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Pope Funk & Rome – Crazy Canucks in the Fanzone Suite (video)

John Bollwitt writes, “We were able to hook up John Biehler with a spot for suite night, and he made this great video snippet while we recording the last segment of this episode.”

Pope Funk & Rome from John Biehler on Vimeo.

TCC#79 – Canucks Fan Zone Suite Night

Canucks Fan Zone Suite Night 2009

John Bollwitt says, “Come along for a ride with all sorts of hi-jinks with not only your TCC crew, but a whole bunch of Canucks fans who are on the new media front lines with coverage of our favorite team in the NHL. Thanks to the Vancouver Canucks organization, members of the Fan Zone had the awesome opportunity to take in the preseason match against the Anaheim Ducks at GM Place from a fifth level suite. DaveO leads the way throughout this episode while introducing you to other great folks that bring you some great, alternative Canucks coverage.”

TCC#79 – Canucks Fan Zone Suite Night

Grassroots campaigns for Canucks re-signing Trevor Linden

Mark at Vancouver Courier gave a ring asking my opinion on the whether the Canucks should seek to re-sign venerable local hero Trevor Linden and, if i know of anyone “beating the drum” to re-sign him. Any campaigners out there?

I mentioned that I’d rather have him run for mayor and take over for Sam Sellout-van and if he did return, adopt a player-coach role (not necessarilty change his name to Reg Dunlop of Slapshot fame) to mentor the youthful forwards in the quest for Cup #1. I also mentioned that the wimmin want him back before their eyes more than the fellas. Am i wrong?

Raise a Reader Day - Trevor & Me
(Miss 604 poses with some grizzled vet)

Who’s beating the drum?  Holler back and I’ll hook you up with 7.5 minutes of fameage.

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BC Floorball Says “Thanks” – I Say “No Prob”

June 12, 2007
Dave Olson:
Hockey Northwest/ Canucks Outsider

Re: Canucks Outsider #55 – Swiss Dominate BC Floorball Challenge

On behalf of the BC Floorball Federation I wanted to acknowledge the fantastic support you have given us with the release today of your BC Floorball focused podcast!

We truly appreciate the work that went into this and the time you spent attending the tournament and recording the content. In my opinion you clearly have an exceptional talent for capturing the spirit and potential of the sport. Your podcast will really help
us reach out to people at the same time as being a first class marketing tool!

It is without hesitation that the BCFF would like to give you free honorary membership of the BC Floorball Federation. I will organize your membership card and package as soon as possible.

Thanks again for doing this, it is simply Awesome! (capitalized deliberately!)

Stewart Marshall
Secretary Treasurer
BC Floorball Federation

BC Floorball Tourney on HockeyNW’s Canucks Outsider podcast

In case you missed it, … a brand-shiny summer time Canucks Outsider podcast is up at HockeyNW.  This episode (#55) features my coverage of BC Floorball’s Challenge Tournament in West Vancouver a month or so ago.  Twas good fun watching the action as the Swiss crew thwacked the Canadians after a late night of drinking ;-).  International interviews with Swiss, Finns, Brits and Canucks.  Great sportsmanship and exciting action by veterans players and rookies alike.  It’s co-ed and cheap so check out the post for all the details.

Swiss Dominate BC Floorball Challenge – Canucks Outsider #55

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Photo of StewartThe Fossil” in action by Kris Krug (arted-up by Dave O)

Capitol Little League Rolling in Montesano

I spent this past weekend watching a scintilating Little League touranment game at the District 3, All-Star tournament in Montesano. I am fan of the Capitol LL squad as i have watched some of these lads for four seasons and i have a vested interest in one specific player (who will remain nameless but he rulez!).

Saturday’s game was the first time in 4 years of tournaments that Capitol beat Chehalis (some of these small towns are powerhouses) behind the valiant 87-pitch, complete game by the pitcher who also accounted for 2 RBI in the 3-1 win (for the record, the one run was scored on an error when the only ball which left the infield got past the left fielder).

The young hurling warrior dug deep and got it done in thrilling fashion after a shaky first inning against a pumped up Chehalis team, ending up with a 2 hitter for the day.

(a player to be named later)

Chehalis’ pitcher got off to a stellar start striking out 8 of the first 10 batters before catcher Tony finally made some contact to break the mojo. Soon after, young Jacob thwacked a ball hard on the fence barrier – missing a home run by millimeters – despite his dimuntive size.

Sunday’s match-up i did not attend but Aberdeen’s Daily World newspaper gives some highlights of the other games as well as a recap of the Capitol versus the host team Montesano matchup. Despite being based in the largest city of the region, CCLL has alwys taken a backseat to the small town teams who live and die for the success of the younglings and the small town squads take the losses hard especcially the hosts who had smacked East Grays Harbor 18-4.

Here’s what

Capitol 7, Montesano 5

Thurston County-based Capitol scored in every inning to keep a jump or two ahead of Montesano.

Elliot Mendenhall’s two-run double over the right fielder’s head capped a three-run third that rallied Monte to a 4-all standoff.

But Austin Lee singled and eventually scored on a wild pitch in the bottom of the same inning to put Capitol in front to stay. Following an exchange of runs, Tony Davis launched a gigantic homer that landed in the outfield at adjacent Crait Field in the fifth to make it 7-5.

An error and walk enabled Montesano to put the potential tying run aboard with one out in the sixth. But Capitol reliever Jacob Mowry enticed the final two batters to hit into forceouts at third base.

Montesano enjoyed an 8-7 edge in hits, but Capitol capitalized on three early walks and some Monte baserunning misadventures.

