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Books: War and Peace / original and erstwhile “fan fiction”

Have you read “War and Peace”? Now is a pretty good time.

It’s rather enjoyable, but if you find Tolstoy’s original *too long*, both Lenin and I did “remix” or maybe “fanfiction” of the classic.

It’s one of the only things we have in common.

PS May I interest you in my “Letters from Russia” mixed media project? It was inspired by Tolstoy and written in the form of letters from someone in Napoleon’s army going into Russia in 1812 back home to his lady friend – All associated artifacts are within this archive.

Diary: Christmas Eve, Day and Boxing in Okayama, 2019

Christmas isn’t really an “event” in Japan, more of a marketing campaign and a prelude to New Year’s Eve which is laden with tradition, nostalgia and routine. It’s kinda my speed as i am def turned off by rampant commercialism quasi-religious sabre-rattling which comes around. 

Regardless, with new family (and more family arriving in 2020) i wanted to wrangle a bit of festiveness – also acknowledging been a long while since i had vaguely “regular” christmas and while this was atypical, established some new routines, scratched an itch… after all, with the turmoil in my life the last years, there is admittedly some misgivings and rather tough emotions which come around during all this hoolpa. Most importantly, got to show love and respect for wife and in-laws. 

PS You can see a bit of building up for Christmas and read a riff between a friend and i about this holiday in Japan in: Diary: Christmas Forthcoming / out n about and at home in Okayama, 2019

What follows are a few poorly-photographed artifact of activities from Dec. 24 – 26 JST. Carry On!

First off, Dec. 24 (christmas eve) we made dinner of grilled mackeral, squash, pickled cucumbers and tsukemono carrots, greens, miso soup, tea, rice, lotus root, and whatnot. Yup, not off to a very traditional start – ha!

Christmas morn, we opened our stockings (pictured above) purchased from a 100yen store ($1), nothing but the best! and enjoyed toast with cream cheese and my kaki (persimmon) jam which i am always talking about, and nashi (pear). My sock had snacks, Ryoko’s had expired 35mm film and a necklace and snacks. 

Then we went to post office (one of my fave activities of course) and i wore a Santa cap (borrowed from Ryoko who wore at Mae Maes Christmas concert) to the amusement of the post office staff and the kids at the grocery store which was our next stop. Folks are stocking up for New Years time during which many stores are closed or scaled back hours and folks generally wanna hunker down. 

Then we picked up a pre-made feast from a great lil cafe called Sakura-mi we had ordered a while back when we went on a little lunch date. Here’s the café’s post box.

And i got to make a fire in the wood stove. So yeah, post office and fire making in the same day! Pleased. 

Took the grub home and set up at parent’s house (next door).

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Making deposits at a little library, Victoria

600 Free eBooks: Download Great Books for Free

600 Free eBooks: Download Great Books for Free

Liberated Literature Ahoy!

Ahoy! Behold the stack of literature seeking liberation, seeded among the byways of lands – foreign & domestic.

Read it > Sign it > Share it

Pick em up by Saturday!

Behold! Liberated Literature

Behold! I have hundreds of literary classics to spread around the world – Can you help?

With moving imminent, I am passing along hundreds of books from my beloved, carefully-curated personal library.

This is a project called Liberated Literature in which all books are equipped with an old school library-style card insert instructing to: Read it, Sign it, Share it. 

Your mission is to leave a fave on the bus, at a hostel, to a friend, dropoff at a community center, stick in a hidden place for someone find it in two decades… It’s up to you.

The collection includes literary classics from Russians to transcendentalists to beats, travelogues, peace studies, natural history, geography, discourse, privacy law, good times, counterculture and much much more.

Perhaps you will come pick up a stash to seed into the world?

Guaranteed fun spreading these tomes into the world that’s for sure.

Will be fun to see what adventures these books go on ~ many of them already visited many countries in the back of my pack, Let’s keep the inspiration rolling!

Art saves lives. Liberated Literature.

Liberated Literature on the backporch

So many lovely, top-end literature friends send out to the world. I hope their lives are most wonderful and folks drop a note from time to time.

National Recording Preservation Board US Lib of Congress

National Recording Preservation Board US Lib of Congress ‘maintain culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant’

Each year since 2002, the National Recording Preservation Board (NRPB) and members of the public have nominated recordings to the National Recording Registry. The depth and breadth of nominations received highlights the richness of the nations’ audio legacy and underscores the importance of assuring the long-term preservation of that legacy for future generations.

About the Internet Archive

About the Internet Archive – Internet libraries can change the content of Internet from ephemera to enduring artifacts of political and cultural lives. http://ow.ly/q0Hh

Cory Doctorow’s Interview on librarianship and media

Cory Doctorow’s craphound.com >> Blog Archive » Interview on librarianship and media