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RT @helennow: Walking the floor at #sxsawyer is @daveohoots – no ppt and lots of laughs http://t.co/mIGqSYgN

Technology and Art are Old Pals – Upcoming Spiel at Word Camp Vancouver

January 28, 2009 by Ianiv & Arieanna
Reading the Oresteia at WordCamp Whistler – photo by Ianiv & Arieanna

Up next in my speaking calendar is WordCamp Vancouver on June 12 at the Vancouver Museum at Vanier Park.

Organized by a bushel of my dear pals who also rallied up hugely enjoyable WordCamp Whistler last year {be sure to say thanks to: Duane Storey (Twitter), Rebecca Bollwitt (Twitter), John Bollwitt (Twitter), John Biehler (Twitter), Tyler Ingram (Twitter), Kulpreet Singh (Twitter), and Dale Mugford (Twitter) for their hard work.}

Team Canada representing with @daveohoots & @lloydbudd
Likely that WordPress super dude Lloyd Budd will be in attendance – photo by @johnbiehler

Tickets are sold out so if you slacked — too bad for you. Along with my talk are even more of my cohorts are speaking including John Biehler, Nadia Aly and Tris Hussey. More to be added but this roster is already looking fine.

Like WordCamp Whistler, I am closing the show down and will be laying down a prezo about creativity and history kinda like last year’s “Are you Worthy? AKA Greeks to Geeks” talk.

Dave Olson's suitcase at WordCamp Whistler
Loading up the Suitcase – photo by Ianiv & Arieanna

In all the commotion in my life recently, i wasn’t sure what to talk to the people about as i wanted to make sure to spread my kind of knowledge but also tie it all in to topics they’d studied during the day, ergo: about WordPress, the blogging software.

The other night in the bath, i figured it all out – really stemming from a note in my original draft of F@ck Stats, Make Art talk from Northern Voice and SXSW – which points out that while the tools are different, the process of expression isn’t new.

Here’s the gist:

Title: Art and Technology are Old Pals


By exploring technological innovations from tubed oil paints and graphite pencils to telegraphs and mountain bikes, Dave will explain how scientific innovation spurs the creative process and how to balance the cranial hemispheres to foster the seemingly opposed disciplines of both building a publishing platform and producing compelling content using WordPress.

Stories and examples will draw from Van Gogh, HD Thoreau, Word Perfect, telegrams, Gnomedex, mountain bikes and the channeled scablands in eastern Washington.

I hope to see ya there.
Also my Mom’s excited about this too.

Upcoming Prezo Gigs: Sparking Creativity at “What’s Going On Salon”

I am lining up more speaking and presenting gigs these days to share my stories (and make a bit of scratch). This next one is a “What’s Going On Salon” event at VIVO Media Arts – sponsored by BC Film, Canadian Film And Television Production Association and hosted by Sue Biely.

I’ll be riffing a variation on F@ck Stats, Make Art – basically a soliloquy for nurturing creativity and authenticity.

Express with Vigor by Dave Olson and Jer Crowle, photo KK at SXSWi 2009
Express with Vigor by Dave Olson and Jer Crowle, photo KK at SXSWi 2009


What’s Going On Salons are a series of presentations about specific areas in the rapidly changing media landscape. Designed to be entertaining, accessible, inspiring and above all, informative overviews, each salon will help busy professionals demystify and better define the digital terrain.

Upcoming Salon: Sparking Creativity in a Digital World
• 6:30 – 8:00PM, December 15th
• VIVO Media Arts Centre, 1965 Main Street, Vancouver
• $15/ticket ($10 for students) – Please bring cash!

Please RSVP to reserve your tickets to vancouver (at) cftpa {dot} ca


With a constant flow of information, increased productivity expectations, and a barrage of new technologies – finding inspiration for both artistic expression and entrepreneurial endeavors is a challenge. Despite advanced tools and access to audience, finding the time and motivations to elevate “craft” to “art” remains elusive in an
ephemeral world.

With anecdotes and examples from personal experience, historical classics and contemporary culture, renegade story maker Dave Olson will share tactics for generating ideas and giving context to your content. Through a timeline of personal publishing and start-up biz experience, Dave will share practical tips for fostering authentic self-expression, creating artifacts and finding an audience – in both the present and future.

Note: A similar version of this presentation was shared at SXSW 09, Northern Voice 08, Island Tech 09.


Dave Olson, Mixed-media Story Teller
Dave is a world-traveling, mixed-media story teller who frequently appears in mainstream and social media outlets, speaks at events including SXSW and produces a series of audio documentaries. Dave works as a community builder for a variety of Vancouver web-centric companies.

F@ck Stats, Make Art at IslandTech Victoria 2009 Roundup


Dave Olson at Island Tech in Victoria I loaded up my old-timey suitcase and made my way (by aeroplane no less) to Victoria to share my musings with the folks at a tech exhibit/tradeshow/conference called Island Tech 2009.

I was invited by Clayton Stark and he brought in an A-list of speakers who flew from many locations to rock the crowd with fresh-fish thinking.

