TNMH: February 3rd Meeting Minutes

and … thanks to @colleencoplick, here’s the minutes of the Olympic media project meeting

February 3rd Meeting Minutes

Mission: Official accredited media centre – no way any of us will get close to it. UBC Robson Sq has one.
There’s an opportunity for the independent media.

have some fun with it and prove that a rag tag group of like minded people can product some excellent content.

The meeting is to make functional plans for this. We have to figure out what this IS first, and organize into “committees” to put tasks around things and actually get stuff done.

Set the next date when the committees might happen. Doing some media outreach on what it is we decide this IS.

Accredited media Centre: CTV CNN major journalists @ Canada Place. They’ve already assigned passes to the media
2nd BCIMC International Media centre – run by BC Olympic Secretary. They are opening 3000 non accreditation passes. piece of paper accepted for the BCMC centre – get access to briefs etc.  Letter of confirmation. Very mainstream media CBC. They will let some bloggers in but they don’t yet know what the qualification will be yet.

External firm for the validation of the applications. Scales has the name.

Julie for BCIMC and Don is her boss. were supposed to be here tonight. No clear answers as to what the qualifier for access to the BCIMC is.

Cultural Olympiad started yesterday. Sat Vancouver Sun – big glossy program guide for the whole year. The BCIMC is involved in that as well.

Everyone should apply if you want access to the BCIMC. WE likely won’t qualify, however, it’s worth trying. Scales is accredited.

There’s the main one -> CTV = lots of $ to be there
BCIMC -> you have major outlets to cover the games
Us -> everyone else.

thoughts were put forth regarding BCIMC to open for bloggers etc, but there’s no real plans yet

Feb 21 Northern Voice; Scales has panel. Then and Now – olympics what has been done for olypmic research, some social media content, what happened in SLC, Torino, Beijing, us and then London.

Scales has volunteered to take on co-leadership with our partnering and sponsorship committee. They’ve had several people come forward (CNN – the Eye Report) and say if you’re serious about this, we might be interested in working with them. Making a list of interest, taking a list an starting to see where things fit together. need people for the sponsorship committee to develop documents and information for the sponsorship kits etc.

Volunteer effort until we actually get sponsors etc.

Sponsorship and partnership needs to happen quickly to that we can present the offering to everyone that comes to the table. Kris could us some help around operations. Dave O is working on the PR side of things.  We have to stay concise and consistent on the message.

Question of transparency, beyond RCS, Bryght etc… community event. Open to the public – people who want to take ownership of this will be welcome.

Arts, Culture, sports, media, citizen journalists, apolitical, alternative media centre. need clear distinctions to make sure that there’s no tugging and back and forth between organizations.

What about combining a different set of hash tags, key words and people can just create media.

We’re looking to provide space for the activist journalists etc to receive information, for organizations like ORN to provide press conferences.

There appears to be a conflict or misunderstanding around the word “apolitical”.

WE’re going to provide the events like art shows etc, that will be unwelcome elsewhere. We’re hoping to push through the good stories we find on the street level to other partners, media people etc.

We’re looking to be facilitators for the people who are locked out of the games to make their media.

Will there be a studio on site? Yes. also, tell us what you want…. green screen, sound booth etc. Dependent on revenue etc.

Right now, we’re a shell, a concept etc.

Historical standpoint – any kind of budget for this kinda thing? KK asked Dario to help figure that out. :)

We need sponsors for everything – bandwidth, screens, gear, PA system, lighting… whatever you dream about we can arrange…

If we come up with a plan to have and offer. then people will take the scattered impulses and misdirected effort, into our effort.

DaveO was invited to a focus group for the VanOC website… the end result of the conversation is that VanOC shouldn’t be a content vetter or a content producer. They’ve got a very nebulous vision at the moment. Right now, it’s a blank slate. The VanOC staff is more confused and frustrated than they are understanding what they have to happen A good portion of the conversation is about the tension and constraints around dealing with the IOC. The end result was that they want people to come in and make content. THey want to encourage us.

We’re going to make committees.
he thinks we’re looking at being more of a gate opener to channel new media.
BJ: an info gathering session. seeing what it is.

Kamiko – really interested in keeping it as a service, and staying focused on that. Came in thinking it was an info session.

Matt (?) wants to help bring some of the brand sponsorship of those things… Marketing.

Ben – photographer new to social media. Superhero power: photography. willing to help out however he can.

Dave – video. has done several projects…. setting up the IMC at the g8 conference. has a concept of what we’re trying to do here.

Andi (Pants) web designer. interested in seeing where things are going. IMC free speech tv, online video.

Ianivs (ianivs)- software developer for Now Public. User generated content to allow people to publish online

Eric – SFX tech in the film industry. Ins with a lot of equipment.

Dean – here to help however he can.

Maurice – biz analyst/writer/consutlant. blog that addresses how orgs and cos in 2010 region can make the best of the event. Superpower: old guy. 2 decades of managing and setting up co-sposnosrhips and promotions. Has worked with the olympics in teh past. managed a few on his own in the past.

Raul (@hummingbird604) – no super powers.

Mike (?) trained as an animator. wants to help out anyway. make montage. ?

April Smith 0 Fearless city mobile project. Indy media blog (ah ha media) formed late last year with fearless people. interested in listening. Super power is everyone’s friend.

Andrew – indy film maker. interest and excitement is transformation that’s going on in the city.  wants to document some of this. Interested in a few things going on  – this is a project that should be documents

Bill – filmmaker, strategist. Bill and andrew need to work together. Has Hollyhock hot tub.

Lorraine (@raincoaster)- bloggers, SoMe consultant. teaches blogging to DTES, might be working with London soon. Superpower – good at getting people to do what we want for free.

Nava – academic. Print production. Strength – bridging different communities to facilitate communications around ethical concerns.

Colleen – online  press stuff

Dario  (@quikness) – corporate sponsorship. dreaming big, making it happen. Kris wants him on finance

Matthew – open mind, creative commons, democratize media, interested in sponsorship – grass roots brands and bigger brands into the world. legal loopholes through creative commons

Jenn (@jennmae) – marketing, economics. She has a ninja dog who comes to

Sean – marketing background Building social network for film lovers to match lowered barrier of entry for people to get involved. talk to people about the value prop to people, demo what we’re

DaveO (@uncleweed) makes things and puts them on the internet or paper. Unique oppty top stir shit up – not looking to spent night in jail cognizant or rules etc around it. Max fun, min PITA

Kris (@kk) – photographer. Woodwards media centre, W2, teaches at VFS. Heading up operations committee. What happens in the day, what happens in the night. Loves anarchists. Very protective of our apolitical association being co-opted by someone else.

Distinction of what we do, our message etc is very careful, messaging and being out there and open about what we’re about will help to guide.

3 committees to start: Sponsorship/partnership (Scales) 5
Operations/Logistics (Kris) 7
Communications/Messaging, ways, tools, name, website and stuff (DaveO) the rest

Wiki: Google Group (