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Checking out @ianivs’ pics from Lynn valley stroll – seeking a shot without faces but cloud of smoke and other scenery is great

anyone else on the shore want to stroll? @thattallguy @jaygrandin @antleah … or wanna cross the bridge @duthied or @akaSPH or you perhaps?

thinking about an afternoon forest stroll if anyone wants to come along – possible recording/storytelling session if inspired – ping me

Disappointed in missing nacho fest but holy musical revelations and wandering soul searching shaking me loose from qi definicency

umm leaving office with no particular destination in mind – mentally drained and wiped out – need low impact leisure and fresh stimulus

feeling pretty wiped out from a busy couple of weeks – published tonnes of content with more coming today

Skipping #lpv6, transit meetup and other shindigs to regroup – haven’t stopped talking and typing for weeks – more Olympic media work to do

Vancouver Review worth your Twelve Bucks

Vancouver Review is a tasty and high-quality, hyper-local literary journal which i read cover to cover (well the 2 issues i got my hands on anyhow) while sailing aboard the Seabus. I’ve scored the two copies from my fave espresso lounge (Cafe Milano AKA Turk’s West) and am going to scratch out a few ducats for a subscription.

The current issue (pictured below) include discourse on bio-regionalism’s evolution into a cultural and economic meme, a review of two western decades apart, a post-modern telling of an ancient-feeling story and banter on Canadian politeness and the lack of employment in literary characters.

Plenty of local references and Douglas Coupland drippings abound in the oversized glossy which folds nicely into my lunchbox.

… and … The VR is now accepting poetry submissions … a beacon which always catch my eye but … i just write poetry, i don’t know how to analyze my work and refine for submission. Which ones are worthy and.or topical? No clue.

Vancouver Review = $12 for four issues!

Mail a cheque (in Canadian funds) made out to Vancouver Review to the address below, together with your name, mailing address and, for our records, your email address and phone number. (International subscriptions $28; institutional subscriptions $32. All prices in Canadian dollars.)