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Mom: 3 Years Gone – “Tour de Ashes”

Hi Mom,

Well today is 3 years gone and wow, so much has happened since the worst phone call ever in Auroville.

I won’t get into all the details but do want to catch you up on all the geo-locations (and other memorials) your ashes are distributed… for the time being at least.

Overall, you’ll be happy to know we’ve added a few more stamps to your figurative passport and there are many places scattered around the world where you are especially remembered. 

We’ll start the world tour with the most obvious and familiar locations in Utah: 

First, the Celebration of Life Monument in SLC right by the (fabulous) library. This wall took some doing to make it all happen but worth the work and looks great.      

Your entire full name with all the middle names is engraved on the wall and allll spelled perfectly! 

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Rock n Roll Heroes ~ The Numbskulz – Choogle On #87

On a visit to the hamlet of Pe Ell, Uncle Weed checks in on the emerging super powers of The Numbskulz [MySpace] – Nolan, Seth and Graham. The 3 young rock and roll brothers recently recorded tracks at a studio and are seeking to load up their camouflage RV for a NorthWest summer tour. They discuss the songwriting process, the power of music to inspire others, playing covers vs. originals, promotion tactics for bands, and the importance of demanding knowledge at school.

Prepare to rock with Rock n Roll Heroes ~ The Numbskulz – Choogle On #87 (.mp3, 32:19, 29MB)

Podcast album art
Episode art photo by Uncle Weed, arted up by Bread the Producer


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The Numbskulz Grow Up and Rock Out – Choogle on #55

In the third conversation with teenage rock savants from Pe Ell Washington, Uncle Weed catches up with brothers Nolan (vocals, bass), Seth (guitars, vocals), Graham (drums) and talk about recent gigs featuring vomiting drummers, hot days at flea markets, styling out on NYE, plus songwriting tactics, recording plans, staying dumb, police hassles and small town life.

Rock along with The Numbskulz Grow Up and Rock Out – Choogle on #55 (.mp3, 22:45, 18MB)

Numbskulz on Choogle on

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Video: The Numbskulz in Olympia at ‘What You Got? Fest’ 2007

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Numbskulz at Clubside Cafe, Olympia (arm unknown)

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Aerogrammes to Utah, St. Louis and the Gulf Coast – Postcard #9

Dave O reads a Utah writer variety pack from Pe Ell, Washington featuring Françios Camoin, Levi Peterson, and Ed Abbey (more Ed – interview and article in Canyon Country Zephyr) plus an original essay about Glen Canyon Dam.

Then, Lewis and Clark check in from their homestretch after scoring some whiskey, and Dave enlists the Jerry Garcia Band‘s help to send evocative empathy to the post-Katrina, Gulf Coast.

Apply postage for: Aerogrammes to Utah, St. Louis and the Gulf Coast – Postcard #9 (27:30, .mp3)

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Lewis and Clark move west, Ed Abbey’s wisdom and Uncle Weed’s story – Postcard #8

In Volume 8, while in Pe Ell, WA, DaveO reads from Lewis and Clarks’ journals as they lose horses on Sept. 3rd, then Ed Abbey foretells the future in his modern classic, “Desert Solitaire”, then the Uncle Weed story continues with jovial demonstrations of eco-sabotage and desert enjoyment while camping with kids .

Saddle up for: Lewis and Clark move west, Ed Abbey’s wisdom and Uncle Weed’s story – Postcard #8 (14:57, .mp3)

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