HootSuite Takes A Little Cash Off The Table To ‘De-Risk,’ Aims For Bigger Game via Venture Capital Dispatch, WSJ

Early investors and employees of the social media management company have sold $20 million worth of shares.

Social media management company HootSuite Media has ballooned since it started a little over three years ago, winning business from global brands and growing to nearly four million users, with $75 million in revenue expected this year.

Now HootSuite’s founder, Ryan Holmes, and some of his fellow shareholders are taking money off the table–they sold $20 million worth of shares to OMERS Ventures, an investment arm of one of Canada’s largest pension plans, in one of the biggest venture capital deals in Canada in the last decade.

Source: HootSuite Takes A Little Cash Off The Table To ‘De-Risk,’ Aims For Bigger Game – Venture Capital Dispatch – WSJ

SXSW: HootSuite organically mobilizes around the globe via Ottawa Citizen/Postmedia

At SxSW 2012, i presented a core conversation called “Crowd Sourcing Community Projects, the Tom Sawyer Way“.

Afterwards i shared more opinions and anecdotes to various media outlets including this video treat by Dean Broughton. Click through to view and/or read the article below.

dave at SXSW for Van Sun

Vancouver’s HootSuite are the darlings of SXSW, again. If it’s not the HootSuite Owl commanding crowds, it’s the massive HootBus and t-shirt-canon-firing CEO Ryan Holmes attracting attention. The social media dashboard is on an explosive growth curve and has now been adapted into 14 different languages.

When Facebook and Twitter went down at the start of the Arab Spring in Egypt last year, HootSuite was the only outlet able to provide a conduit for the people during the first 36 hours. It was a pretty powerful day for the director of marketing Dave Olson, who witnessed 7,000 per cent spike in users overnight.

He outlined how HootSuite has organically mobilized around the globe during his well-received SXSW session “Crowd Sourcing Community Projects Around the Globe Like Tom Sawyer.”

Source: SXSW: HootSuite organically mobilizes around the globe

Vancouver’s Pecha Kucha Night #20 – All Star Special Edition @ Vogue Theatre via Chronicles of Times

Vancouver’s Pecha Kucha Night #20 – All Star Special Edition @ Vogue Theatre

March 2, 2012

I really enjoyed Dave Olson‘s (aka. Uncle Weed) talk, more for the flow and ebb of it than anything. As he walked about on stage I winced every step he took on account of the cast on his right foot.

He walked around a lot.He talked a lot about his idea of what it means to succeed, or at least progress as a human and explore ones own creativity and self, which I think is fairly accurately depicted by the photograph below, where the comfort zone is not where we should be hanging out in. It was very clear why this is Dave’s third Pecha Kucha appearance.

Source: Vancouver’s Pecha Kucha Night #20 – All Star Special Edition @ Vogue Theatre « Local « News « Chronicles of Times

25 SxSWi panels that journalists won’t want to miss via Poynter

25 South by Southwest Interactive panels that journalists won’t want to miss – Poynter

By Mallary Jean Tenore • February 28, 2012

Crowdsourcing community projects like Tom Sawyer

Dave Olson, vice president of community at HootSuite, will share tips on how to tap into the audience for help with stories. He’ll talk about the importance of setting boundaries; understanding types of contributors and what makes them want to contribute; thwarting confusion and conflicts; and avoiding “cat herding.” He’ll also offer crowdsourcing examples that involve helping victims in disaster zones and organizing citizen reporting at the Olympic Games. || Related reading: 5 ways to get people to contribute good content for your site

BCITMA presents Think/Share with Darren Yada, Christ Walts and Dave Olson via VIAwesome

Think/Share is Vancouver’s newest speaker series and it’s dedicated to the city’s advertising and marketing industry, with the aim of bringing together professionals and students alike to listen to some folks talk on a subject and then have engage in dialogue. The subject of this inaugural evening is “Brand Management through Social Media” and I’ll be moderating an expert panel made up of Darren Yada of Rethink, Chris Walts of TribalDDB and Dave Olson of Hootsuite.

If you work in marketing and advertising I can promise an interesting night of conversation followed by a musical set by the Junebugs. HERE is all of the info and below is Dave from Hootsuite’s recent TEDxCAPU talk to give you an idea of what you’re in for, just in case you’ve never met him or seen/heard him speak…


Source: BCITMA presents Think/Share with Darren Yada, Christ Walts and Dave Olson | VIAwesome

What Don’t You Know About Hootsuite? via The Marketing Mentress

What Don’t You Know About Hootsuite?

Aug 1, 2011

Dave Olson is the Community Marketing Director for social media dashboard maker HootSuite. Working in the internet space since 1996, Dave’s experience includes ISP’s, e-commerce, open source web communities, movie promotion, a green business directory and an alternative accreditation program during the Vancouver Olympics. A graduate of Evergreen College in Inter-disciplinary Studies, he frequently presents at events and to the media discussion technology, art, and culture. After living and traveling worldwide, Dave now enjoys exploring his local North Vancouver mountains and forests.

We discuss how Hootsuite was a huge asset to getting the word out about the Egyptian uprisings in January. That country had set up roadblocks to Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. However, with the use of Hootsuite and all its assets, the messages were broadcast in spite of the roadblocks the Egyptian Government tried to set up on the internet.

Hootsuite also was a big part of helping with the Japanese Earthquakes this year. You will find out how this all happened in this inspiring interview with Dave Olson.

