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Thunderstorms in the Crash Years – Postcard #75

Pod cover - postcards from gravelly beach - thunderstorms in crash years

Amidst a thunderstorm at 4AM in Chiang Mai, Dave discusses – with excessive frankness and emotion – various medical conundrums (Fibromyalgia and CFS-ME) and details the physical feelings of “crash mode” as well as the mental strain in dealing with self de-identification and inter-personal relationships, confusion in seeking help, and various alternative treatments. No sympathy or advice requested.

Always be kind for: Thunder in the Crash Years – Postcard #75
(75MB, 37:09, mp3, stereo)

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Dog days of healing

Sure don’t enjoy talking about, or even acknowledging cause feels like i’m conceding power & spreading sadness, but… fck me, the fibro + me/cfs etc really got me achey bleary today. I’ll be alright, just saying here rather than hollering out-loud and weirding folks out.

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Coordinating toes & bath minerals

potions, come magic, others benign

#potions, some magic, others utilitarian / also human, mostly benign, often resting

Healing: Notes to self (handwritten, various)

Rallying with my favourite things…

Rallying with my favourite things:
1) John Coltrane
2) Red Corduroy pants
3) Things to mail to loved ones
4) Fresh air with rain impending

Things I Love…

Things I Love:
1) Seeing my friends enjoy great success
2) Inspiring with postcards
3) Hugs

Woke up feeling…

Woke up feeling scared & confused about life &; *everything*. This illness is a trickster, not sure who i’ll be each day. It’s not me. #peace