Post’d: “the present is an unfinished…”

sometimes words aren’t needed, just stamps (postal & inky) and strategic bits of washi tape

“The present is an (un)finished #postcard… ergo: added a few more decorations before finally went into the box (created while holding my sleeping toddler in lap at a coffee shop)

This one went off to Vancouver to be delivered to someone who is sitting next to me at the time at gloss coffee shop and gallery.

Accompanied in the mail drop (i arrived at the postbox just as the pick-up was happening like some kind of fortuitous timing) along with a few to mutual friends and one to our own house (yes I do that frequently for ¥70 of thrills).

Memo: in & outta the ditch with blue hobbit toes

Thanks for kind words, letters and picking up the phone recently.

Got out of the #mecfs ditch for a couple of days / now back in bed *crashmode* while family (w/ visiting nephew) is heading off to a sword museum outing i planned. Feeling super low but hey, at least my toes are painted cute #selfcare

Alt: A pair of moderately-hobbit-looking 27cm feet with unprofessionally but enjoyably painted blue toenails, shot from recumbent height level against a turquoise tencel bedsheet with a Japanese translucent glass sliding door as background

OK, I need to disappear again, eye fatigued after a :20 reentry. Ice bags on neck, coffee and water on hand.

im here, really

You are all more beautiful than you were yesterday if that’s even possible.

Eye infection: Notes from a piratey life

I’m going to pretend I’m a boxer who took a few hits in my right eye but really it’s some kind of weird eye infection or something… I don’t know anyway ~ I probably shouldn’t post this but took a photo to see how eye looked (because I don’t have a mirror here in bed)

Yes, I did make a photo essay of my eye infection. Also numerous “eye” related wordplay puns but I’ll spare you. & yes yes I am matching mask colour to my beard :-)

Was from the house to the ophthalmologist, checking in, inspection, correction, prescription, filled and home in 42 minutes…

Pretty much back to normal now whatever that is. Or maybe I should take one more photo?

Yep infection, eyedrops in, changed all the pillows sheets and towels. Keeping it covered with tissue as well. Big day at the hospital tomorrow so hopefully will have some improvement tonight

Because I over document all the tiny incidents of my life, and have far too much time spent in bed with a chronic and complex illness… It means, I made a collage of my eye infection over this last week. It’s getting better, grateful for a great medical system here in Japan, eyes are very delicate (I’ve spent enough on ophthalmologists and optometrists and opticians to pay for orthodontists for their children and possibly a boat for their retirement) but super glad for good medical care (oh, did I say that already?)

I’m not sure why I’m sharing this but why do I do any of this.

Anyhow, take care of your peepers (and dig my sweet track suits and pajamas)

Oh I think I’m doing pretty good now

PS for historical record. Also noting that face recognition on my phone robot doesn’t work with this Popeye look

Records: things to say about these albums, but for now…

I have things to say about each of these albums.

Very different things in each case but important things.

Things about reinvention, transitions, kindness, confusion, discovery and comfort.

Stashing here for now to remind myself to tell you later.

shrine to help the passed along their way

rip Kim S & Paul J #peace

Healing: rocking hospital visit (plus green kei-truck & ramen)

(Brief) Diary:

Rocked Okayama Uni hospital visit with 4 check points (#mecfs specialist, TCM kampo, IV cocktail & admin tasks)

Thanked the doctors so much for what they’re doing for this weird illness and yes, there’s suddenly so much more research going on. The revolution continues for the missing millions.

+ saw sweet green kei-truck; ate ramen waiting for scrips; & spotted cute Indian/Nepali resto for next time

Came home, long hot bath, now in bed, much medicines to organize. I’m trying…

Bonus: the Ramen shop from the outside, kind of classic

Post’d: surface transport (distant lands)

Some countries still don’t have air mail connections with Japan at this time, so, sending a letter envelope by surface post… Wonder how long it will take to find its destination? Hope this envelope has it sea legs.

Avast ye envelope

All together dispatches today went to Sri Lanka, India, and the usual, Japan, USA and Canada.