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Scrapbook assembly: Van Gogh, ephemera, musings etc. ca. 2014

Scrapbook: Van Gogh cover, 2016
Scrapbook: Van Gogh cover / ephemera, musings etc. circa 2014

This scrapbook combines Japanese horizontal layout, side sewn binding with a up-cycled, very-thick, hardback calendar of Vincent Van Gogh (obviously) acquired (free) at Book Expo America in NYC some years back. Binding thread covered up with kraft paper and filled with hearty paper block to handle any inputs. In this case, my usual variety of musings, snippets of paper, scribbled schemes and lists, and forgotten poetry.

Scrapbook assembly: “My Big Drawing and Art Book”, 1996

Scrapbook: assembly "My Big Drawing and Art Book" (made circa 1996)
Scrapbook: assembly “My Big Drawing and Art Book” (made circa 1996)

Note: this is possibly the first scrapbook i personally constructed and bound in the (vaguely) Japanese-style, meaning horizontal format, side bound and sewn. Created in the bookbinding and print shop (featuring the former-State-of-Washington moveable type press) on campus of Evergreen State College, Olympia, WA.

In this workshop, i learned a variety of bookbinding and printing techniques, many of which came together in this piece (a series of 4 or 5 almost identical) including the letterpress typeset tricycle and text-type. Several were probably given as gifts as is my habit, others are filled with sketches, schemes, doodles and musings. The paper stock used in the block was not robust enough to handle paints or scrapbooking per se.

Plenty more artifacts created during this time, perhaps other will appear in subsequent documentation.

Scrapbook: Some assembled scrapbooks

Assorted snaps of scrapbook(s) after assembly completed. Some showing detail of various components including bindings, blocks, covers (often made form calendar paper or printed paintings), or back covers (often made from board games).

Scrapbooks: For Pacifica (with paintings), 2016
Scrapbooks: For Pacifica (with paintings), 2016
Scrapbook: assembly / fancy man + joss paper (front cover)
Scrapbook: assembly / fancy man + joss paper (front cover), 2015(?)

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Tripunithura Train Station (Ernankulum, Kerala, India) / oil pastel

train station

Tripunithura train station (Ernakulam, Kerala, India)
Oil pastel on paper

Journal: Initiate’s Journey for Scrounge Lounge (for Pete in Austin)

Greetings from Elsewhere: Created for Pete Word who provided safe haven in time of turmoil for a lost healing battered confused version.

Journal: Initiate's Journey for Scrounge Lounge 
Journal: Initiate’s Journey for Scrounge Lounge 

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Guest book at Ceningan Resort on Nusa Cenengan, Bali, Indonesia

No secret that I love to make scrapbooks – both building them and filling them – and sometimes even encourage my friends to do so. In this case, Robert Scales made one as a guestbook for his resort in Bali.

I gave it a little tuneup and encouragement and then, it lived at the bar and was filled with wonderful words until… One day, the bar burned down and sadly, the book with it (plus all kinds of great ephemera he had collected from world travels including loads from his home province in Quebec, unlike the booze, irreplaceable objects d’ art). I’m glad some of these comments are preserved digitally as well as the Curious George cover and board-game backboard.

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Memory book for Senpai Kobayashi

From Mac Kobayashi, Okayama, Japan


Just arrived a wonderful letter & gift from Dave. Maybe I think I lost or wasn’t taken the photos of our good old days that we having time together 23 years ago. But he found it in his old box. Thank you Dave. You and me, my wife and daughter 1-year-old before. So nostalgic feeling.

Arts and Crafts: Handmade Notebooks in Pe Ell

While visiting in Pe Ell, Dave sits before a warm fire with pipe and shows the new batch of handmade, Japanese-style, notebooks he made from reclaimed paper, discarded boardgames and various paper bits of ephemera.