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Strong squad indeed we are, @invoker

Coupla renegades on a mission in the rain. Solid session with this hard-charging co-conspirator from so many clandestine endeavours. Strong squad indeed we are @invoker!

So many stories from breaking down walls (literally and figuratively), rolling out busses, sparking revolutions, acquiring frenemies and exploring new lands.

Dave Talks Social Media for Small Business in a Bank Webinar

Under the auspices of my day-job, i shared some handy tips in webinar – promoted by a bank – designed to help small businesses learn to quickly adapt social media tools and web best practices into their marketing, operations and business development plans. It’s devoid of wild stories from foreign lands but my hair is perfect ;-) and i do some Q&A.

Please share with your pals who are trying to prioritize their marketing activities and keep their biz rolling.

NOTE: Video Removed by the Bank, leaving here for notes etc.

Dave Spiels Social Business

And, at the risk of being a sell-out, here are my notes from the gig. Here’s a resource guide too.

Tutorial with Dave Olson, Community Director, HootSuite

In 15 minutes, learn how to:

  • Build an effective social media marketing campaign
  • Respond to what is being said about your brand and business
  • Set up an online page and maintain your online presence
  • Use social media to drive traffic to your website and engage prospects
  • Distribute your targeted messages using multiple online channels
  • Advertise online on a small budget – get the top result spot on search engines

10 Tips to Tune your Online Social Strategy 

Aim: Provide practical, tactical tips they can use right away to grow business using social media/web tools.


  1. Social  listening – set up persistent real-time search for brand mentions in Twitter – even geo-locate your searches  i.e. mentions of “accountant” or “tax” or “bookkeeping” ONLY in Halifax)
  1. Twitter conversations – be prepared to reply appropriately (draft messages, set policy, know tone and limits, build a team)
  1. Twitter community – become an expert by building lists of industry influencers, your teams, your brands etc.
  1. Facebook precense – set up a page to provide: resources; unique calls to action; and conversation – stay active, don’t feed the trolls
  1. Tracking results – see which channels deliver traffic to web site and which convert into customers with social stats and integrated Google Analytics
  1. News Alerts – get updates emailed when you brand is mentioned via Google news alerts and social mention – mitigate misinformation, outreach to prospects/media/partners
  1. Search Engine Optimization – you need: quality inbound links; tuned copywriting; clean code + sitemap
  1. Google Ads and Search – Organic (free but unpredictable) vs Adwords (paid and semi-unpredictable) – budget and balance is key
  1. Defining Strategy – decide where you needs are: do you need customers? do you need to provide more customer service channels? do you need to build brand awareness? build a toolkit for your needs looking 6 months out
  1. Understanding Social media ROI – the pay off is across channels including customer support, lead generation and mitigating PR conundrums

London Skypeing – DaveO on the BBC spieling forth about Olympics and Social Media

I am on the BBC Radio 5 show called “Blogs and Pods”  spieling forth about renegade media and Olympics.

I spoke to Jamillah via Skype last week – the show aired on BBC radio on Sunday and released as a podcast Monday, Dec. 8th.

NOTE: accessed from Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine, February 2017

The food, wine, opera and sport edition

This week: the campaign for the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver to be more open to citizen journalists; the politics of festive food; wine online and a bit of opera to round it all off.

The podcast is poised and waiting for you to listen up! If there was something in the show that you missed and a link would come in handy – they’re all right here for you:

Should citizen journalists have full press access to Olympic events? Dave Olsen, community evangelist of Rain City Studios in Canada thinks so and explains why.

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