Source: The Marketing Mentress » What Don’t You Know About Hootsuite? Dave Olson

HootSuite’s Dave Olson draws a crowd of newspaper editors in New Orleans via Georgia Straight

HootSuite’s Dave Olson draws a crowd of newspaper editors in New Orleans

by Charlie Smith on July 21st, 2011


 At a convention in New Orleans, Dave Olson talked about hashtags, including those used by supporters of the Egyptian revolution.

Sometimes, you have to make it big elsewhere before you start getting noticed in your hometown.

That’s what Dave Olson, community marketing director for Vancouver-based HootSuite, said with a smile when I ran into him today in New Orleans.

He was there to give a presentation on social media at the annual convention of the Association of Alternative Newsweeklies. Several in the room were newspaper editors.

He told the audience that it took two years before HootSuite had one million people signed up to its social-media-dashboard service. The next million signed up in seven months.

HootSuite, a privately owned company based in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, attracted global attention during the Egyptian uprising when then-dictator Hosni Mubarak blocked Twitter and Facebook.

Rebels were still able to get messages out through HootSuite. This prompted Olson to remark that for 36 glorious hours, his company became the voice of the revolution. He quickly mentioned that it also became the voice of the counterrevolution.

The company has also attracted celebrity users, including President Barack Obama, Oprah, and Martha Stewart, according to Olson.

“Christiane Amanpour live-tweeted through HootSuite,” he stated.

After his company created an infographic, the Voice of America called and asked if it could be translated into Farsi.

That was followed by calls from the U.S. State Department andNational Geographic.

He said the greatest number of tweets per second came when Japan won the Women’s World Cup. Ranking number two was the massive Japanese earthquake earlier this year.

“Japan is our number two market,” Olson noted. Referring to his company’s mascot, he added: “Some of it is attributable to the fact that we have a really cute owl.”

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Source: HootSuite’s Dave Olson draws a crowd of newspaper editors in New Orleans | Georgia Straight Vancouver’s News & Entertainment Weekly

Article: Use HootSuite as a Marketing Tool via Mashable

Article: Use HootSuite as a Marketing Tool via Mashable by Meghan Peters, May 11, 2011

We talked to Dave Olson, HootSuite’s marketing director, for a primer on using the platform for social media marketing.

Secure Team Setup

With the vast reach social media can have, it’s important for marketing organizations to be aware of who has access to which accounts and how they’re using them. HootSuite has put a number of features in place so managers can keep accounts secure as teams grow and change, including the ability to add and remove members without sharing passwords.

“Because HootSuite was created by an agency to manage their social media needs, the functionality is specifically designed for marketing teams and organizations,” Olson said.

After a slew of embarrassing tweets sent by brands like Chrysler and the Red Cross when marketers accidentally clicked on the wrong account, HootSuite developed Secure Profiles. The feature prompts users to confirm or cancel tweets before sending them, preventing potentially damaging updates from being posted to corporate social profiles.

The New York Public Library is one organization that takes advantage of HootSuite’s team collaboration tools. It uses the platform to coordinate a decentralized team of contributors that maintains its online presence across a number of social networks. Team members share search columns, schedule updates and assign each other tasks within the tool. These coordinated efforts helped the @nypl Twitter account dramatically grow its following while increasing traffic to the site by more than 350% in a year.

Hootsuite’s Dave Olson on sparking the conversation via Newspapers Canada, Ink and Beyond

Via: Hootsuite’s Dave Olson on sparking the conversation – Newspapers Canada / Ink and Beyond

Social media has revolutionized the way audiences consume the news; changing not only the method of delivery, but the way that stories are shared and transformed in the process. On April 30, Dave Olson from Vancouver-based  HootSuite gave the final presentation of the INK+BEYOND conference, titled Sparking the Conversation: Creating a Social Media Plan.

Olson spoke about the history of the relatively young company and described how newspapers can, and should, incorporate social media into their online and mobile strategy.

In the new digital world, content creators can now analyze where audiences are coming from, what they are looking at and what they are responding to. “You can measure everything – slice and dice your channels and tune the timing and the delivery of your content,” said Olson.

From a business standpoint, social media dashboard services such as HootSuite help newspaper staff not only manage the delivery of content on a variety of social networks, but provide a number of features to help analyze and understand how audiences interact with content.

Some highlights include:

  • Integration of multiple accounts (Facebook, Twitter Foursquare) all on one platform
  • Customizable analytics and tools to track detailed readership statistics (interactions, demographics etc)
  • Determine the “clout” of certain users – algorithm that assigns an influence value to people allowing you to determine which users have authority
  • Custom search streams allow you to monitor mentions of your newspaper, competitors and key industry terms.
  • Drill down your searches with geo-location and filtering options

While anyone can go out and create raw content, traditional media contextualize all of the “stuff” with a built in credibility. “Education, practice and experience make journalists different than all of the other content makers,” according to Olson. However, it is important to remember that social media should never be used as a one-way delivery mechanism; it is always about creating a conversation between the newspaper and the audience.

Olson closed his presentation by reiterating that newspapers should integrate social media into their digital plan but must remain in control. “Technology is a tool, the tool will change – concentrate on what you want it to do, don’t become a slave to technology.”

Source: Hootsuite’s Dave Olson on sparking the conversation – Newspapers Canada