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Postboxes are time/space portals for paper

Postboxes are time/space portals for paper

They go in one slot and somehow arrive at another

Of course, the most critical part of postcards and letters are: a proper address to send it to, and a friend to write.

Also, I like to think about all the hands which touch the card as it makes the journey from my writing desk to a happy (I expect) recipient who peeks in their post box / letter slot and see something other than a utility bill or an bulk/junk mail from a real estate agent. .
I also wonder how the “hand off“ in international mail works from one country to the next.

Do the workers peek at the – almost illegible – scribble on my postcards? .
Do they wonder who wrote the missives and who the recipient is?

Do you think about these logistics & vagaries? Or is it just me?

I think the temptation must be almost irresistible. Especially when they are doing the rounds and a dispatch from some interesting place ends up in their hands.

Post’d: Dropping another load of postal treats to kind folks elsewhere…

Post offices are a happy places for me. I love to send cards and letters… If you want to get in on the fun, submit deets via the “postal club“ form (no guarantees  + discretion assured).

Hand-crafted directional advisements

Handcrafted design inspiration – simple, clear, colourful. .

Another batch of dispatches…

Another batch of dispatches underway. Handwriting still lousy but sentiments still true. Also must commend self of exceptional quality & variety in stationary (nice one daveo, thank dave) – this is my #therapy on quest for #reinvention & #reincarnation .

Post’d: dispatch to elsewhere, fragile and private

Post’d: postcard stack for Nepal supporters

postcard still-life: assorted handmade for Nepal stack
Assorted postcards – some handmade, some printed from my art by moo.com, some purchased from other artists,… all assembled to send to folks who did something to support Nepal in post-earthquake situation as part of a little campaign I put together

Post’d: (another) postcard making day, in Logan

Postcard stilllife - Logan 2014

Postcard writing day in Logan, Utah — feels good to say thanks and send surprises. #Grateful

Bonus: Dig the whole batch o’ cards