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riding the rails and the highways in public conveyance

NYC Speakeasy Stroll with Bubble Bands and Falafel Bars ~ Choogle On! #45

Rolling on in NYC, Uncle Weed gets the full Manhattan street-level tour from the Meat Packing District stumbling upon a band in a bubble to Greenwich Village for tasty falafels with savory accessories, a haunted speakeasy with rich literary history plus the only house on the island. Finally, thoughtful comparison on CBC’s The Trailer Park Boys (caution Flash) as the modern-day equivalent of (classic Canadian TV programme) Beachcombers.

Roll on with NYC Speakeasy Stroll ~ Choogle On! #45 (21:10, 20MB, .mp3)

Choogle on NYC

Anarchy and Fungi in the UK ~ Choogle On! #42

Out n’ about on London double-decker buses and underground tube to hook up for tea and joints with ethneo-pundit Max Freakout in counter-culture haven Camden Town to chat about markets and psychedelics (salvia divinorum, DMT, psilocybin) and reminiscing about two glorious summers of fungi legality in the UK.

Plus Brighton flashbacks with The Dopefiend discoursing on royals and morals and Max’s accounts of anarchist rallies and heavy handed actions by the coppers and parliamentary war-mongers.

Roll along with Anarchy and Fungi in the UK ~ Choogle On! #42 (.mp3, 24:28, 22MB)

Anarchy and Fungi in the UK - Choogle on #42
[pic and art by UW on flickr]

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Tripper’s Paradise: Hampstead Heath – Wikipedia, Hampstead Heath – City of London, Hampstead Heath – enthusiast site

london 040 Waiting for the Locks


New Moon
“High Times” (.mp3) from “New Moon” by Elliott SmithKill Rock Stars
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Father Yod, YaHoWha 13 and the Source Family
See: Process MediaSource Family music

Source Family 76

Sex Pistols “Anarchy in the UK”

The Ukrainians “Anarchy in the UK

Sex Pistols “L’Anarchie”

Havvanuggie's Cafe for Traditional Fish and Chips

Rolling to Bridgeport ~ Choogle On! #24

Uncle Weed and his buddy Eskimo space cruise into the Vancouver suburb of Richmond while chatting about Asian malls, local byways, global warming, dikes, Canada Line Skytrain, Olympic speed skating oval, box stores, mountains, cervezas, and YVR airport.

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Transit Cops, Used Cars and more Poutine Lady ~ Choogle On! #18

After ranting on about Skytrain cops, Uncle Weed offers a few used cars for sale (98 Volvo wagon and 74 VW bus) and serves up more Poutine lady hi-jinks.

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VW Earthship - Resting in a Utah back-40
thanks to cousin marky in Logan, UT for pic

Ranting on about Trains, Buses and Borders ~ Choogle On! #10

Uncle Weed gets a rant on about train ineffiency, bus exploits, jarheads and borders hassles while recounting recent experiences.

Listen Up! Choogle on with Uncle Weed #10

pic by DaveO’s phone

Never-ending Skytrain to Surrey ~ Choogle On! #3

Dave takes a Canadian Thanksgiving transit trip from end to end – from the North Shore by Seabus, all the way to the notorious suburb of Surrey. He chats about Skytrain stations, Vancouver sights and sounds, plus meets ‘SkyPigs’ and enjoys coffee while reminiscing about Vancouver adventures in bygone days.

Listen Up! Choogle on with Uncle Weed #3 “Never-ending Skytrain to Surrey”

Downtown Van to North Van