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Island Tech Seminar and Out-of-the-Box Talks

Island Tech Seminar and Out-of-the-Box Talks

F@ck Stats Make Art at Island Tech in Victoria…

Get your tickets! I’m presenting F@ck Stats Make Art at Island Tech in Victoria on Friday Nov. 13th  3rd time ever #fsma

Sushi Lunch Takeover at Drupal Camp Victoria

Dave O (then of Raincity Studios) visits with attendees of Drupal Camp Victoria back in 2009. They discuss sessions, topics around open source software, jQuery, javascript, falling off horses, painkillers, and the upcoming beer fest. Also, the story of North Studio.

Dual Beer Fest Action! – Choogle on #72

Dual Beer Fest Action

Starting at the Great Canadian Beer Fest in Victoria, BC (Vancouver Island), Uncle Weed samples some tasty ales and listens to lovely lasses play Hip tunes and chats with barmen and revelers. Much later (post appendectomy) UW and friends attend Oktoberfest at the German Alpen House in Vancouver where he recounts trips to Munich for while a young choogler and then rambles about old men dancing and such … 

Line-up for Dual Beer Fest Action – Choogle on #72 (.mp3, 18:56, 18MB)



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Geek Ferry Bound for Drupal Camp Victoria & Beer Fest

En route to Drupal Camp Victoria circa 2009, community wrangler Dave Olson (then of Raincity Studios) chats with attendees aboard the BC Ferries ship. Topics include: beer fest, open source web software development, mixing up names and talking about nodes.