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The Role of New Web Media at the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games via Vancouver Access 2010

The Role of New Web Media at the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games | Vancouver Access 2010 by Dave Olson, June 5, 2008

I’ve mentioned some pre-Olympic and Olympic Games related activities coming up in passing. Now, as topics are piling up and the Beijing Summer Games are nearing (complete with controversy), henceforth begins a blog mini-series called, “China, The Olympics, Social Media, Symposiums, etc.” – I think I’ll need a better name for the series though. Suggestions are welcome.

we are the media 2010.dailyvancouver.com


As you likely know, Raincity Studios actively conducts business in China with an office in Shanghai and the Raincity Studios site is published in English and Mandarin (French underway) and we collaborate with Chinese colleagues and some of us (not me) study Mandarin language. Just so ya know where we’re coming from.

Social Media at Olympics

As for the Olympic games, RCS crew were at Torino 2006 – documenting the Olympic events as social media journalists using the Torino Piemonte Media Center and creating heaps for grassroots coverage (see Torino Flickr pool, DailyVancouver Torino, coverage) as well as participating in BC House activities on a professional basis.Along with Scales, BMann and KK in Turin, Roland, Will Pate and I linked up for a cross-ocean symposium “Web 2.0 and the Future of Sport” about tech and athletics featuring gold medalist Ross Rebagliati (Flickrcoffeewithross).Live SimulcastAmong other topics, we discussed the restrictions (or lack thereof) put on self-expression by athletes as well as ways the participants can use technology to better communicate with friends and family back home. Really so many athletes will never make it to TV and their families seek the micro-coverage possible only by crowd sourcing e.g. the first ever Nepali winter Olympian (SLC 2002 Olympics collection).

Olympian Politics

With the 2010 Winter Games coming to our HQ city of Vancouver, and the resultant controversies (mostly concerning tax money spent on events rather than poverty and homelessness), we, like much of the world, are watching as the 2008 Summer Games in Beijing is becoming increasingly politicized and watching the reaction of the government and the citizens of the world.The most visible conundrum is the torch relay which was used as a rallying point for anti-China protesters and widely reported about on Now Public among other citizen journalism and mainstream media sites.Certainly political gamesmanship is a staple in the modern Olympic games and the heavy handed security surrounding the torch parade is only the beginning of a conversation about the perceived emphasis on tight security and enforcing the stringent policies of the Chinese government rather than using this global event as a springboard to openness.Having met several Olympic athletes who are eager to chronicle their experience freely, I am curious if athletes will be allowed and encouraged to speak openly while at the Games? (Blogging, Athletes and web sites – …). Can they report on their experiences in candid fashion? Can they explore the region and travel the country without hindrance? or will the world see just the parts of China which look good on TV?

Make Your Own Media

Beyond the political conversations, as social media content creators and advocates of journalistic access for indie producers, we are also watching carefully as the policies about social media coverage are created (by who?).So far there are mixed signals about athletes not/allowed to blog, and how amateur created content can be used (is posting your personal Olympic photos Flickr OK?) How about creating podcast coverage of the games with reaction to in-person and/or televised coverage?Dr. Andy Miah at the Piedmont Media Center in Torino 06

International Symposium

Well, we’re not the only ones with these questions. Olympic scholar Dr. Andy Miah is organizing a panel at the9th International Symposium on Olympic Studies, in Beijing, August 5-7, 2008.Before we get too far along, what is the ICOS?

The International Centre for Olympic Studies, established at The University of Western Ontario in 1989, was the first of its kind in the world. It remains the only such Centre in the Americas. It has as its primary mission the generation and dissemination of academic scholarship focused specifically upon the socio-cultural study of the Olympic Games and the Olympic Movement.

And the event blurb:

The Symposium’s theme, “Deconstruction and Discourse: Odysseys in Olympic Socio-Cultural Matters,” focuses on research studies dealing with the history, sociology, anthropology, and philosophy of the modern Olympic Movement.

