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Vapo-Hookah Royal Sampler – Choogle on #47

On a rainyday porch, Uncle Weed and Herr Funboy field test and rate a Vapo-Cannon Vaporizer, pimp Heads magazine and UW’s Tokes on the Porch blog and offering bribes and shout outs to iTunes reviewers before moving onto a session with a prancing horse hookah from Baghdad while sampling Renee, Lui, and Sugar Mango, Bubble Gum and other fine BC ganja.

Fire up Vapo Hookah Royal Sampler – Choogle on #47 (.mp3, 25:07, 23MB)

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Vapo-Hookah Royal Sampler - Choogle on


  • The Volcano Song – The Budos Band via KEXP SotD podcast
  • Such a Lovely Thing – DeVotchKa via KEXP SotD podcast
  • wild crafted street music from Greek Days festival in Vancouver


Tokes on the Porch blog

Vapo-Hookah Royal Sampler - Choogle on
thanks to Lt. Magnum

How to assemble a Hookah

Happy Sunday with the Vappy Man ~ Choogle On! #43

On a rainy Sunday, Uncle Weed visits Happy Vappy‘s designer and entrepreneur Ferdinand at his workshop in commercial East Vancouver. They discuss reasons for using a herbal vaporizer for enjoy ganja as well as his inspiration for his business, new improvements to the Happy Vappy, why the Vappy is handy for medical patients, what’s up with convection and temperature control plus useful Vaporizer use and maintenance tips.

Warm up with Happy Sunday with the Vappy Man ~ Choogle On! #43 (.mp3, 11:04, 15MB)


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“My Children, Be Joyful” Rock Plaza Central

are we not horses (2006, CD)


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