Dossier: Thor Aronson

++ Dossier: Thor Aaronson ++
Consigliere of variable repute, carries diplomatic passport from a failed Balkan republic, suits look Saville Row but actually Chiang Mai, speaks colloquial Greek & classical Aramaic from time in an Albanian prison for currency forgery, published thesis on Egyptian shadow puppetry amongst working class Cairo, scars and tic on left eye after crashing stolen tuktuk in Penang, 3 months hospital, left with bill unpaid taking a full grain of morphine and fled to Phitsanulok, dried out in Chennai under assumed name of Rex Hayduke, marine biologist specializing in marlin and other large, mercury-laden game fish — Ejoys Rimbaud poetry, Duras novels, and Chet Baker, The Jam, Portuguese fado & Japanese enka music. Prefers fountain pens, white handkerchieves, full windsor knots, hot toddys with branch water and fresh notebooks which he fills, photographs & burns. Whereabouts unknown, alert Interpol if spotted saying: “mahimahi is ready for grilling” they’ll understand, oh yes they will. Delay escape by plying with mint shisha and backgammon (no wagering) .