughs with the hosts Fiona and Michael and talked about latex mattresses, gluten free beer, web community building and more green tips.

Social Media Round-up from the Vancouver Green Living Show

A squad of environmentally conscious bloggers, podcasters, and video-makers joined the other sustainability-minded visitors at the inaugural Vancouver Green Living show.

The resulting collection provides deep coverage of a variety of interesting businesses, unique products, and people effectuating positive change by creating and marketing sustainable alternatives to polluting products.

The crew of grassroots media makers expressed a variety of point of views and focused on their particular interests while finding surprising products under the BC Place dome from February 29th ~ March 2nd.

Here’s a brief recap from the frogsquad’s work:

Lisa Tilson discovered some natural toys, questioned the role of big corporations at a green show, and made her podcasting debut discussing city bikes and hemp clothing.

GregEh brought his bachelor perspective while writing about eco snow melter plus bikes of all kinds, hemp milk, and yerba matte, and pitched in heap of great shots for the photo pool.

Raincity Bikes @ Green Living Show 2008

Rebecca “Miss 604” and Keira-Anne covered the show in their savvy manner sampling products from soybean candles to organic beer. The prolific bloggers also visited the Vancouver Aquarium booth and K-A offered this sage advice for visitors:

Chocolate Hemp Milk

“One final piece of very important advice I leave you with:

Though you will be tempted to try samples of all the foods and beverages you see, once your tummy is full of no less than organic chocolate, organic beer, coconut oil, hemp butter, organic wine and hemp milk, that same tummy will be very, very angry with you.”

Bamboo Shirts

Joe Solomon offered discourse on green cleaning services and addressed the social issues of traditionally low-wage jobs. hint: Check out Joe’s Netsquared blog for info on finding web geeks to help your social change project.

Alexa Booth shot a heap of great Green Living Show photos and contributed to the happyfrog Flickr pool. The smart shopper likely found a few businesses to review to add to her happyfrog-leading total, and even tested the In-Bed Organics mattresses (see also: Organic Latex Mattresses Seek Insomniacs.


happyfrog’s own ChristyS and her personal cameraman created the first batch of FrogWalking videos with interviews with green entrepreneurs. Christy talks to a recycled clothing designer, a green wedding planner,artsy eco t-shirts.

Finally, I’m (happyfrog Community Manger Dave O) rolling out a new podcast series. The first batch of the “happyfrog Pondcast” podcasts features Rain City Bikes, Dancing Bear Hemp Clothing, Me to We T-shirts, and the Emily Carr communications design art exhibit. The shows are rolling out so subscribe to the happyfrog Pondcast feed to catch the conversations as they post.

Dave at EPiC

Next up for the frogsquad? The EPIC – The Sustainability Expo at Canada Place on April 18-20. This is EPIC’s second year and the last one was a busy hive of eco-edutainment so be sure to join the throng.

Have something to say to the world? Join the band of social media makers for a fun weekend of creating documentary evidence of ecological efforts. Contact happyfrog to express interest and check the green event calendar to find ways to share knowledge.

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Green Biz Review contest

Happyfrog is BC eco directoryI’ve found myself a day job with BC eco-business and org directoryhappyfrog.ca.  To generate some reviews,  my colleagues and I fired up a contest to encourage you to share your ideas by submitting reviews of green businesses and organizations in Vancouver and throughout BC.

Deadline: Dec. 20th the clock stops and we draw a random winner for a $500 gift credit to use at any one happyfrog.ca listed business or organization.

Each qualifying review you leave (make them worthwhile eh, don’t spoil the pond) counts as another entry. This means the more you help others with your tips, the more chances to score the frogbucks for whatever reason you choose (well almost anyhow).

tub with view

I have a few ideas (buy a goat for an African village, massage gift certificates, donation to a non-profit group, or perhaps a weekend at a Sunshine Coast B&B), but we happyfroggers also want to hear where you like to shop and what you are buying with sustainability in mind.

More discourse at the frogblog: Review a happyfrog Listing and Win a Prize! on the pros and cons of festive purchases and how to get creative for whatever holiday you are celebrating (or not).

Vancouver Transit Camp is a go – Saturday, Dec. 8th at Workspace

Trolley Transit science fair exhibit - 4th gradeInterested in geeking out about all things related to Metro Vancouver’s belaugered transit system? Then punch your transfer for Vancouver Transit Camp.

Mashups, schedules, design, politics, business, seats, routes, maps, outings, and general conveyance enjoyment are all on the table cause this is an “un-conference” meaning you show up and pitch what you wanna talk about an/or vote on other peeps’ presentations.

Karen, Roland, Paul, Jason and more are working diligently to get the word out and make a neat event which costs little more than a $5 suggested donation from the first 100 folks who sign on the muster roll.
JMV makes cool buttons for transit camp
We are lining up sponsors (thanks to Vancouver green directory happyfrog.ca!) and invite you to rough up your workplace or wallet for a hundred or two to pay for the sweeeet WorkSpace facility (with exceptional coffee), lunch o’ rama for hungry participants and incidental expenses like cool buttons, art and ambiance.

Being a daily transit roller, I’ve appointed myself as the Seabus Czar and will answer and evangelize this crown jewel in the Translink empire.

I am eager to brew up some transit ideas for tourists trips (how to avoid those goofy, expensive tourist buses and see the real sights of Vangroovy) as well as rail on about turnstiles, advertising and reminiscing about the burbs before the ALRT. And you? Well if you have something to say, get over and sign up, showup and be ready to pitch in with words and thoughts.

Upcoming: Vancouver TransitCamp

Facebook: Facebook event

Photo Tour of the Epic Eco trade show for happyfrog, Vancouver, 2007

jorg and olif (add to wishlist)
Stopped by Canada Place here in Vancouver a couple of weeks back for the EPiC show.

A kinda of eco/sustainable goods trade show with free samples of tasty goods, interesting building materials and transportation modes as well as a variety of clothes and household items, speakers, films, exhibits etc.

Pictured a killer jorg & olif dutch city bike (caution Flash site) – the very ones i am always yapping about and talked with on Urban Vancouver podcast #1 – Wellness at Canada Place. I noticed they are moving their storefront (they are in the midst of the Cambie/Canada Line construction chaos. Still staying the SE False Creek Fairview area i do beleive. They also sell some cool bags, baskets and wooden tubs to trick your ride and sharp helmets as well.

some damn fine pyjamasAnyhow, take a look at my photo series of Epic Vancouver 2007. The pics aren’t the finest due to my flaky settings but note also the fine products including Dream Designs kick-a$$ pjs and green hemp shirt (add both to my wishlist ;-)) and crazy bath bombs from Lush.

vogs for dogs

bath nutrients

hemp shirt - yes please!

f*@k plastic (dedicated to san francisco)

defeat the evil robots

cob house building requires some dancing

and remember … building cob (mud and straw) houses requires some dancing.