Eye infection: Notes from a pirates life

Because I over document all the tiny incidents of my life, and have far too much time spent in bed with a chronic and complex illness… It means, I made a collage of my eye infection over this last week. It’s getting better, grateful for a great medical system here in Japan, eyes are very delicate (I’ve spent enough on ophthalmologists and optometrists and opticians to pay for orthodontists for their children and possibly a boat for their retirement) but super glad for good medical care (oh, did I say that already?)

yes I am matching mask colour to my beard :-)

How it started: I’m going to pretend I’m a boxer who took a few hits in my right eye but really it’s some kind of weird eye infection or something… I don’t know anyway ~ I probably shouldn’t post this but took a photo to see how eye looked (because I don’t have a mirror here in bed)

PS for historical record. Also noting that face recognition on my phone robot doesn’t work with this Popeye look

So, Yes, I did make a photo essay of my eye infection. Also numerous “eye” related wordplay puns but I’ll spare you.

Treatment: Was from the house to the ophthalmologist, checking in, inspection, correction, prescription, filled and home in 42 minutes…

Next Steps: Yep infection, eyedrops in, changed all the pillows sheets and towels. Keeping it covered with tissue as well. Big day at the hospital tomorrow so hopefully will have some improvement tonight

Finally, Pretty much back to normal now whatever that is. Or maybe I should take one more photo?

Rejoinder: I’m not sure why I’m sharing this but why do I do any of this.

Anyhow, take care of your peepers (and dig my sweet track suits and pajamas)

Oh I think I’m doing pretty good now

Records: things to say about these albums, but for now…

I have things to say about each of these albums.

Very different things in each case but important things.

Things about reinvention, transitions, kindness, confusion, discovery and comfort.

Stashing here for now to remind myself to tell you later.

shrine to help the passed along their way

rip Kim S & Paul J #peace

Healing: rocking hospital visit (plus green kei-truck & ramen)

(Brief) Diary:

Rocked Okayama Uni hospital visit with 4 check points (#mecfs specialist, TCM kampo, IV cocktail & admin tasks)

Thanked the doctors so much for what they’re doing for this weird illness and yes, there’s suddenly so much more research going on. The revolution continues for the missing millions.

+ saw sweet green kei-truck; ate ramen waiting for scrips; & spotted cute Indian/Nepali resto for next time

Came home, long hot bath, now in bed, much medicines to organize. I’m trying…

Bonus: the Ramen shop from the outside, kind of classic

Post’d: surface transport (distant lands)

Some countries still don’t have air mail connections with Japan at this time, so, sending a letter envelope by surface post… Wonder how long it will take to find its destination? Hope this envelope has it sea legs.

Avast ye envelope

All together dispatches today went to Sri Lanka, India, and the usual, Japan, USA and Canada.

Item (by post): Rick Rubin’s “The Creative Act” book + *wondering how to turn off*

Rick Rubin’s book arrived, in glorious hard cover. Lovely design and I’m sure full of goodness.

If I had my head together, I would give you a list of all these great recent interviews, including with Neil Young, Malcolm Gladwell and dozens of others – each one better than the last…

Plus a list of albums he produced (but you probably already know that), and namecheck that show he did with Paul McCartney where he deconstructs and unpacks stories songs which are so familiar in genial black-and-white goodness… however, im busy wearing my s3xy robot maid outfit tidying up the kitchen and just taking a break so you’re on your own

It’s a “creative act” after all.

[update, a few notes]:

In brief:

Note: it’s meditations, prompts, thoughts and musings about creativity… What it is, how to harness it, how to block out noise and negativity and do your own thing – and why all of that matters.

Note: super wise and for “real musicians” and sound engineers, he can come off as a bit of a edge case because he’s not technical in any sense… Has produced dozens of important albums but doesn’t really run a sound/mixing desk, doesn’t read music or play instruments per se but has an ability to bring out the vibe, push artists further into their work and produce something somewhat unexpected but somehow just right (usually).

His conversations with Neil Young are particularly good… Just listened to a Longform conversation with Iggy Pop as well and watch the series he did with Paul McCartney where he deconstructs Beatles/wings songs

Here’s a great overview of the book from the podcast Rick does with Malcolm Gladwell. In this case, appropriately, Malcolm interviewing Rick about the book.

Note: If you’re really curious… Here’s an extended conversation between renegade history pod maker Dan Carlin and Rick Rubin spanning all sorts of topics in and around his book but with numerous digressions, diversions and riffs

It’s not a “how to” or technical book.

Since I’m here,

Real question for “obsessive creative latent perfectionist” types:

How do you let go of the feeling of wanting to be doing all the time? How do you set aside creative ambitions and ‘turn off’?

I try to find balance & take long baths but always want to be “making” something.

{noted from bed #MECFS crash recovery mode – and yes, being in bed is the best place for me to be to recover from recent activities as the most important thing in my life is to take care of myself so I can be a good hubbo and pappa… So there’s that, just wanna wanna wanna…}

Item by Poste: photo zines from Art Island Naoshima

Photo book and photo zine by Andrew McCormick (@a.d.mccormick IG, @a_d_mccormick Tw) curator/wrangler of Art Island Center (@artislandcenter IG) on nearby Naoshima – one of the several art islands in the Seto inland sea.

you can order “perfect is unnerving

Both have lovely production value, engaging content, and so great to support a really important and interesting project (with which I would love to collaborate eventually.

Update, here are the actual field notes that came in the bundle

(hard for me to get out to the islands as much as I would like to due to the #MECFS but the fact that so much art goodness is available scattered around charming little islands, simply *exists* and that when friends come to visit, I know they can head out there easily / warms my wee heart)

i also ordered some Drapin Field Notes notebooks which arrived in the lovely packet.

not this one specifically, just one from the stash from years ago

PS i have a post waiting to share about this island but for now visit David Billa‘s Setouchi Explorer & you can order “perfect is unnerving” you get a free gift & free shipping (Japan/US).

Ryoko & Me at Goat Farm

Photo at Rural Caprine (Goat) Farm where we met, captured by our first “official tourist visa guest” Kane Tan – since well… long before I can recall.

Yes, I am completely mental in love with her

Bonus: Here’s Mr. Tan and I in front of the newly renovated Okayama “Crow castle” – we have many mutual friends, but I’ve never met in real life before, and enjoyed a very pleasant time with this multi-talented, charming, graceful gentleman (despite almost everywhere, we attempted to visit/eat was closed)

More about Kane’s visit in November re-cap: guest, poetry, pod & usual maintenance