Mendenhall, Charlie Dietrich and Matthew Jensen had two hits each for Montesano. Lee and Noah Anderson paced the winners with two hits apiece.

This means a rematch between CCLL and Chehalis Centralia on Tuesday for the title and the right to represent in the state tourney which i think is in Richalnd WA. 5PM mark it on your calendar.

UPDATE: From Dustin’s mom:

We WON! It was an awesome game. We played Montesano (whose reputation is for bleeding baseball) and apparently the players were overheard saying that it’s going to be a piece of cake game….. no problem beating Capitol. Well, we showed them!

Final score was 7-5. Austin had a nice hit. He played third. Some great defense. Dustin hit a double that was 4 feet from being out of the park and it scored Noah. Then Mr. Tony Davis hit his first ever out of the park homerun!!!! He has never hit a homerun in a game or practice! He was so excited!

Dustin’s RBI was the game winning run and Tony’s homerun was the insurance. Coaches told the boys, good defense, good hitting and good pitching. All together won the game. Monte was not a happy team!

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Longboard Hockey League’s Chanley Cup Championship on the Sunshine Coast

As part of the Attack of Danger Bay longboard fest, the undefeated Chilliwack(ed) Meatheads will take on a All-Star team of LHL’ers including some of them ornrey looking dudes from North Shore Slashers. 

There is also a downhill race on Saturday and a slide comp on Saturday 8AM.  If you are in Vancouver, book a ferry ride and check it out – oh yeah, there is a parade too.  Who will hoist the Chanley Cup?  My money’s on King Brian.

Coast Longboarding says:


The image “https://i0.wp.com/coastlongboarding.com/images/uploads/notes/DB6_Event_Poster_FINAL-11.jpg?w=474” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

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Behind the Scenes with Crazy Canucks on Get Connected on CKNW

The Crazy Canucks crew (well, John, Rebecca, Dave) were guests on GetConnected Radio on CKNW (Chorus Radio Network or whatever) a week or two ago. While there, John set his recorder on the table to capture the between the takes banter with hosts Mike and Yolanda talking with us about the technical and creative backstory of making podcasts and publishing them out to the people. You can even hear Mike “hitting the button” in the 21st floor studio on a beauty Vancouver Saturday in the midst of playoff mania.

This raw segment is published with an intro by John as:
TCC#35 – The Crazy Canucks GetConnected interview

Or for your convenience, grab is here:
Crazy Canucks on CKNW
(24:38, .mp3)

photo by Drew Olson on Miss 604’s photostream

Read more:

Miss 604 – Get Connected With The Crazy Canucks

Audi Hertz – On the radio to talk about podcasting with GetConnected

Dave O talks to Mike on Get Connected

CKNW's dog
photos from Miss 604’s photostream

Watching Canucks Playoffs the Barefoot Grey-Market Way

With playoff season upon us, i remember 1994 when i was in Japan eager for info as the ‘Nucks came tantilizingly close to victory.  This was before Internet for the common person and beyond the realm of TV coverage (aside from some wee high-lights via satellite after hours of sumo, cricket and baseball highlights).

Get on the Canucks Outsider bus for the Playoffs

Anyhow,  this post has proved handy in the past if only to pass folks along to more actually handy info about working around the technical logistics of getting the games whereever in Canucks nation you happen to be – and will likely come in handy for the author who is Malta-bound (though i suspect he has a Slingbox plan in mind).

{re-posted from Watching Canucks, the Barefoot way}

Darren Barefoot, Canucks fan and (heh) “A”-list blogger posted a great nugget of info for those who must MacGyver their way to watch the games, especially those pesky East coast tilts whilst trapped at  place of toil.

Checkout his article for the whole low-down about How to Watch Canucks Games Over the Web (snippet follows):

Tonight is the Canucks’ sixth game of the season, and the first of 17 pay-per-view games. I usually go out to a bar to watch the PPV games, but tonight I’m feeling a bit under the weather. I couldn’t actually pay to watch the games at home because I don’t use one of the Canucks’ enabled television providers. Coincidentally, a, uh, alternative means of watching the game came across my virtual transom.

I’m pretty sure this is illegal, but, you know, I’ve given the Canucks a lot of money over the years. As such, I don’t feel particularly bad about it.

Indeed.  Enjoy and if you have tips or triumphs, post ’em below in the comments.

C’est le Toque!!! Canucks Outsider Live Vidcasts at Hockey NW

Yup, just as planned … the chat worked and the CANUCKS win! What a thriller! You couldn’t script it any better! The city is abuzz as neighbours took to the sidewlaks and corners to wave flags, honk horns and holler for their heroes.

Get the whole recap at: C’est le Toque!!! Canucks beat Stars in Seven!

Tune in for the next round of freewheeling, goodtime, hockey fun via: Canucks Outsider Live

Canucks Outsider Live -20070423-26

Taking Game One of Round Two off but we’ll be back in action for the weekend – possibly at a fine establishment. Ideas? Must have a table, much beer and fast wi-fi.

Ron and Don at SLC winter games with dav'es fuzzy hat
CBC’s Don Cherry and Ron Maclean talking to Joe Nieuwendyk’s brother, Gilles, while Coach Cherry wears daveo’s fuzzy hat after Canada vs Czech Republic (3-3) at 2002 SLC Winter Olympics. The hat was featured on the Coaches Corner Intro video montage for the following 2 seasons. [Olympic Photo Journal]

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The Crazy Canucks Podcasters on CTV News

The Crazy Canucks on CTV News

Damn my playoff beard is looking good!

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Olympic Outsider podcast
Olympic Outsider podcast

The Olympic Outsider podcast is now available via iTunes for your convenience, ergo:

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