Emerging Journalism Panel

Dr. Miah (who is a Reader in New Media & Bioethics, School of Media, Language & Music, University of the West of Scotland)’s topic is “Emergent Journalistic Practice at the Olympics” will feature a panel of Ana Adi,Beatriz Garcia, Raincity Studios President Kris Krug, Raincity Studios CEO Robert Scales,Garry Whannel, and Tina Zhihui.Here’s the panel description from the abstract:{Ed note: Paragraph breaks mine to make easier reading}

Research into the role of the media within the Olympic Movement has focused predominantly on representational questions. Far less research has investigated the journalistic culture of an Olympic Games or the Movement more generally, besides analyses of its contribution to sustaining the Olympic Movement.Moreover, nearly no research has examined the work of those journalists who are peripheral to the organizational staging of the Games.This category includes journalists who are associated with accredited media institutions, but whom might not have formal accreditation due to restrictions on numbers of passes. It also includes journalists who are from major media organizations, but whom have no intention of working from Olympic facilities. However, it also includes non-accredited journalists, which encompasses professional journalists from a range of organizations, along with freelance or citizen journalists, whose work is utilized by the mass media and is duplicated in independent domains.This panel engages some of these issues in the form of a round table debate about the future of journalism at the Olympic Games. It reviews some of the implications of emerging new media platforms, arguing that the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games can be characterized as the first Web 2.0 Summer Games. While some principles of Web 2.0 have been visible since the Internet’s inception, critical aspects of its current architecture began to flourish around 2005. Applications from this era, such as YouTube, MySpace and Facebook, more adequately enable users to report the Olympics as citizen journalists.The implications of this within China and for the Olympics more broadly are considerable. As mass media organizations begin to strike partnerships with new media institutions – for instance, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) purchased a YouTube channel in March 2007 – questions remain over how the Olympic Movement will protect its intellectual property, as the base broadens over ownership claims and via distributed publishing syndication.

Next up, More Questions

Now that you are briefed with sufficient background, the next post will pose a variety of questions which the panel will discuss so you can share your opinions about “China, The Olympics, Social Media, Symposiums, etc.”

Source: The Role of New Web Media at the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games | Vancouver Access 2010

SXSW: Open Source Conversations about WordPress and Drupal

At SXSW Interactive 2009, Robert Scales of web community building company Raincity Studios (now defunct) leads a conversation from the Maxell Studio on the trade show floor with his colleague, photographer (etc) Kris Krug, and Matt Mullenweg of WordPress. They discuss the variety of open platforms available for content creators and differences and similarities, and what the future holds for web publishers.

SxSW Snow Day Limocast – Raincity Radio, 2008

Dave O at Raincity HQ at SXSW 2008
Dave O at Raincity HQ at SXSW 2008 – photo by Kris Krug via Flickr

After a canceled flight to Dallas, DaveO and KK (then of Vancouver’s Raincity Studios) roll back to Gastown (in a limo) to regroup before heading to Austin for SxSW Interactive and Music fests. Along the way, they discuss panels, marketing tactics, band photography, questions for REM, and networking strategies.

Shut the door for: SxSW Snow Day Limocast (10:48, 15MB, 192k mp3) Originally released by Dave O for Raincity Studios, March 8, 2008.

Documenting pleasing mundanity of Vancouver commuting

Chinatown GateTis oft remarked that what constitutes a commute in Vancouver, may be considered a pleasure sightseeing adventure in other cities.

My treks starting from the North Shore and heading across Burrard inlet via Seabus or Lion’s Gate bridge are certainly visually inspiring albeit a wee bit crowded at busy times (which are almost always in transit-hungry Vancouver).

As such, i often join the tourists in snapping pics along the way. Heck, i film Seabus voyages and Skytrain rides when i can score that very front seat.

Anyhow, along with a rabble of techies, I tested a Nokia N95 phone for 8 days and used it to create a group project so to speak in which Roland, Richard, Rebecca, Kris and I all documented part of the Vancouver commute experience in order to try out different features and engage with one another using mobile technology. The quest: Return and report both the phone’s functionality/usability as well as the mobile presence-ness mojo conjured up during the experiment.

sun building vancouver lovely north van commute
Of course, Canada’s absurd mobile data plans really limit the usefulness but the wi-fi ability and 5MP camera (with solid video) made for some fun times documenting and getting up quick. I connected to the freethenet.ca connections but having to go through the web screen caused an extra clumsy step.

