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Fresh Media: On future of media in Canada Gillian Shaw / Vancouver Sun

Dave Olson at Fresh Media forum, photo by Tris Hussey

@gillianshaw: Thoughts from @FreshMediaMe forum & @uncleweed’s Heroes podcast from Saturday’s tutorial 

Fresh Media: On future of media in Canada – Vancouver Sun



The Fresh Media forum at Vancouver’s newly opened W2 Community Media Arts had more questions than answers about the future of news and story telling in Canada.

But probably that is as it should be in an area that is changing day-by-day, as technology delivers new ways to share and disseminate information with audiences that span the globe.

And what was most telling was the optimism at Fresh Media for learning and adapting to the many forms of media that let everyone become a publisher. Continue reading Fresh Media: On future of media in Canada Gillian Shaw / Vancouver Sun

“choogle on remix’d is perfection! love it.”

@shermanscorner: @uncleweed choogle on remix’d is perfection! love it. made my day. {note: stick this in your ears}

Me: I’ve got another Choogle On montage coming out with many selections from the Grover sessions @shermanscorner – inspired + fun = goodtimes

Blurb: loved your podcasting workshop the other day at #freshmedia

From “SmarttJon”: loved your podcasting workshop the other day at #freshmedia. Will you be uploading the ‘heroes’ podcast to the Web?

PS yes, ergo: Questions + Answers from the Hero Dossier – Fresh Media, 2009

Blurb: Watching uncleweed talk at Freshmedia – He’s mega awesome.

monicahamburg: Watching @uncleweed talk at @Freshmedia He’s mega awesome. #freshmedia

Kris Krug Recommendation / Blurb for Dave

Kris Krug says – in TED Comes to Vancouver : Speaker Nominations for TEDxVan (archived link), 

“Dave Olson is a literary genius that has dabbled into the visual arts as well. Whether it is constructing love letters from a Russian War era to watercolor paintings of natural settings, Olson captures the renaissance attitude of the modern-day beat generation.”


Kris, this is super exciting! I vote eight times for Dave Olson. The rest of the people you’ve listed are pretty sweet, too. Makes one proud of the ‘couv. But Dave is the bomb!


“local cultural artefact” – Reco/blurbs from: S. Rees, G. Shaw + R. Bollwitt (NNV2009)

Photo credit: John Biehler on Flickr

As seen in Rebecca Bollwitt’s Miss 604 post: Northern Voice 2009 Dave Olson Letters from Russia

“Uncleweed is a local cultural artefact and we should find ways to get him funded so he can keep on doing his schtick.” 

Stephen Rees February 22nd, 2009

The only tweet I managed during this session was “laughing too hard to type”. Uncleweed is a local cultural artefact and we should find ways to get him funded so he can keep on doing his schtick.

Gillian Shaw February 23rd, 2009

That is too funny Stephen. Grants have gone to way less worthy causes – this should be no problem! 😉


When Uncleweed is on tap for a speaking engagement I make sure not to miss it even though I’ve seen him do over a dozen talks in the years I’ve known him.

Rebecca Bollwitt, Miss604 February 20, 2009

More from Rebecca:

I wasn’t live blogging his session as I wanted to pay attention and focus on his message, delivered as he stood before a packed while sporting a smoking jacket.

Photo credit: Dave on Flickr

I did however jot down some of his quotes on Twitter and John Biehler snapped some photos so I’ll share those now.

“I came across a ticket that was $420 to Belize. I was like ‘BUY’ … I wonder where Belize is?”

“If any of you have read it, it’s a big long story and there’s a lot of war and a lot of peace…”

“If you snip the kite string will it soar higher? No it will tumble to the ground.”

“80% meditation, 10% execution, 10% inebriation.”

Photo credit: John Biehler on Flickr

“What makes a work important is giving it an audience.”


Chris Simunek (High Times) Blurb about Dave

Chris Simunek (High Times) says (in Top Ten Counterculture Colleges):

“Though his hair is kind of wild these days and a thick beard covers most of his face, you can’t pigeonhole Dave as a hippie. He’s kind of a Renaissance guy who can speak at length on anything from ecology to music to pro hockey.”