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Trainspotting: West Coast USA + Canada Ramble (by train and seaplane)

Rolling from Jack London Square in Oakland, California through the night on Amtrak, look out at Portland, hop off Centralia, then from Provo to SLC on Watsatch Frontrunner train with a bit of poetry… then flying by Harbour Air seaplane from Victoria to Vancouver.

No narration or action, just ambient drifting.

Trains, Planes and Goats in Japan

Riding and visiting various trains around Okayama, Tottori and Shimane Japan, plus saying hello to some goats, and watching a plane take off at Kansai airport.

Trainspotting: Japan / riding various trains

Looking out the window while riding various trains around Japan, digging the scenery of cities, countryside and stations. Nothing fancy, just rolling, as-it-is.

Transportation: Philippines – Going Elsewhere, via various modes

Rambling around Philippines via various modes (but not all possible means by any means) of transportation including trike/tuktuk, car, van… plus observing traffic, jeepneys, busses and so on. This is all. Just watching the road and scenes, as-it-is.

Funiculaire – Towards Takisakiyama (Beppu) / acrylic

Funiculaire - Takiskaiyama - action
Funiculaire – Towards Takisakiyama

Funiculaire – Towards Takisakiyama (Beppu)
acrylic on stretched canvas / 16″x24″

Funiculaire – Hill (Quebec City) / acrylic

Funiculaire - Quebec / Hill
Funiculaire – Quebec / Hill

Funiculaire – Hill (Quebec City)
acrylic on stretched canvas / 16″x24″

Funiculaire, Billets (Quebec City) / acrylic + ink

Funiculaire - Quebec - billets
Funiculaire – Quebec / Billets

Funiculaire, Billets (Quebec City)
acrylic + ink on stretched canvas / 16″x24″

Funiculaire, Entrée (Quebec City) / acrylic

Funiculaire - Quebec - entree
Funiculaire – Quebec, Entree

Funiculaire, Entrée (Quebec City)
acrylic on stretched canvas / 16″x24″

Trainspotting: Riding the Rails in Japan

Riding the Rails in Japan: Various trains (including shinkansen and futsu-densha) from KIX (Kansai Airport) to Shin-Osaka to Okayama to Zyoto (Joto) – stitched together as-is for your meditative enjoyment.

Thailand: Trains, Tuks and Planes

Views from windows of trains, tuktuks, planes and whatnot while rambling around Thailand… from Pai to Chiang Mai to Phitsanulok and so on.

Via: https://youtu.be/piDMtv0R0Zw