I also extended the phone’s ability with Shozu which allows direct photo upload to Flickr. I found the tool useful but set-up painful and wouldn’t have pulled it off without the help of Shozu warrior Roland Tanglao. I wish there was a direct upload of video as connecting via usb and then dragging the vid files to the ‘puter and then ftp upload was more steps then i’d like. I also didn’t pre-tag in Shozu but did later in Flickr (typing tricky with small keys). Riding the Seabus

Really, the phone’s user interface lacks massaged usability polish which remove the intimidation for all but the geekiest users. We all provided frank opinions to Jean Hebert (great hockey name eh) who was research project dude for SFU at Harbour Centre. We also commented on what we’d like to have in a portable communications device. I want flexibility, versatility, ruggedness, ease of use, big buttons, quick response – not too much to ask right? {Gonna test an OpenMoko phone next.}

My artifacts from the test are the a stretch of 5 vidcasts — both from my commute from North Van to Gastown and also a roadtrip to Olympia WA where i saw The Dirty Birds rock out at McCoy’s and connected to Zhonka Broadband’s free wi-fi hotspots. There are also a solid batch of photos snapped from the office roof to the Trans Canada trail park by my house in Vancouver Commute set.

Dirty Birds Rock McCoy'sDirty Birds Rock McCoy'sDirty Birds Rock McCoy'sDirty Birds Rock McCoy'sDirty Birds Rock McCoy's

Ways to Immigate to Canada including a Self-Assessment Test

When folks come to visit here in glorious North Vancouver, they often opine, “gosh i wish we could live in Canada” to which i say, if you have something to bring to the table, then you can. While many/most applicants retain a lawyer for this task, if you are diligent, patient and a good form filler outer, then you can do it yourself. There are many details to tend to, so stay alert!

Bear in mind, i am not a barrister but i do have some first-hand practical experience with these immigration matters – regardless, i’m pleased to run my mouth on this but admonish you to seek elsewhere for further opinions since i am just riffing here and might miss something.

The whole deal is all very nicely up on the Canadian gov’s site – appropriately called Immigrating to Canada – but since you are here … here are the status categories which allow you to move to (and work in) Canada legally, divvied up into a few buckets:

Refugee (Humanitarian) class – If you are, or will be, persecuted unjustly in your home country if not provided with sanctuary, you may apply for refugee status, some US military service evaders are currently grinding through the refugee system with minimal success – more luck if you are from Burma today or Darfur or other such debacle-laden land.

Family class – If you marry a Canadian (note: this includes common-law relationships and same-sex relationships), the Canadian partner can sponsor the other into Canada – this involves a stack of paperwork and may include a year or two before the non-Canuck can work legally in Canada and the sponsoring partner must commit to supporting their spouse for 3 years and not go on welfare. The CIC (Citizen Immigration Canada) will do extensive background checks, including addresses, family, criminal and health history checks. The Canadian must show ability to support the spouse and prove the validity of the relationship (save those holiday photos).

Note: As of Feb. 2004 (IIRC), you can apply from within Canada under a weird loophole known as a “sweetheart” clause in which they “pretend” your spouse entered legally and then applies within Canada rather than arriving as a landed immigrant and then applying from within Canada and being unable to leave Canada during this time. Minors (kids) get an application too and medical tests etc.

