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Artifacts (youngtime): Chief Scout’s Award – evidence / letters, photos, certificate – 1983

from left Dave Olson, various RCMP and Judge, Bob Olson front, Brad Coleman far right – receiving Chief Scout’s award, 1983

In Canadian Scouts, the highest accolade one can achieve is the Chief Scout’s Award. Requires a whole load of badges and tasks and whatnot – sorta like the US Eagle Scout i suppose.

Anyhow, as it goes, most Scouts earn this on their way out and onto Ventures (the next age bracket group) but diligent as i am, earned at a young age (was told youngest ever but no way to verify) and attended the ceremony (requiring special permission apparently) along with older brother Bob and pal Brad Coleman. 

What follows are artifacts and evidence from the event and award.

(As obvious) this is a letter from Governor General who is apparently the Chief Scout of Canada) acknowledging earning of eponymous Chief Scout’s Award.

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Artifacts (youngtime): Dave making words, ca 1980

Artifacts (youngtime): Dave making words at school, ca 1980

Artifacts (youngtime): Drawings of pigs and farms (and a buffalo), ca 197x

Drawing: Pig head, David Olson, Age 7, Surrey, BC
Drawing: Pig head, David Olson, Age 7, Surrey, BC

Fascinated by pigs of all kinds from a young age, i made scrapbook, drawing, plans for ownership, and learned the names and habits of everykind of swine from peccaries, to warthogs, to javelina. My sports-teams are always named after pigs (street hockey and fantasy sports to be more accurate) and i invented characters including “Super Pig” with appropriate uniform. I also raised a family of guinea pigs (until devoured by a ruthless opossum). Evidence of these other projects are scattered elsewhere, whereas in this post, i share various sketches of pigs, farms and a buffalo – made when 7 years old.

Drawing: Pig head 2, David Olson, undated (likely 1977)
Drawing: Pig head 2, David Olson, undated (likely 1977)

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Artifacts (youngtime): Guildford (Surrey, BC) Pals and Gangs, 197x

Artifacts (youngtime): with pal Chris Goodman (note Peterbuilt hat) / he’s still awesome

Note: after moving from Lansing, Michigan to Surrey, BC in 1974/5, we lived on 154th St. in Guilford area on a dirt road with a rented house which backed into a whole bunch of forest. I attended Harold Bishop elementary school before moving to Whalley (95 ave.) in middle for Grade 4.

In the nearby woods, my friend Chris Goodman and I found a huge stash of lumber (also note in there was a few burnt out old houses in a field across from us) we salvage things and made large dangerous tree houses. I recall we played wide-games in the forest as well as epic street hockey games at the dead end by a new doctor’s office.

This area was quickly developed with a big new library and a massive mall.  The building still exist though the house is long gone, the roads paved etc. etc.

Artifacts (youngtime): “Guildford Goodguys Gang” (Surrey, BC) Pals, 197x (noting brother Bobby, Gordie…)

This was around the time I did the Pig Express newsletter and wrangled up various gangs of “good kids” for activities and what not. Realizing now this was *important* because there was a lot of dangerous characters around the neighbourhood including the one who shall not be named.

Artifacts: Telegram about brother Bob being born + notes

Telegram announcing brother Bob’s birth some years ago today – sent by Dad (Lorne, which is also Bob’s middle name along with Olaf – our paternal grandfather) to Lucile Stevenson, our maternal great-grandmother living in Elmhurst, Illinois where our maternal grandfather, Robert Louis Stevenson, was born, sent from Eugene, Oregon (USA) where Robert (aka brother Bob) was born. 

Among the information is:

  • weight, 8 lbs 5 ounces
  • Lauralee (our mother) is fine
  • parents are proud (naturally)

Continuing, here is me (right) visiting Bob in about 1983/4 in Logan, UT with aforementioned grandfather RLS’s truck in background at (divorced but still cordial at this time) maternal grandmother Isobel’s house – now occupied by a cousin who received in her will. At the time, Aunt L (and a few cousins) and Uncle M lived there as well. 

Note: along with brother Bob and grandpa Robert, there is an uncle, cousin and brother Bob’s son (my nephew) with the same appellation (possibly others i’ve missed). Derivatives and nicknames ensue to keep all straight. I am the only Dave in the extended clan. 

Artifacts (youngtime): with Santa / Obviously *thrilled*, location unrecalled 

Obviously *thrilled* (despite super snappy outfit), location unrecalled, circa 1980?


Portrait: Junior Cub Scout

Junior Cub Scout, circa 1978?

Before the arms were adorned with badges (basically every single badge except the sailing one) and before i was a Chief Scout (basically the youngest one ever), i was just a Beaver graduate trying to make my way in the intimidating world of Cub Scouting.

Soon, i became a “6-er” and a “2-nd” or something and was qualified to lead the DYB DYB DYB chants. Heady days which began with a wee cub and his badgeless grey flannel shirt and fantastic hair (and yet another pair of specs). 


Artifacts (youngtime): Scout ID, Camps, Lessons, Certs including “Mr Fun” award

Certified and Valued, 1979-1981, signed my my Mom/Akela
Surrey (BC) Parks and Recreation Commission aquatic program ticket #2636 – year unknown – Mon-Fri 12:00-12:30 July 2-13. No Refunds.

Indeed, youth and childhood is often laden with activities of various sorts… some ad hoc as it were, others organized in some formal manner or another. This round-up contains evidence of the latter in the forms of artifacts from swim lessons registration card, summer camp maps, scout ID cards and camp photo and importantly, a certificate proclaiming me as “Mr. Fun” at some summer camp with a Troop of which i have no remembrance. Carry on with the fun!

Boy Scouts of Canada 1975-76 “Dave Olson” (note signature)

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Artifacts (youngtime): Bankbooks

Savings accounts, just for the bankbook…

I wasn’t a lad who obsessed over money by any means but kept a savings account from when I was a wee little dude primarily to receive a cute little notebook (and for a mandated reason for saving i shan’t discuss here). Then I discovered punk rock and removed all the money to buy records…

Here are two examples, one shiny gold and magnificent, the other similar aside from the horizontal layout and displayed in b&w for reasons unknown. There are others somewhere. I still love little notebooks and have little interest in banks (pun ha!).

Artifacts (youngtime): Ribbons from fairs, various

Ribbons: Science Fair, Prince Charles Elementary, various awards
Ribbons: Science Fair, Prince Charles Elementary, various awards

Somehow, these artifacts have survived through dozens of moves, various countries, storage lockers and culling of items. As such, they are now rather proudly displayed here for the historical record. At risk of presenting evidence of peaking early, i see these as polishing skills and preparing for future acts, including impending/current act  3 (but who’s counting?).

These are ribbons (obv) form various events (duh) including science fairs (detailed elsewhere in this archive), plus from collections and art displayed at NW Washington Fair in Lynden (our kin lived there and, as such we spent a lot of time there and participated in the fair).

Ribbons: N.W. Washington (Whatcom County) Fair, variety of awards
Ribbons: N.W. Washington (Whatcom County) Fair, variety of awards

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