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Portrait: Chinese-esque Wedding MC (With Lien Yeung)

Chinese Wedding MC: daveo disguised
Chinese Wedding MC
Another reason for my retirement from wedding officiating is it’s always a little embarrassing when I upstage the groom :-) Here, the smashing bride notices that I’ve coordinated my jacket to match her silk brocade number.
The vast hall of people feasted on various mysterious seafood platters while I multi-lingually announced (Japanese and English while a co-host managed Chinese) including a “pro wrestling” style intro to bring the bride & groom into the hall with Jay Z and Beyoncé soundtrack… Something about “rule/run this town” (that part is a bit foggy) — yep, she was duly impressed #DropTheMic
photo credit: Sabrina Jaksa (i’m pretty sure at least)

Portrait: Old Man Cub Scout

Old Man Cub Scout, circa 2011

Keen observers will notice this is not authorized uniform, or a prescribed salute, nevertheless, as a former full-patch Cub and Chief Scout award recipient, i figure i can do whatever I choose – Regulations be danged i say!

Note: this was at photo booth at Craig and Lien’s wedding at a fancy Chinese resto after i had just conducted/MC’ed a 4 hour festival of frivolity in Japanese. The suit is a thrift store beauty.