Links to all the social presences and places to find me online along with various bonus projects (in various degrees of currentness or retiredness).

Social Publishing

Medium – various essays (cross-posted)

Youtube – video dim sum, interviews, lectures

Flickr – shareable documentary photos in sets


Tumblr – “Shoebox of Enjoyables” with links, articles and oddities

Uncle Weed Storytime Facebook Page

Rebel Mouse – “Diplomatic Pouch” social roundups

Soundcloud – spoken word poetry and song-ish things

Mixcloud – sounds for remixing

Vimeo – featured films and shows

Wattpad – various short stories (cross-posted)

Deviant Art – art for share and sale

Delicious – archive of links, usually tagged

Internet Archive – library of creative commons content

Imdb – profile and various films appearences


True North Media House – social accreditation program for Vancouver 2010

Japanhemp.org – Hemp in Japan info clearinghouse

HempenRoad – 1997 travel documentary film on commercial cannabis

Giggling Piglet – hemp and art biz project umbrella

Hemplobby.org – protect the environment & promote the economy


Choogle on with Uncle Weed –  Counter-culture Podcast of hi-jinks and pontifying

Olympic Outsider – Blog and Podcast about Winter Olympics

Postcards from Gravelly Beach – Spoken literature word podcast with original work, historical faves and eclectic music

Urban Vancouver – Occasional blog and podcast about life in VanBC


Canucks Outsider – Hockey culture and podcast

Clubside Breakfast Time – Cosmo G. Spacely’s podcast from OlyWA (frequent guest)

Zhonka! Broadband – DSL ISP for Wa. State power users (and non-suckers)

Olyblog – Another hyper local blog from the old town OlyWa for time to time posting

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