Add these renegades to your roster: @kk , @claytonstark, @willharbin, @mikevardy, @mediathtmatters, @jmckenty, @kurt_cagle + bonus appearance by @LloydBudd

Dave Olson and the old timey suitcase by KKThe video is apparently gonna make it to the web soon but alas the event photographer didn’t get any snaps of me but my cohort (and co-presenter) Kris Krug grabbed some snaps from the trip.

Bit o’ Bloggage

Mandell Degerness – Tech Thoughts

The final presentation of the day was truly “Out of the Box”.  Dave Olson challenged us to embrace the “translucency” of the web and express ourselves to the best of our ability.  It’s not the sort of talk I would have attended based on the synopsis, but Clayton was raving about this guy.  I’m glad I went.  Dave was, by far, the most entertaining and engaging speaker of the day.  I learned a little history and took on a new appreciation for some of the artists of the past and the present.  Most importantly, I feel challenged to not let my creative side slip away under the pressures of work and family.  Thanks, Dave.

Selected Micro Updates

karenrivers8:23 AM Nov 14th Great time at #islandtech. Loved @claytonstark, fabulous talk (am not biased). Fun to meet @kk & hear @uncleweed‘s take on creativity.

beautifugarbage – @uncleweed is killing it!! 5:11 PM Nov 13th

jmckenty – Lovin the nuance that @uncleweed is bringing – embrace translucency. 5:09 PM Nov 13th

kk – Man… @uncleweed is rockin his ‘Fuck Stats. Make Art.’ presentation at #IslandTech. One of the audience members just brought him a Corona. 4:53 PM Nov 13th

nealcropper – @uncleweed allowed me to pick out a new hero for me from his mannila envelope and I got Ed Abbey, desert caretaker. Time to google him. 5:04pm, Nov 13

claytonstark – @joshuamckenty @kk @mikevardy @kurt_cagle @uncleweed @mediathtmatters you beautiful, brilliant people completely made my day #islandtech 8:59 PM Nov 13th

Slides for your perusal


Finally, not quite a “review” but … it’s Meta/Trev:

Island Tech had an all-star cast all it’s own (except for Mike Vardy, who spoke at both!). Kurt Cagle spoke about Peak Oil. Kris Krug spoke about open source in terms of social change. Joshua Mckenty gave some great insight into teams (a personal favorite subject of mine). Bill Weaver spoke of the amazing story of the albatross bird. Raul has even liveblogged a previous recent speech of Bill’s, largely similar to what took place at Island Tech. Finally, Clayton Spark, of Flock, spoke of asynchronous communication. I missed Dave Olson’s talk, but I hear it was awesome. Next time!

Find the Hero Dossier #podcast at @caseorganic http://ow.ly/wGvb The Cylons have a plan #freshmedia betcha @kk will enjoy on the plane too

The “Hero Dossier” podcast from #freshmedia features: Features Samuel Pepys, RMS Carpathia, Amber Case, Thomas Paine, J. Garcia, Mudhoney…

& Vaclav Havel, Lou Reed, Cory Doctorow, Dr. Seuss, Dead Kennedys, Theo Van Gogh & Derek K. Miller, Gillian Shaw … #freshmedia #podcast

RT @a_l_i_a: Great podcasting workshop by @uncleweed &blogging workshop by @Miss604 today – so many ideas … #freshmedia {note: thanks!}

Dear @kempedmonds thanks for kind words, live blogging & enthusiasm for my spiels at #freshmedia – truly means to lot to inspire others

TED Comes to Vancouver : Speaker Nominations for TEDxVan by KK

TED Comes to Vancouver : Speaker Nominations for TEDxVan | Vancouver Photographer, Web Strategist & Creative Director [archived link]

TED is a great conference format that is focused on the theme of ‘ideas worth spreading’ in technology, entertainment and design. Showcasing the brightest and coolest minds our times, TED is an all around impressive event that videotapes all their speakers and puts the videos up for free on their TED talks list. They really stand behind their principles of sharing ideas, even if people are unable to attend the highly anticipated TED event.

Dave Olson "Fuck Stats Make Art" - SXSW 2009

They just recently announced TED x which is a franchised community version of the bigger TED conferences. They’re encouraging folks to take the spirit and format of TED and have local events focused on the coolest in technology, entertainment, and design. It’s a great concept that initiates community support, discovery and definitely promotes ideas that are worth spreading. I had the chance to speak at TEDxShanghai this past June. It was a great experience to give my ‘Open Everything‘ talk to an international audience in Shanghai and I was surrounded by brilliant local and international speakers that were incredible. TEDx is a great experience and really opens up the TED idea to a broader audience.

Tour De Gastown

It is very exciting to hear that we have a TED x Vancouver event coming up for the first time. Vancouver (and its surrounding area) is saturated with brilliant innovators and pioneers, especially in the sectors of technology, entertainment and design. This event will hopefully be a great presentation of the amazing people and ideas that are coming out of the Lower Mainland. Nominations are now open for speakers and everyone is welcome to throw the names of their favorite heroes in the hat. Here’s some hardworking, interesting, kind peeps that I think would be great to consider as speakers for the event. Some of these people I know, some I don’t know, but either way they’re doing good work and it’d be rad to hear them speak.