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Thunderstorms in the Crash Years – Postcard #75

Pod cover - postcards from gravelly beach - thunderstorms in crash years

Amidst a thunderstorm at 4AM in Chiang Mai, Dave discusses – with excessive frankness and emotion – various medical conundrums (Fibromyalgia and CFS-ME) and details the physical feelings of “crash mode” as well as the mental strain in dealing with self de-identification and inter-personal relationships, confusion in seeking help, and various alternative treatments. No sympathy or advice requested.

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Hospital day


13 blood tests

2 immunization boosters

3 dental fillings

3 prescriptions

2 molded ear plugs

1 red curry

2 Thai tea

1 cappuccino

2 cigarillos


Challenges of healing include crazy wait times for referrals to specialists and clinics. Called a major specific clinic in Vancouver today to check in on progress:

them “when did you submit referral?”

me “oh more than a year ago”


“we found you, yes you were referred May 2015, so that means we’ll be able to see you in…. let me see… May 2017.”

“um thanks”

“we’ll call you then”

#optimism #challenge


Comments and annotations:

to Scott Orr: each province runs it slightly differently but, one of the biggest problems is lack of Drs as they can probably make more elsewhere the problem starts there. There are many more efficiencies in the care now (shared xrays and digitized records) for “normal” stuff (breaking a bone) and great programs for critical illness (cancer centres) but i am an odd case and odd cases often slip between cracks. in this case, its a new chronic and complex clinic inside a hospital so its an odd situation all over. The other critical solution is integrated care where mental and physical are not treated entirely differently. Also respect for alternative therapies… but like i said, you break and bone and dang its easy and no cost. But i am weird in more ways than normal :)

to Tristan Schon: truth man, my first year or two of treatment for this conundrum (ME/Fibro/CFS/etc) was all medications which just about turned me to jello, and group cognitive behaviour therapy which managed to freak me out more. The best results ive had (meaning relieving pain and making a bit of brain fog go away) is soaking hot mineral springs and getting Thai massgae where they bend and twist ya. Otherwise, phoenix tears (rick simpson thc oil) and CBD capsules sorta maintain me (though i’ll admit to the occasional diaxapram when i cannot leave the house due to anxiety) – its the last vestige of a formerly absurd scrip roster.

Also, if i’ve learned anything medically through this it is: the brain, gut run the show and the body mostly follows along. You can patch up the body way easier than the fixing gut and/or brain. As a result of the weakness and fogginess from the Fibro and scrips, i’v fainted full out a few times with 3-4 significant head traumas which just complicate the whole thing. Like makes harder to separate what’s what and Dr’s (kinda understandably) cant be awesome at everything.

Etc: Just a note to say, “dont worry about me” i am stick handling the medical system with frustration and annoyance but im happy to be alive and realize how far i’ve come. I live in constant pain and brain/cognitive fog and i require lots of rest but my illness is “weird” and not as easy to fix as a broken bone. Sometimes, i just need to holla aloud and each of you are very kind for checking in and offering support and advice.

Logging medical assortments…

I’ve done (or am currently doing):

* Acupuncture – many many treatments w/ excellent Dr.

* Traditional Chinese Medicine Teas

* Naturopaths

* FM/CSS Specialist at St. Paul’s Rapid Access Specialist Clinic

* Cognitive Behavioural Therapy sessions (many)

* Counsellor/Therapist (who has gone through transformative health events)

* Food elimination (i eat carefully and well #macrobiotic)

* Massage (deep tissue)

* Dry Needling therapy (wicked painful) for pain

* Anti-depressants (along with loads of other meds)

* Daily Walks or swims (as long as i can handle, about :15)

* Hugs (as many as i can get, esp from nieces)

* CT scans/Ultrasounds/MRIs

* Blood screening work of all kinds

* Daily guided Meditations (recorded)

* FM/CSS/CFS etc Support Groups

* Visualization (me being well)

* Phoenix Tears (CBD cannabis extracts)

* Shamanic cleansing

* Long soaks in mineral rich hot springs

* Extended sleeping and resting

Currently Exploring:

* Essential Oils

* Tapping

* Ayurvedic

* Reflexology

Time compressing…

I keep many thoughts & words about the world as it is. Time is compressing, everything is changing. Some good, some bad. But I’m just tired.

Pardon my general grumpiness…

Pardon my general grumpiness today. I seem to have completely lost my ability to sleep. This is despite the massive amount of toxic drugs I’m taking parentheses prescription of course) parentheses I’ve come outside to sit in the sun in my pirate pyjamas and listen to birds to try to tap the fuck up. Trying to be positive trying to be optimistic I have plans, desires and inspiration for everyone but myself.

Logan, UT

… during which someone punched me repeatedly…

Went to bed at about 10:30 last night, after a rest from about three to 7 o’clock, now waking up just before 1pm but feeling like I slept for about two hours during which someone punched me repeatedly.

This sickness is really getting me down but the love from all my friends including schemes and offers for road trips, flights, kidnappings, Hot Springs, hugs and saunas is keeping me from going crazy.

Best love to all of you!

Ps first wave of postcards invades the post office today (if I can manage to get over there).

Wonder who has a joint to share in Logan Utah? #NSA

Logan, UT

re-firing and reconnecting neural pathways…

As I am slowly coming back to life, I am re-firing and reconnecting various neural pathways. It’s kind of hard to explain but some of me works and some of me doesn’t. Anyhow, I am doing lots of hand eye coordination crafts and memory/organizational tasks (i.e. organizing a concert ticket journal, alphabetizing records, etc) and, I frequently hand make these scrapbook/journal/notebook type creations. Basically, a board game as a backing board, I have to be mixed block of paper, a piece of calendar for a cover, three holes drilled in the side, sewn up with him thread, binding cover glued to side.

Logan, UT

HootSuite Hires Former Cisco Executive Jeanette Gibson as Vice President of Community – Techvibes

This morning, Vancouver’s HootSuite announced that it has hired Jeanette Gibson as vice president of community.

Gibson hails from Cisco Systems, where she was the senior director of social and digital marketing, a role through which she led a team of 50 digital marketers and social innovators across digital content and site strategy, community development, social platform and innovation, customer listening, and measurement and analytics.

Now Gibson will lead HootSuite’s community team and drive strategy and global outreach for the rapidly growing communities of the social media company’s Free, Pro and Enterprise users.

“Jeanette will add tremendous value to our customers community,” says Ryan Holmes, CEO of HootSuite. “She is a social business leader who understands how to drive widespread adoption across a global diverse organization. I am pleased to welcome her to our executive team.”

“I’m thrilled to join HootSuite at such a time of incredible growth,” says Gibson. “It was no small feat for HootSuite to create the community that’s in place today, and this gives us an amazing base of customers from which we can extend into new high growth areas of enterprise business, brand awareness, and user engagement.”

Gibson is replacing Dave Olson, who is currently on medical leave. HootSuite says that Olson will return to the company.

HootSuite says it now was 370 employees.