Lions Gate Bridge from Stanley Park, Vancouver - British Columbia Investor/Entrepreneur/Self-employed – break em down:

1) entreprenuer – if you have $300K to invest in a business, you can come on in – buy yourself a Quizno’s franchise or start a business but you do hafta have money, experience and a plan with a reasonable chance of success so … your big crazy idea to build dinosaurs in Stanley Park is out cause that’s just insane and even suggesting should land you in the crowbar hotel (pardon my digression),

2) investor – if you have $800K, you can let the Canadian gov plays with half of it ($400K) for 5 years (interest not-paid) to boost Canada’s job market and allow some mid-level to bureaucrats to party on with your bread (just kidding) while you spend your other half eating fine meals and lolling about ;-)

3) self-employed – this is the “special” category for sports, arts, culture, entertainment – i.e. elite athletes, entertainers, performers, sculptors, announcers, writers plus and farm managers whom Canada needs/wants (dying family farms and all that) also some librarians – you gotta be noteworthy though but this is a great way if you can swing it

NAFTA Professional – this actually is the status i know least about but the one i come across the most since Computer Programmers are on the list of skills needed in Canada and, through the maligned North American Free Trade Agreement (Reagan and Mulroney), various professionals are afforded a fast track to come on up once they’ve been offered a job by a Canadian firm who will sponsor you to come to Canada (and thus you may sorta be stuck with them for a period of time). Lots of you more on this status than i, so fill me in.

Totems - Comox Valley, British Columbia - Canada Provincial Nominee – this is the wild card since each Canadian province can nominate and fast track anyone they want really based on strategic occupations needed – in BC, this un-met demand includes new media and IT along with construction and health, education and other professionals – really its about the economy, if you help build it, they want you but you gotta have your stuff together beyond “i can make webpages, can i come in now?”

Skilled Worker – and now to the best part, if you are a non-Canadian with professional skills and relevant experience, particularly in an in-demand job, you can likely immigrate – really, it’s that easy (note the US has no such program, only a lottery to get in, really, a lottery) and Canada is quite pragmatic and seeks out workers with skills in-demand in Canada (famously exotic dancers fall into this category from time to time)

The test inquires if you speak a second language (French really), finished college, worked in your chosen field for a period of time, have some skills etc. If you score 67 or better, you qualify to sponsor yourself to Canada (no spouse or employer needed) which means you have responsibilities to not fck up.

So get started eh, here’s the test: http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/skilled/assess/index.html

Did ya score get 67 or higher? If so, haul bum over to http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/immigrate/skilled/apply-how.asp and chose the simplified process (unless you are in one of the categories which requires the un-simple “regular” process like you are provincial nominee (this is another class which i know little about), you’ve been selected by Quebec (this francophone-heavy province seeks out French speakers specifically, again i know little more), or a few other odds and ends.

You're *so* tough.Tax and other crap

Once you’ve leapt across the border and are flipping the bird at Bush and his cronies back in the US, you’ll still need to be very aware of international tax laws (all US citizens abroad need to file US tax returns and myriad other details). Thus, i’ll direct you to David Ingram who is a bearded tax and immigration consultant – his rates aren’t trivial so subscribe to his old-school e-mailing list (in dire need of formatting) which discusses the mundanity and minutiae of international tax law. In brief, you gotta declare your worldwide income but it’s not all taxable.

What’s next

Once you are in and off your double secret probation period, you can consider applying for permanent residence status (equivilent to a US green card) allowing you to do most anything but vote and hold top secret government jobs. Three years after that, you can start thinking about the Citizenship test too. Goodtimes eh!Sad Dave after Sweden loss

Now show you are Canadian and turn the hockey game on, sing Oh Canada! and eat some perogies,

Thanks to Will Pate, Kris Krug for photos

BC Floorball Tourney on HockeyNW’s Canucks Outsider podcast

In case you missed it, … a brand-shiny summer time Canucks Outsider podcast is up at HockeyNW.  This episode (#55) features my coverage of BC Floorball’s Challenge Tournament in West Vancouver a month or so ago.  Twas good fun watching the action as the Swiss crew thwacked the Canadians after a late night of drinking ;-).  International interviews with Swiss, Finns, Brits and Canucks.  Great sportsmanship and exciting action by veterans players and rookies alike.  It’s co-ed and cheap so check out the post for all the details.

