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Not Being There (for Rod)

Im not there
Instead a mediocre duo
Plays “Forever Young”
And “Fast Car”

Third time this
“Death whilst elsewhere”
Occurred in the past 5 years
Austin, Auroville, Athens

Where are you now?

“Fast enough to fly away”
Year is 1988
We are invincible
Marauding Utah Valley
Making best of seemingly
Inconsequential locale

I order a Dead Guy ale
At sea
Such an act
anathema to sensitivity

Me and a disposable fountain pen
Scribbling as fast as you drive
In an inconsequential notepad
The glue snaps with each page turned
Crackle like broken bones

Your photo on my phone
Plaid shirt, goatee
(before *everyone* sported same)
Holding a child
Is the child the artist of the lad
Who wandered to Diamon?

How do they hold up?
I asked Mikhael at 3AM
As though i expected
A reasonable answer

Next song is about
“Getting here anyway you can”
Airplane, sailboat, across deserts
Everysong is for you
Do they know?

“Holding Mountains…”
Just get here how you can
Fck, I am not there.
Not even close
Instead chasing pariahs
Around Arabia

The beer comes from Oregon
The cruise ship guitar is anonymous
Could be Mike and Denise instead

A mosaic of flowers on the wall
Covering your box
I imagine your hair
“Across the desert by caravan”
This destroys me
I wasn’t there

Next they sing
“Oceans apart”
Describing to you
Where i am
“Wherever you go”

Sappy as a Quebec maple tree
But still i stifle
I don’t want to be asked
But can’t be alone
In my room
Feeling all of THIS
This lost potential
Memories yet to make

Marty wept
Mikhael quavered
Spreading the hardest news

“How will we survive”
The answer is “we won’t”
Life ends for all of us
No SHIT, i sip again
To tentative to clapping

You are so loved
Hundreds appeared
Lined in the rain
X will dedicate songs for you
Children will learn of you
Your parents said good-bye to you
The worst occurrence conceivable
To we delicate beings

The others gone before you
From erstwhile tribe
Many tempted fate
Litany of poor decisions
Dalliances and addictions
While you were simply
Pure electricity

Now they sing
“You’re broken”
Yesterday i would hardly notice
Stroll by en route to a chat
With an Indonesian waiter
Or Romanian photographer

Tonight the words burn incandescent
Others notice the lady is vaguely pretty
The guitarist rocks to seem engaged
And i drink and scribble to you
The people wonder about
The temperate “back home”
A concept i lost along the way
I know the air is chilly is all

“Get your affairs in order”
Is sound advice
For a complex chronic wanderer
Prone to mishaps
To me likely
But, i am convinced
No one ever expected
This incident to be you
Whisked to canyon hot pots
Just weeks before

Then “our last song is by our favorite band, the Eagles”
My cue to leave
Hate the fcking Eagles
I pull Greek fisherman hat
(Which made me giggle hours ago)
Down more tightly
Step out onto deck
Into the wind
Observe twinkling lights
From islands which
I’ll never know the names

Time Traveler (for Rod)

Cobbled busy streets
Never felt so lonely and brave
So far away from any lover
Even further from your grave

Remember you on blue highways
See you in crowded bars
Feel you at desert campfires
Where we sing you name to stars

Steady on Time Traveler
We’ll see you in a decade past
Same way we saw you in a silent film
Organ playing far too fast

See you in Paris in the twenties
Drinks with Zelda and Fitz
Or in the Cavern in sixty-two
Lounging with Pete Best

Hot water sizzles in kettles
With black and white electricity
We’ll keep an eye on your kin
As though pleasant and obligatory

We’ll bore them with the stories
Of us – young, invincible and fine
Occasionally beautiful and convinced
We’d live to at least hundred and nine

Driving with your laughs
Talking with your hands
Swerving up forgotten backroads
To a reunion with unknown friends

Everyone’s champion

Scattered leaves…

Scattered leaves
confuse the pattern
on rigid bricks


from Hotsprings and Stubbed Toe, Occasional haiku… 1992-2004

Download Hot Springs and Stubbed Toe (.pdf)

Ready at Last

I am ready at last for the unrelenting savagery or call to your actions, seductions, or even rampant affection, genuine for the time at present.

I require not a guarantee, only unequivocal intensity by and for soft strong fingers and supple form

Slay me, command me, instruct me, mark me as yours when your commands drift to my ears, will pretend i allow you to dominate me but in reality, i possess no choice.

I am supple in flesh and mind – long surrendered to your charms.

Your letters sent in secret, your annotations, my replies, bundled in brown manila, i assume secreted to a trusted friend in a Balkan enclave with suspect postal service.

The cancellations – round and particular, glue melts to tempt prying eyes. I do not mind if someone knows our deepest fondest codes. While they can set the letters to words to prose, they cannot comprehend the sweet honey you mix with Turkish coffee cooled only by the same ice cube i run along your sustaining bosom, – providing a life i could never know before.

Night Lake Diving, 2004 (typed)

Night Lake Diving, 2004
Night Lake Diving, 2004

Furious strider…

Furious strider
cursing into a box


from Hotsprings and Stubbed Toe, Occasional haiku… 1992-2004

Download Hot Springs and Stubbed Toe (.pdf)


Solarium inducing
Rest without remorse

Do I change when the moon comes?


Another crisp leaf…

Another crisp leaf
staggers down
cutting close air


from Hotsprings and Stubbed Toe, Occasional haiku… 1992-2004

Download Hot Springs and Stubbed Toe (.pdf)

Sapphire Beside Me

Sapphire beside me
Horizon flat ahead
Punctually delayed
Allowing movements
And moments in time to gaze

The fulcrum point
between existence and mysterious
Too foggy for memory

We can reframe an unfilling past
To charge a refreshing future
Devoid of expectations or itineraries

These hours are only for us
Curled between Egyptian cotton
Woven in Sudan
Purchased at an Muscat souk

These hours are only for us
To stimulate senses
Of tactility and grace

Onward, upward (poem from Deb.)

My dear counsellor – who helped me so very much when “the wheels fell off” with sickness, death, career disruption, and finding new self with advice about letting go and floating – is travelling, writing, meditating, learning, giving… all over.

She wrote this gift and sent to me.

Martha's Vineyard (by Deb)
Martha’s Vineyard (by Deb)

Onward, upward 

Let the fresh air
float away distractions, unnecessary cares.
That tendency to carry sorrows
of others, in your heart, in your bones,
need burden your spirit no more.
No sense heaving that lore.
Your best
and is,
all you need deploy.
And gift
that inner critic
a swift kick,
off the gentle path,
irregardless of where it lands.
Nature’s recycling
will reliably,
re-craft it into her hummocky soup.
She handles erosion, far better than you.
Let your sweat
forgiveness, toward you, from you.
This life, these acts
weren’t meant to be perfect, wise, exact.
You’ve learnt vast
endless folks of your past.
Expend unwisely no more!
Instead, embody your
as we redwoods majestically do,
Your bod grants you a naturalness,
style of presence
– to exude.
Venture now,
liberated of unwarranted strife,
boldly stride,
up nature’s steps of life,
supportive connection,
when you need or like,
or when it’s most wise.
You sweet soul,
Onward, upward, lithely glide
up, up to luxuriate in the sun’s inviting light.
Retreat mediation room poetry
Multiversity 1440
Scripted by DebJoan Hall-B
March 15, 2018