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TEDxVAn 2009: Don Alder and Dr. Seuss’ Guitar

Meet the Champ:

Now up, Don Alder and a stringed instrument which i don’t know quite how to describe. A guitar with a harp/lute mutated out of the top (reminds me a VW buses welded to the top of school buses but i digress…).

The MC says, “it’s the the Bjork of guitars” – Don is playing this thing in ways i can’t quite fathom and having a good time doing it: using the guitar as a percussive instrument; playing over top of the neck; striking poses and flying up/down the fret board while also letting the guitar ring in this theatre. Don speaks: everyone has a way to make difference, not necessarily leading, but can be supporting a leader

Noteworthy: Pals with Rick Hansen (Man in Motion tour) Touring, touring, touring 2007 International Fingerstyle Champion… and more competitions from the web:

1st – 2007 Inernational Fingerstyle Championships Winfield, Kansas 2nd – 2006 International Fingerstyle Championships Winfield, Kansas 1st – 2004, 2005, 2006 Winfield Song Showcase“Best Instrumental” Category 1st – 2005 Best 30-second Guitar Solo Contest – Acidplanet.com Finalist – International Acoustic Music Awards (IAMA) 3rd – 2005 Vancouver BC Star Discovery 1st – 2004 Vancouver Folk Slam 1st – 2004 Winfield Intl. Fingerstyle Championships “Best Instrumental” Category 1st – 2004 Vancouver Guitar Show “Shred Contest” using just an acoustic guitar 3rd – 2004 Vancouver BC Star Discovery 4th – 2004 Openstrings International Fingerstyle Competition, Germany

Lunch Report Back from lunch at TedXVan with patio conversations, pizza, sliders, coffee, photo shoots, deconstructed talks and so on … Evidence of most of these activities simultaneously: b1j0.jpg

TEDxVan 2009 Live Twitter

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Now speaking: Kevin Carroll, Author, Speaker, Agent for Social Change http://ow.ly/Ep2g #TedXVan

Kevin Carrol is @kckatalyst #TedXVan telling his personal story of abandonment by addict parents and ball saving his life

Homeless World Cup of Soccer http://ow.ly/Ep7P #TedXVan

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