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Post’d: 2 incredibly adorable cards off to find a heart

Two exceptionally adorable postcards into the post today (i love dropping into the postbox and the little stroll involved but since I’m desperately ill, the wife managed the important task)

The only thing better than keeping these wonderful postcards is sending them off to equally wonderful humans

The combination of the exceptional art and the tactile paper which takes the ink so elegantly, the details on reverse, choosing the stamps just right… All of it sparked my heart.

And I hope the recipients feel the goodness intended in each of my semi-legible scribbles.

Small repair: gluing a ukulele ‘wing’

My “cheap and cheerful” baritone ukulele has a sort of wooden overlay bird design which sort of became unlaminated and vibrates to make my *not particularly good* playing even a little bit buzzier on certain tones. Had tacked it down with an air mail sticker which, wasn’t quite getting the task done.

As such, with a toothpick, a bottle of household/school glue which is well past its best by date, and a bit of colorful washi masking tape, enacted a small repair.

This is not an important project and clearly not a quality Lutier ha ha, however I call these “mental health projects” – what I mean is: projects which can go from beginning to middle to end in one session and allow practical enjoyment of the fruits of the labour quickly and easily.

Avast! Unencumbered by perfection, side quests and trips to shops not required, very little risk of escalating into something more complicated – thars a bit of dopamine and satisfaction at the end from completing a practical task.

{When I’m struggling mentally or emotionally or both, I get a little bit manic about doing projects like to calm to chaos a little bit.}

Note: I spent a lot of time in bed, a lot of time meditating, and a lot of time listening to audiobooks filling my head full of ideas & filling up notebooks with schemes and poetryand sometimes just need to do simple tactile actions are that aren’t epic, not multi-faceted nor interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary or minorly revolutionary. Just simple and hey, dopamine hooray.

Do you? (also thanks to my darling who did actually most of the work)

Sunny came home with a list of names
She didn’t believe in transcendence
It’s time for a few small repairs she said
Sunny came home with a vengeance