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Note: Regarding L. Cohen / rain-coated, battered hat…

L. Cohen, home, Montréal

he (L. Cohen) always imagined himself as a writer,…

“rain-coated, battered hat pulled low above intense eyes, a history of injustice in his heart, a face too noble for revenge, walking the night along some wet boulevard, followed by the sympathy of countless audiences . . . loved by two or three beautiful women who could never have him.”

[source unclear]

Note: Remember to forget

Remember to forget
The present
When becomes
The past

I saw a great movie…

I saw a great movie last night with exceptional acting, pacing, dialogue and nuanced geo-political intrigue.

Called “Hyde Park on Hudson” starring Bill Murray who disappears into the role of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s (also possibly my favorite US president).

Yep, I like my movies slow – with pleasant scenes of conversation and countryside drives. Also, stuttering awkward kings, hot dogs, mistresses, and custom modified cars.



Also, I’m fascinated by the life and times of the short raining King Edward (real name David) who abdicated give mean way to his younger dorkier brother George. David was a true rockstar king, beloved by the masses, oozing charisma and charm, whose later life tied up an intrigue and golf games with the world elite, accompanied by his controversial American wife. Where is the biopic about this mysterious elusive Royal?

Chris Graham Of course you are forgetting his friendship with Hitler and his Nazi sympathies. Although he had some good points, and was initially popular, his ‘unsuitable’ relationship gave a viable reason to ease him out of the picture. This world might have been a very different place otherwise. His German friend had plans to re-instate him to the throne if the Nazis’ planned invasion of Britain had been successful. Yes he was a fascinating character, but not for the romantic reasons most people might think.

Dave Olson Yes, the German connection makes the story even more fascinating, especially in light that the entire British royal family is German descent (Aside from a few other European royal inbreeding inputs etc.). I am not pro or con his “politics” but I am fascinated by the narrative arc of his story. Also, I am a complete non-royalist, the thought that people inherit privilege due to their “birthright” is abhorrent to me. Also, the Germanic connection was hardly a secret but more people then we realize weren’t sure of the outcome of the war and were hedging their bets in one way or another.

Chris Graham Quite true Dave. I agree about the ‘birthright’ bit, though they don’t have any real influence on government these days. They’re simply titular, and a bit of pomp and ceremony to entertain tourists and locals alike. At least they (generally) behave a lot better than many ‘celebrities’ these days.

Dave Olson (2018) Noting that the popular series “the crown” unpacked the Nazi connection quite a while I think. I guess they were listening to our banter 🙂

Insomniacs say the strangest things…

Insomniacs say the strangest things, and then don’t remember sharing them

To be awake,…

To be awake, one must first sleep. Not a metaphor.

Note: we can have a wake for a dead dude too who isnt awake. In this case, i am using awake in a medical sense. Ya know like how humans are either sleeping or not sleeping. I am not sleeping.

a haiku can tell 1000 pictures…

Whomever coined the phrase: “a picture it’s worth 1000 words” clearly was not a poetic soul.

I suggest a haiku can tell 1000 pictures.


Edward Charles BaileyCox Totally!
For the record, from what I understand, the original phrase was “a picture is worth a 1000 words of praise”. It was coined by some famous person who was looking at an amazing painting.
I found this info in the rumpled back pocket of my brain, perhaps someone else can fill in the specific details……..

Kris Krüg dude that’s 1,000,000 words expressed in just 17 syllables or 58,232 words per syllable. bring it! ;)

Dave Olson not sure i understand the math part of this. a poem can equal 1000 pictures. not per word but that’s possible too if ya consider something like “On the first day… Dog created the universe” or whatever that famous book in hotel rooms says.

I put forth these examples of haiku which takes me down a rabbit hole of head movies:

The wandering poet Issa Kobayashi writes:

The grass around my hut also
has suffered
From summer thinness.

Just when I hear
The sundown bell,
The flower of this weed.

Basho the Haiku Master writes:

The grass-
How wonderful it is!
The summer drawing room.
Trees and stones, just as they are

Ah, how glorious!
The young leaves, the green leaves
Glittering in the sunshine!

and one more (author unknown);

When all things are hushed,
suddenly a bird’s song arouses a deep sense of stillness.
When all the flowers are departed, suddenly a single flower is seen,
and we feel the infinity of life.

However, this is not universal and sometimes photos spark something a poem might not. Art is art but do snap a photo is not a universally more poignant way of understanding or appreciating a feeling, incident or emotion. Art is art and art saves lives no matter the medium.

My meaning with the original comment is how folks might take a snapshot without significant intention rather than appreciating the moment in which the emotion occurs. Like taking picture of an ancient ruin rather than riffing about it in a journal. Of course, a photo, in context and artfully created can spark emotions of equal value but neither are mutually exclusive.

…a script we write to tell the story of the life we want to believe we live?

Is ones social media broadcast a script we write to tell the story of the life we want to believe we live?

Truth is that i totally do this. While i advocate radical transparency, my life became weird that past couple years and i use social channels differently. I share what i want my life to be (happiness and adventure) to help thwart the struggles.

Complaining or even talking about my situation (FM/ME, CFS, RLS, CSS…) is super boring to me, i post when i need to feel connected to the outside world by sharing happiness and exclamation points (!) … im not be obscure, i am using channels as a latent sorta support group to generate dopamine hits.

wander and wonder…

I wander and I wonder. Always. Thats about all.

Live where you feel best…

People should flow across borders *at least* as easily as capital moves between countries.

Live where you feel best for your happiness.

Border and Bullets, we’d be better without both. I know the initial shock and “social safety net” would collapse but we need an era of radical community sufficiency.

Borders are a comical concept really. Based on wars and invented ethnic boundaries we contemporary people had nothing to do with.

Language and culture are easily overcome by motivated folks. Ive worked locally in many countries where i didnt speak the language (at first) and immigrants are generally eager to adapt to cultures and expand by adding their own uniqueness.

One’s personal capital moves more easily than one’s body and is more welcome in other lands. But indeed, inequality is the problem my thought is trying to solve. Let people live where they can contribute. Radical self-sufficiency and community.

Portable access to effective healthcare and community support networks. I think the “modern” construct of countries based on old wars and territorial feuds divve’d up the the “winners” are an outmoded concept. I have no delusions that this is imminent but i am someone who rambles widely and see nothing but the commonality between people everywhere. We need affection and care along with food, shelter, clothing and a means to climb Maslow’s hierarchy towards self-determination and fulfillment. #dreamer

another konsumer channel…

Seems we’ve managed to turn a communications revolution into yet another konsumer channel + celeb cheese propagation medium.

Emerge by disruption…

Radio Killed the Telegraph Star.

Emerge by disruption, Fade by disruption.

Float on…

Message to self: Float on davey, float on.