Evidence: darlings in BC (on a Bedouin scarf)

A little collage of printed postcards from the #BCInvasion trip.

I keep adding more in lieu of a “proper” scrapbook but kinda love the view

Still haven’t really processed, digested, remixed, create-i-fied from this journey but, happenstance offered a moment to print & hang a few of my darlings above the writing desk, pinned to a Bedouin shroud.

Post’d: a card for a patisserie (with a Sailor fountain pen)

“She has excellent taste” said someone else

Darling wife making a special hand-delivered postcard to friends to just opened an adorable France-inspired patisserie here in Okayama / includes ink stamps & 1¥ postage, written with #daveo50 Sailor brand fountain pen from Hiroshima.

PS Sailor brand presented special fountain pens to delegates attending the G7 whoop-de-do in Hiroshima last May.

“Japan’s Gifts to G7 Leaders at Hiroshima Summit, Sailor Pen “Iro-Miyabi” 21K Fountain Pen”

Mine is not same but is personalized & engraved.

The bakery, brand new, opened at 11 AM, we were there five minutes before & waited – the curtains opened and lights switched on exactly at 11, we entered, greeted our friend and within five minutes, there were eight other customers with straw baskets & tongs (provided) choosing amongst the lovely items.

The showcases looked straight out of a back laneway in Paris, my wife bought several items, and also gifted them a bottle of French wine, vintage 2023 to commemorate their opening.

The husband/baker came out the side door to give us at least 12 bows in thanks for coming by and offering support.

I wanted to take snapshots of everything but instead, found a wonderful wooden chair and took in this scene – indexing all of it in my poetry mind – and, snapped a picture of my shoe to remember I was there.

While this is the worst possible photos you could take of such an elegant situation, I did not want to violate patrons shopping experience, privacy and/or vibe yet commemorative the experience with a sloppy photo of a shoe socks and trousers to remind myself I was there and unlock the poetry gathered at the time

First woodstove fire of season (a single flick)

First wood stove fire of the season last night. That’s all glorious hardwood in there…

one flick and only one flick

I get very excited about this point since I come from the land of softwood where it takes dang near half a trunk full to get you through a weekend of camping.

(Being of Ayurvedic dosha), I’m very proud (yes Leo) of my ability to light this variety of slow and hot burning wood with only a single flick of a lighter.

Airflow is critical as are my freshly-made batch of egg carton/wood shaving/soy wax fire starters.

It’s a beautiful little cast-iron stove with a good sized cooktop which is great not just for a kettle but for a big pot of soup or sometimes even a cast-iron griddle.

Do you have a fireplace or woodstove? What do you like to burn in it? What are your favorite fire making style/techniques?

Evidence: forged passport (on Pender)

A lazy day on pender, decoding myths, excavating legends

Ephemera, snapshots, stamps of all kinds, snippets of poetry, forgotten claim checks, former “safe house” addresses, secret compartments and whatnot all conspire to create a passport – with decoder book not included (consider Lamb’s edition of Shakespeare, without the poetry)

Everything is significant, coincidence is futile