Swiss Dominate BC Floorball Challenge – Canucks Outsider #55

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Photo of StewartThe Fossil” in action by Kris Krug (arted-up by Dave O)

Vancouver Fireworks Pics as per Northern Voice spiel

With my semi-useful blurb in Scoble’s vidcast of KK’s Northern Voice photography schtick yesterday, thought i’d point you to my kick-a$$ fireworks pics in case you missed ’em. The shots are from three separate shows – the Chinese, Mexicans and Czechs. Be sure to stay tuned for this year’s performances which are now a go due to the largess of some corporation or other.

czech fireworks from cypress

Here are a few more faves to get you started … plenty more to enjoy. View the details to get the shutter speed and aperture settings.

Longboard Hockey Article in Heads Magazine

New article on Coast LongboardingsLongboard hockey league action in Heads magazine by me (Dave Thorvald Olson) and photos by Kris Krug (kriskrug.comstaticphotography.comflick.com/photos/kk/) – available as subscribe-able, ecological-responsible .pdf from Headsmagazine.com. Podcast coming soon on the Choogleon feed.

Longbord Hockey Article in Heads Magazine

Longbord Hockey Article in Heads Magazine
Originally uploaded by Uncleweed.

See also:
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and Tyee’s Longboarding Hockey article

Heads magazine‘s Skate/Surf issue included my “Headtrip” article “The First Rule of Longboard Hockey is …” about the renegade crew of longboard hockey players playing hardcore style in Vancouver. Heads is now available as .pdf (save the trees eh) loaded with rich media including my embedded video clips along with KK’s tasty snaps.
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Attack of Danger Bay fest
Longbord Hockey Article in Heads Magazine


Kris Krug took a pic of me at Northern Voice 2007

Northern Voice 2007
Originally uploaded by kk+.

Yep, that’s me getting all arts and crafty for my podcast production presentation at northern voice / moose camp. My amigo – the noted Vancouver fashion photographer Kris Krug (aka KK+) kicks down the deluxe photographs of yours truly indeed.

This one of me removing paintbrushes from a sushi roller whilst wearing my sunny day festivus gift scarf coupled with the JCPenny sweater (from The Dalles, Oregon) and used Patagonia organic cotton shirt (thanks Heather in Idaho) make this shot an instant classic ;-). Fashionista i am not, the ‘style’ just flows naturally and no i don’t spend a lot of time on my hair or beard grooming, it just looks that way.

Kruggers is also is a community building advocate a global-minded Vancouver blogger and flickr photo superhero whom i plan to bribe to take a family photo to replace to goofy one on my Pa’s wall.

Ace Correspondents in Edmonton – KK and MC at Stanely Cup Game 6, 2006

Quasi-official Canucks Outsider correspondents (and certified Internet Rockstars) Kris Krug and Megan Cole checking in with wicked excited video blogs from Edmonton game 6.

KK says, “Unlike any sporting event I’ve ever been to! Come check out the Oilers fans going completely nuts before the start of Game 6.”  See the nuttiness on You Tube.


photo by KK, more on Flickr

Additional Hi-jinks include:

– Interview with former Mayor Bill Smith
KK sez, ” I sat next to former Mayor of Edmonton Bill Smith at Saturday nights Stanley Cup finals game and did a lil videoblog interview with him. Cool guy. :)”

– Watching the game up with Edmonton 2-0
KK attempts to predict scores with his vast hockey knowledge

– Watching Edmonton force game seven
KK sez, “Check out the last minute of Game 6 of the Stanley Cup finals between the Edmonton Oilers and the Carolina Hurricanes. Edmonton wins this one 4-0 and forces a game 7 back in Carolina. The crowd is going crazy and doing their best to make me deaf!”

– Visiting the CBC poduction truck
KK sez, “I had a chance to go ‘backstage’ of the Stanley Cup finals with Bob Cole of CBC’s hockey night in Canada. This is their HD TV truck and watching them pull it all together in real-time was pretty frickin’ incredible. Check it out.”

– Partying down on Whyte Ave
KK sez, “Hangin’ out roamin’ the streets of the ‘cool part’ of Edmonton with MC, drunken crazy people, and lots of cops. :P Heh.”