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Healing: Annotations about M.E. (vis a vis Cvd19 long haul)

Healing Peace from yer ole pal / Still M.E.

(from a Twtr thread, here for posterity) note: find a better way to archive all this if possible

Miss 604’s > Vancouverites in Isolation Elsewhere: Dave in Japan

A “situation report” on life in Okayama and Japan at large from Rebecca Bollwitt’s well-read Miss604.com blog in my erstwhile hometown of Vancouver.

Of course, includes fun photos, various asides, musings and anecdotes.  Certainly *everything* is changing on the daily here so if you have an update/opinion (because of course you do)/resources etc to add to the riff, please do.

Fire away, spark the conversation, spread the goodness.

Yours fondly in solidarity, positivity and safety, daveo

Vancouverites in Isolation Elsewhere: Dave in Japan

Dial-up Pandemic

Well, the pandemic didn’t happen in the time of dial-up Internet so, there is that in the plus column.