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slices of life whilst out n’ about – lots of street musicians, festivals, parade, transportation methods and vehicles, wandering, commuting, skating, riding – not a story so much a hint

Coal Harbour, Vancouver Stroll w/ 360 cityscape

Stopping in Coal Harbour to document the surroundings including the seawall, float plane docks, public art, and the Burrard Inlet.

Creative Commons – Remixable with attribution

BC Ferries in the Strait

Looking towards Bowen Island and the Sunshine Coast behind from a park in Horesehoe Bay, West Van, BC as Ferries roll on by. Music by Larry Harper.

Pender Island: Three Zen Views

Three ways of seeing Pender Island in BC’s Gulf Islands.

  1. Chatter of friend’s on a beach
  2. Waves lapping driftwood
  3. Sun setting on the ferry ride home.

Note: Sound blows out at the end.
Creative Commons — Remixable with attribution

Seeking Orcas from the BC Ferry en route to Pender Island

Rooftop Transportation Bonanza in Vancouver’s Burrard Inlet

From the roof of 1 Alexander in Vancouver’s Gastown, Richard Eriksson and i observe and riff about transportation methods and other sundry topics including: largest two-way Ferry, Mars Martian Flying Fire Boat, Seabus ($2/3 harbour cruise) with advice for Falafel and Suspension Bridge.

Vancouver Polar Bear Swim at English Bay, 2009

 On New Year’s Day 2009, I stroll along Vancouver’s Seawall towards English Beach to witness the annual Polar Bear swim with thousands of colourful Vancouver-ites gathering at English Bay, in costumes from clowns to bikinis, to start the New Year with a plunge into the frigid Pacific beginning with a a mass start from the snowy beach at 2:30pm on January 1st, 2009.
Once arrived to the festivities, i observe swimmers going in for a quick dip but also a few die-hards — including a Viking helmet clad yeoman — competing to be the heartiest participant.

Shot with a fish-eye style lens for a unique perceptive of the whole beach and ocean.

Zen Waves, Logs and Viking Ship on Pender Island

Waves, logs and other elements from the sea crash against a beach on New Year’s Day (2008?) on Pender Island.

Creative Commons – Remixable with attribution

New Year’s Day Polar Bear Swim in Vancouver – 2008?

At Vancouver’s English Bay beach on New Year’s Day, folks take part in a traditional polar bear swim. This is simply a historic record of their frolic. Year is hazy, maybe 2007,8,or9. Do you know?

Vancouver Transportation Trio: Freighter, Float Plane, Longboard

A few snippets of mode of transport around Vancouver including a freighter pulling into Burrard Inlet, longboard around Stanley Park seawall, and a float plane taking off.

Snowy Day Volunteering at a Christmas Tree Lot

A few comments while volunteering at a charity Christmas Tree lot outside an Ikea store in Coquitlam, BC in 2007 (i think).